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Chapter Fivee-

"Oh my GOD. The look on her face was priceless!" Izzie shreiked.

"I know, she's gonna kill me." George said. "I swear, I love her, but all the 'I am your boss. Blah blah'."

"Way to go Bambi. Maybe you aren't as whipped as I thought you were." Alex said, smirking.

George glared at him.

"Alright. Meredith. Truth or Dare." he asked.

"Dare of course! You guys don't call me dark and twisty for nothing. Bring it." she said.

"Uhm. Guys? Anyone have any ideas?" he asked.

"I got one," Alex said. He leaned over and whispered in George's ear. George drew back and his eye's got wide. Meredith wasn't gonna like it.

"Come on!" Christina snapped him out of his gaze.

"Alright! Meredith, you have to go swoon over Mark about the mind-blowing sex you shared last night. And of course, you have to do it in front of Derek, and to piss Mark off, you have to do it in front of Addison too because apparently they have this 60-day-no-sex thing." he said, and exhaled.

"That's totally ripping off your same dare Alex!" Izzie exclaimed.

"But it will be funny! And this'll help me get Sloan out of the way so I..." he trailed off. 'Damn it!' he thought.

"So you can what?" Meredith asked.

Alex blushed.

"Oh come on. He wants Meredith to do it so he can get in Addison's pants." Christina said. "Seriously, all the eye-sex you guys have with each other makes me sick."

He blushed harder.

"Alex, seriously. It's nothing new! ANYWAY. Can we please move on? I want to see Meredith do this." Christina finished.

"But then he's gonna mope around because supposedly his best friend managed to bed both of his girlfriend/wife whatever. I don't wanna have to deal with that!" she squealed.

"A dare is a dare, Meredith."

"Hey, I never said I wasn't going to do it." she said.

Ironically, the three were schdueled to meet with the Cheif in 10 minutes, so they should be waiting outside his office right now.

They all got up and started to walk out, but Alex stopped.

"Guys, if Addison sees me, she is going to slaughter me, and I'm not exaggerating." he said.

"Be a man Alex, if it makes you feel better, we'll hide around the corner or something. God." Christina said.

They all walked up to the elevator, and Alex stepped in. Only he didn't notice that it was occupied by a particular redhead.

Meredith noticed first. "Alex! We're taking the stairs!" she held out her arms to stop the other three.

"Wha.."Alex started, but he was cut off by the doors closing.


"What the hell?" Izzie asked. "My feet hurt!"

"Addison is in there!" she exclaimed.

"Oh my god, taking the stairs is so totally worth it!" she said.

The four started on their trek.


Addison cleared her throat to get his attention.

It worked.

'Damn it Meredith!' he thought. He turned around expecting to be slapped, only to be thrown against the door as Addison crashed her lips to his, as the shock of it wore of, he was lucid enough to kiss back.

The bell dinged, and Addison broke off. He walked out after her, and as she headed towards the Cheif's office she called, "And you said you weren't interested!"

Alex was still speechless as he rounded the corner to find Meredith, Izzie, Christina and George.

Izzie looked up and laughed. "Nice lipstick Alex, although I wouldn't think pink would be your color."

The others laughed.

"Whatever. C'mon Meredith. Do your thing." he said calmly, although his cheeks were on fire.

"Here goes nothing." she said.

Mark was leaning against the wall opposite to Derek and Addison. She walked up, still not believing she was actually going to do this. She walked right up to him and put her arms around his neck.

Derek looked up and a fire sparked in his eyes, and Addison held her hands up saying, 'What the hell?'

Mark's face was pure terror. He held his arms out like she was a rabid dog.

Meredith nuzzled her face in his chest. "Mmm, Mark. Last night was amazing." She traces her finger along his arm. "I can't believe what a stallion you are." God, that sounded so crude.

She pushed off him, and gave him a sexy smile, while she cast a pleading look at Derek, who had a mix of his hurt sexy puppy look with homicidal rage underneath. She sped up her pace.

Derek pushed of the wall, but, saved by the bell, the Cheif came out and called them in.

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