It was an average day in the Village hidden in the leaves. At the front gate, team 7 was waiting for their sensei Kakashi Hatake. Among those waiting where the finest rookies produced this year. First, the number one rookie, Sasuke Uchiha. Then there was Sakura Haruno, who had the highest grades in the class and the Uchiha's number one fan. The last member one the team was named Heero Hyuga. He was the twin brother to Hinata Hyuga and most likely to become the heir to the clan.

There was no difference in appearance between himself and his sister. They both had short blue hair and the same eye color (duh). They even wore the same style of cloths, except his jacket was always left unzipped. But, in attitude, they where opposites. Heero was focused and never stammered. He was also a bit arrogant, but not at the Uchiha level.

Their sensei finally arrived with their client Tazuna.

"Are you sure about them," asked Tazuna again. "They don't seem all that strong."

"Relax," said the lazy shinobi. "I happen to be a jonin. If anything goes wrong, I'll be able to take care of it."

No one noticed a small piece of ice on the village gates. A small path of ice was attached to it and went out into the forest. It stopped at a tree about a mile away where two figures in masks where watching them from a very large ice mirror.

One of them was dress as a hunter-nin while the other was dressed as a Mist ANBU with a fox mask. There where several things that made this pair look odd. One was that they looked no older than twelve or thirteen. Another was that they shouldn't be in the Land of Fire. The most curious was the conversation they where having.

"So, there's the target," said the hunter-nin. His friend didn't reply, he seemed to be staring at the Hyuga.

"So that's the guy you have been telling me about these past six years," said the hunter.

"Lets see their skill level," said the ANBU suddenly.

"Would you like to go?"

"No, not yet anyways. Send out the Demon Brothers. If they lose, we will inform Zabuza-sensei." They both turned and walked in the direction they could find the two brothers. As they did, the ice suddenly turned to water and laid there.

Team 7 continued their journey until they passed by a puddle of water. Sakura didn't think much of it, but the rest of her team did. When the Demon Brothers shot out of it they attacked Kakashi first. Or at least tried to. Heero used his Gentle First one while Sasuke used a kunai to stop the others chain. After that, Kakashi finished him off with a single punch.

"Tazuna, you got some explaining to do," said Kakashi. Tazuna spilled his guts out to them about Gato and the problems in Wave. While this was happening, no one notice more ice on the tree behind them.

"So, think Zabuza will be interested," asked the hunter-nin.

"Yes. I believe he will want to fight them personally. With him taking care of this the mission will be over sooner."

"Ya, then you can go on that date with the fish girl," said his partner with a smirk.

A few days later, Team 7 entered the Land of Waves. Once they got into range a rabbit was let loose to distract them.

'Hm, that rabbits color is wrong for this season. Could this mean that… ?' "Everyone get down," shouted the lazy jonin. A second later a zanbato came flying over their heads and was caught by Zabuza.

"Well, well isn't this a surprise," he said.

"Zabuza Momochi, the Demon of the Hidden Mist," exclaimed Kakashi.

"I'm honored that the great copy-nin knows me. But, I'm not here for you. If you and your team stands down, I will not hurt any of you."

"I'm sorry, but you know I can't do that."

"Have it your way." With that said, the fight began.

(I'm not a big fan of this fight. It happens just as if Naruto was there so it's no big deal. So, here is a time skip of about ten minutes. :) )

Zabuza was knocked into a tree with Kakashi standing above him.

"Can you see the future?"

"Yes," was Kakashi's only replay. Before he could finish Zabuza, a few senbon appeared in his neck. Kakashi checked and confirmed that Zabuza was dead.

Suddenly, the two who had been watching them appeared.

"Thank you for wearing him out for us," said the hunter-nin. "Me and my partner, Bloody Fox, have been tailing him for some time now."

"Did you say Bloody Fox," asked Kakashi. Both Mist Nin's nodded.

"What's wrong sensei," asked Sakura.

"Bloody Fox has a reputation similar to Zabuza. When he was ordered to kill a genin to pass his exam, he mauled his opponent like a wild animal and was shortly assigned to the Mists ANBU unit. I never believed him to be so young."

This information shocked the three genin. 'He's no older than I am,' thought Sasuke. 'How can he be ANBU while I, an Uchiha, am not?'

Without a word the two grabbed Zabuza and left as Kakashi fell from chakra depletion.

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