It was a bright sunny day, and the Ouran Host Club was the brightest room in the building. Although they weren't open, they were enjoying each other's company, or, in Hunny's case, enjoying the company of cake. Yes, everything was splendid. That is, until a certain thunder cloud entered the room. The twins noticed first,

"Haruhi, what's up? You look gloomy." Kaoru made the mistake of asking. He was shoved to the ground as Haruhi went to sit by the window. Hikaru ran to his side,

"Kaoru! Are you alright?"

"I- I just wanted to know if she was okay…" Kaoru looked near tears.

"It's okay, I'm here." While those two continued dramatizing everyone else was staring at Haruhi, wondering what could make her so upset.

"Haru-chan, do you want some of my cake?" Hunny. Rejected.

"Haruhi! Has someone offended you? I'll get them! I'll grind their faces into powder! Daddy's here!" Tamaki. Rejected.

Mori didn't even try. Everyone was staring at her, puzzled. Well, actually just Hunny and Mori as the twins were still dramatizing and Tamaki was off in a corner ranting about how the gem of the host club had been offended, and what he would do to her imaginary offenders. No one really knew what to do, the room had stopped, until Kyoya walked up to her, sat down next to the thunder-cloud above her head, and shoved a chocolate bar into her mouth.

Then the room really froze. Everyone (including Haruhi) just blinked.

"You should eat it, it's packed with iron so it'll help you feel better (1)." Haruhi started eating, looking at least a little happier, while the rest of the club just stood on in shock.

"Huh?!" (Tamaki speaking) "I get that you know everything Kyoyo, but how did you figure that out?"



"How long have we known Haruhi?"

"Uh… about a month, why?"

"Haruhi is a girl, is she not?"

"Yes, but how is that relavant?" Kyoyo was beginning to get annoyed,

"Tamaki, tell me, do you pay attention in class?"

"Yes… sometimes… a bit?" By now, everyone else had caught on, and yet Tamaki remained clueless.

"How about health class?"

"Yes! I pay attention in health class."

"And, in health class, what do they say happens to females once a month?" The grand pause….

"…oh…" Tamaki turned bright red, "I thought that only happened to developed girls" A shoe flew across the room and knocked him out.

"Haruhi, why don't you have some more chocolate?


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