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Chapter 24: Charming the Charmer

The panic in his brother's voice broke through the painful drumming in his ear, causing Dean to look up with a start. Sam's face held a look of alarm and his eyes were focused on something behind Dean. With a sigh (he didn't even want to know), Dean turned around…and found him practically face-to-face with a man who, based on the ugly tie, had to be Orpheus Wendel. Behind Orpheus, Dean could see his victims, all smiling and looking at Sam. Sam had been right- they were creepy. The fact that the victims were all staring at Sam caused a warning bell to go off in Dean's head.

He needed to see Sam, but couldn't turn his back on the spirits. Carefully, Dean backed up until both Sam and the maggot victims were all in his field of vision. Although he wasn't sure what was happening, it was clear that the maggot victims were doing something to Sam. Sam was lying on the floor- in the mud. Every few seconds, he seemed to try to stand up, only to slip in the mud and fall back on his face. Dean would've found the sight extremely funny if the circumstances were different.

"Dean. It's nice to be able to speak with you."

Both brothers turned their heads at the sound of Orpheus' voice. From his frustrating position on the ground, Sam felt fear shoot through his body. Not only did he seem to be unable to get up, but apparently Dean could now see Orpheus, which meant that the fly in his ear was poisoning him. Driven with worry for his brother, Sam pushed himself up…only to quickly loose his footing and end up with his nose in the mud…again.

He had to get the fly out of Dean's ear…Sam considered his options. If he couldn't stand, maybe he could crawl to Dean. Dean was currently standing only five feet from Sam, but on the other side of the grave. If Sam could crawl around the grave, he might be able to reach his brother. With a surge of determination, Sam began a commando crawl to propel himself forward.

Unfortunately, rather going forward, with every crawl, Sam seemed to sink. The mud beneath him was becoming looser and with every forward motion of his arm or leg, Sam would sink deeper into the mud. After five desperate repetitions, Sam found himself trapped- halfway submerged in suctioning mud. He now had to strain his neck just to keep his head out of the mud so that he could breathe. Intensely frustrated, Sam turned his head to the right to see Orpheus and his brother. Dean was still grimacing and pulling on his ear, although he had managed to work in a concerned look for Sam. But seeing Dean grimace reminded Sam- he had to find a way out of the mud to help his brother.


Orpheus' voice drew Dean's attention away from his sinking brother and back to the situation at hand. With a sarcastic smirk, Dean answered the specter, "I'm guessing you're the Greek asshole that's leading this cult?"

Orpheus smiled back, unfazed by Dean's sarcastic attitude. "I know what your plans are…I would like the opportunity to speak with you first…before you light my grave on fire."

Dean looked around through the crowd standing behind Orpheus, "Where's your son?"

Orpheus took a breath, if ghosts did that, before answering with a sad smile, "I assume you are referring to Michael, the son whose remains you found. I truly appreciate your replacing his skull under what once was my hand. Thank you. As for my son, he is with his mothers and siblings- in a world beyond this one."

Dean raised his eyebrows and nodded nonchalantly, "Too bad you're not with them…"

Again Orpheus gave Dean another sad smile, "There's a large part of me that wishes I could be. And as it is, if you complete your task tonight, I may well end up there… if I am not reborn. As it stands I am currently exiled from the underworld."

Dean nodded and pulled out a lighter, "That's thrilling. Really, love to hear all about that, but I'm kind of on a timetable here, so…"

The ghost interrupted him, "I'm offering you the deal Dean."

Immediately both brothers froze. Sam, who had been listening to the conversation with frustration and trepidation, immediately felt his blood pressure skyrocket. This was it…the moment that he'd prayed would never happen. Dean had already said, multiple times, that he would take the deal. Sam shook his head; he had to stop this. If he couldn't move his body, maybe he could try to talk Dean out of it. "Dean!"

Dean turned to his brother's voice. "Dean no!" Whatever Sam said after that, Dean didn't hear. At the sound of Sam's voice, the fly in Dean's ear seemed to go berserk, drumming against Dean's eardrum at an intense speed and volume. Grimacing in pain, Dean double over and clutched his ear.

Sam saw his brother's reaction and, forgetting his immobility, immediately tried to reach his brother. Instead he only sunk further. Now Sam's arms and legs were completely encased in the mud; his head turned to the right, mud covering his left eye and half of his mouth. Looking up, Orpheus spoke to him, "Your speaking is causing him pain Sam. This is his decision to make. You had your own chance. It is his now."

Sam growled in frustration. He was completely helpless- there was nothing he could do to help Dean…and if Orpheus was offering the deal, Dean was about to die. Sam felt his face beginning to burn as tears reached his eyes. He tried desperately to move his arms, but the mud held. There was nothing he could do- he just couldn't move. It was up to Dean now…and normally, that would be enough to put Sam's mind at ease. He trusted Dean implicitly, but not in this case. Dean had already told Sam what his answer would be. Desperately, Sam moved his eyes to his brother.

Immediately their eyes met and Sam tried desperately to convey his pleas through his eyes. He was terrified…and Dean had never missed that look on Sam's face before. Dean always knew when Sam was scared, he would have to know this time as well- the only question was, would it matter? It wasn't fair, Dean got the opportunity to give a speech, why didn't Sam…but then, Sam would just be reiterating the same speech Dean had made three days before. This situation sucked.

Sam watched as Dean turned his eyes away and back over to Orpheus. Dean's eyes held regret in them and Sam felt a tear drip from his eye. The only reason Dean would be feeling regret is because he was regretting what he was about to do to Sam. Just as Sam began searching for another way to help Dean, Orpheus spoke.

"Dean, this is not my way of trying to manipulate you. I had originally arranged this situation so that I could watch over my orphaned children and be sure they led long healthy lives. I have achieved what I had set out to do. My children are gone now. As I said, if you destroy the lyre now, I will either join them or be reborn. I am offering you this deal because I have connected with you several times. I know the situation that faces you and your brother, and I know how desperate you are to save him. I'm handing that to you. You're crumbling Dean. I felt it three days ago when the fly touched your hand. If you accept this deal, you can rest, and Sam will always be safe. I will give you power over that demon, and you wouldn't be alone. I would help you. I am a Greek god Dean, I can protect you, and your brother from anything. I am offering that to you in exchange for the lyre."

Sam watched his brother's face closely throughout Orpheus' speech. As per Dean's usual modus operandi, Dean's face was a mask. Regret, fear, and misery seemed to escape the façade every now and then, but for the most part, Sam couldn't gain any information from Dean's expression.

Now that he was a spectator, rather than an active participant, Sam could see through Orpheus' charm. The man was good- Sam had to give him that, but it was clear that he wasn't being entirely forthright. For one thing, he claimed to not care about the lyre being destroyed, but then seconds later offered to make a deal for it. The problem was that Orpheus had incorporated enough truth in his speech that it could be effective even if Dean saw through his magical charm. The truth was that Orpheus could protect them…he could save them from the demon. But in Sam's mind, the price for that protection was too high- it wasn't worth Dean's life, or soul. Sam felt himself growing cold…Dean wouldn't see it the same way.

Sam's thoughts stopped as Orpheus spoke again, "Dean, you're tired of running, you're tired of being frightened, you're tired of this responsibility that your father and the world have handed you. Allow me to help you."

Sam began to shake as he watched Dean nod and take a step towards Orpheus. Finally, Dean spoke, "Sam read somewhere that you like songs and poems."

The ghost smiled, "Yes. I enjoy them very much. There was a time when I was known for them."

Dean smiled wider, "You ever hear the poem The Oak and the Reed?"

Somewhat curious, Orpheus shook his head. Dean nodded again, "Originally it was a French poem, but I only know the English version. My mom used to read it to me, and then I read it to myself after that. I think you'd like it Orpheus."

Orpheus smiled and nodded, giving the floor to his brother, "Well, then, by all means, I'd love to hear it."

From his helpless position partially incased in mud, Sam watched as Dean made a brief eye-contact with him and then turned his head back to Orpheus. Then he began the poem,

"One day the Oak said, 'Reed, let's talk.
You have good reason to complain.
Even a wren must be a burden on your stalk
And any passing puff of air
That wrinkles the water's face makes you bow down.
Yet in my case, my brow,
Unyielding as a granite mountainside,
Not only stops those rays the sun shoots far and wide
But it defies huge tempests, too.
Life is a breeze for me, a hurricane for you.
If you could spring up here beneath my leafage,
Spread to shelter everything around,
You'd have no need to fear the storm
For I would guard you night and day,
And yet you seem confined to ground
That borders humid kingdoms where the winds hold sway.
No, nature is not fair to you, I have to say.'"

Sam, impressed, watched Orpheus agree with his brother's poem. "Yes, I can see where that would be fitting. I am much like the oak, and you the reed."

Dean nodded, "That's not the end."

Orpheus laughed, "I apologize then, continue…"

With a breath, Dean continued the poem,

"'Your compassion', replied the Reed
'Shows a noble character indeed;
But do not worry: the winds for me
Are much less dangerous than for thee;"

As Dean emphasized these next words, he turned, making clear eye-contact with his brother,
"I bend, not break."

Everything seemed to stop in that instant as Sam came to the shocking realization that his faith in Dean never needed to be questioned. With more confidence than he had felt all night, Sam watched as Dean turned back to Orpheus to continue the poem. Sam knew in that moment, what Dean had apparently known all along- they wouldn't be loosing to Orpheus.

"You have 'til now
Resisted the wind's great force unbowed,
But beware.
As he said these very words
A violent angry storm arose."

Picking up on the fact that something had changed, Orpheus' face took on an expression of suspicious confusion. However, before he had a chance to think on it any further, Dean flipped open the lighter in his left hand and dropped it into the grave. Orpheus screamed in denial as he ran forward towards his burning bones and lyre. Then, in a flash, with echoing screams of fear, Orpheus and his followers vanished.

As Sam pulled his way out of the mud, he listened as his brother finished the poem while watching the grave burn,

"The violent angry storm arose,
The tree held strong; the Reed he bent.
The wind redoubled and did not relent,
Until finally it uprooted the poor Oak
Whose head had been in the heavens
And roots among the dead folk."

Sam smiled, having freed himself from the mud just as his brother finished the poem. There were moments when Dean's… perseverance, intelligence, wisdom, and strength literally floored Sam to the ground. His older brother was so cool… Just as Sam was about to say something that would undoubtedly embarrass his brother, Dean screamed in pain and fell to the mud.

As Sam ran to his brother, he could see the flames licking the side of his Dean's head. With a slide, Sam flew onto the ground next to his brother and poured a bottle of holy water into his brother's flaming ear. Below him, Dean's face was scrunched in pain, silent tears streaming from his eyes. Sam's legs were under most of Dean's body and Sam could feel Dean's shaking, injured hand grabbing onto Sam's muddy pants and squeezing with all his might. Sam couldn't even imagine the amount of pain Dean had to have been in having the inside of his ear on fire.

Pulling his brother's back to his chest, Sam continued to pour the holy water over his brother's burnt, but no longer flaming head. When the water ran out, Sam put down the bottle and rubbed his brother's arm as Dean struggled to get his breathing under control. Sam looked down to find his brother gasping- tear lines running down his face. Dean was clearly in shock as he stared at the ground and Sam squeezed his brother tighter. Sam looked in his brother's ear. Already the outside and the inside of the ear were blistering, the scent of burnt hair filled his nostrils. Inside the ear, Sam could see the burnt remains of the fly. Apparently it had spontaneously combusted as the lyre had burned. Taking a breath, Sam spoke gently to his brother. "Dean? I need to get the rest of the fly out. Lean your head on my knee."

Sam lifted his knee and watched with great concern as Dean carefully rested his head on it. Through his own ears, he could hear Dean's harsh, gasping, and hitched breaths. Dean still held onto Sam's leg with his broken hand.

Using the second bottle of holy water, Sam washed the mud off of the tweezers before bringing them to his brother's ear. With one hand to hold Dean's head still, Sam used the other to carefully extract the fly's remains from his brother's ear. Finally, after all but a few ashes had been removed, Sam again spoke softly to his brother, "Dean…I'm going to pour some water in you ear, then I'm going to push your head to the side to let it drain out, ok?"

Sam felt his brother nod. Taking a breath, he readied the water, "Ready?"

Dean closed his eyes, "Just do it Sammy."

Sam felt a tear leak from his own eyes at the sound of his brother's pain and Sam slowly began to pour the water. Both brothers had expected more, but there was no steaming…or pain. Simultaneously both boys released a breath and Sam helped Dean turn his head over. This time Dean spoke, "I guess the poison disappeared along with Orpheus…"

Sam nodded. "We need to get you to the vet."

Dean turned removing the pain from his face to give his brother a disbelieving look, "Excuse me?"

Although Dean was now sitting on his own, Sam kept one hand on his brother's arm, as much for his own support as for Dean's. "Dean, your ear's gonna need to be looked at…before it gets infected."

Dean raised his eyebrows, "And you expect the vet to do what? I look like a dog to you?"

Not wanting to argue, Sam shook his head and came up with an alternative, "Fine. Uh, we'll drive to the nearest hospital. There's some antiseptic cream in the first aid kit, we'll put that on you until we can get there."

Dean nodded, "Fine man, but you're changing first."

Sam looked down at his muddy body. He wasn't going to waste time changing, no way in hell. "Dean…there's no way. You probably have third degree burns inside your ear. You could loose your hearing, if it gets infected, you could get meningitis. You have two choices- the vet or the hospital…with the mud."

Dean pulled at his earlobe with a grimace, his ear really did hurt. Taking a breath, he sighed in defeat, "Fine. The vet. But Sam…off limits."

Sam nodded, worry plastered all over his features. "Never happened."

Reaching down, Sam helped his brother stand up. He tried to put Dean's arm over his shoulder only to be pushed away, "I can walk Sam."

Sam sighed, still filled with worry…no wonder Dean had lost it for three days, it sucked to be on the helpless end. Sam spoke as the brothers walked over to the vet's office. "Dean? About what you said…in the poem…about not breaking…"

Dean shook his head, not looking at his brother, "Even reeds only bend so far dude…" Then he turned his eyes to his brother's, "But don't worry about it." Dean turned his eyes back to the road, "You'll never see me break."

Sam sighed in frustration, "Dean. You have to quit hiding things from me. The reason this all feels like a burden is because you won't share the load."

Protecting Sam from worry wasn't what he had been referring to. He had meant, that if he ever broke, it'd be because Sam was gone. Sam would never see it happen because if Sam was around, it wouldn't happen. But Sam didn't need to know that. Dean shook his head, "That's wasn't what I meant Sammy."

Sam grew confused, "Then what?"

Dean shook his head again, "Drop it man, I'm not in the mood."

Sam kicked the rock in front of him in frustration, "This is exactly what I'm talking about. You're hurting and you won't let me help you."

Dean rolled his eyes, "Dude, you already helped me. You got the bug out of my ear, you put out the fire, you dug the grave…you helped."


Dean just shook his head. Giving up, Sam moved to a slightly different subject, "Dean? Just…how come you didn't take it? I mean, I'm glad. I…I didn't want you to, but after what you said, I thought…"

Dean nodded, he had seen the way Sam looked at him during Orpheus' speech. And that look had shaken Dean to the core. He hadn't realized, until it was missing, that whenever Sam looked at him, the look was filled with trust. But at that grave sight, Sam hadn't had faith in him. Ironically, in the end, it was that look that had pushed Dean's unsure mind to reject Orpheus' deal. Maybe he was being selfish, giving up his brother's safe and secure life, but he couldn't leave the world with Sam looking at him like that.

Sam's voice interrupted his thoughts, "Dean?"

Dean sighed, apparently Sam was still waiting for an answer- God Sam was annoying. Dean threw on a smirk, lacing his voice with sarcasm, "Yeah well… It all comes with the job…I've gotta watch what I do…" Dean widened his smirk as he looked at Sam, "I know how much you look up to me…"

Sam scoffed, rolled his eyes, and shook his head, "You really are an ass."

Dean laughed and the brothers continued the next few minutes of the walk in the silence of their own thoughts…until Sam spoke again, "I do you know."

Dean looked over confused, "Do what?"

Sam briefly made eye-contact, "Look up to you."

Dean made a face of disgust as he moved away from his brother, "Oh God. You're not gonna hug me now…"

Sam drew a small smile as he looked at his brother seriously, "Don't ever scare me like that again."

Dean smiled, "You should have more faith in me Sammy."

Sam shook his head and pointed a finger at his brother, "I'm serious Dean. You better not pull something like that again."

Dean smirked and stopped walking, stepping up to his brother in challenge, "Or you'll do what college boy?"

Sam took the challenge and met his brother nose to nose. He spoke in a low threatening voice, "I'm not bluffing…you scare me like that again and I will hug you…and I'll use the 'l' word."

Dean's eyes went wide in fear as his face drained of color. Then his expression changed and he smirked, "Lesbian?"

Sam glared and growled in frustration- he thought for sure Dean would back down to that threat… But once again, he had no chance- Dean won everything… Huffing in frustration, Sam turned on his heel and stalked ahead of his brother. Behind him, Dean stood watching Sam march ahead. He joked, but he got Sam's message. Hell, he had been there himself- he knew exactly how Sam felt. With a shake of his head, Dean ran to catch up with his brother.


It was two hours later, around 5:30 in the morning that the brothers, now clean, found there way walking back to the car. It had been a long two hours with Dean under the vet's scrutinizing care and with Sam explaining to Molly and the sheriff/mayor just what they were trying to do. Sam shrugged as he thought back on his story- it wasn't all that far from the truth. He had just left out a few things, and had no reasonable explanation as to why they had decided to do it at night… In the end, he had told Molly and the mayor that they had dug up the grave believing that the illness' origin was coming from the grave and then they had burned the grave to rid it of the bacteria that had been infecting the well. The story was well received, except for the made up insomnia that didn't allow the boys to wait until morning.

As for Dean, the prognosis was good, although there'd be no hunting for awhile. Sam watched his brother as he walked. Both of Dean's hands were pink, covered in Calamine lotion and Benadryl to prevent the itching and decrease the rash. His right pointer finger, the only part of his hands untouched by the poison ivy, remained in a splint. Dean's entire right ear was covered in a bandage, along with a small portion of his scalp. Sam winced as he remembered Dean's reaction to seeing that part of his hair had been burnt off. Somehow, it wasn't surprising that Dean had cared more about that than the fact that his ear had been on fire.

The burns had been bad, and would need treatments several times a day. And although, for whatever reason, the vet had been able to give Dean a few sample packets of acceptable pain killers, they would need to stop again at an actual doctor's for more once they got into a larger town. Thankfully though, Dean's hearing had not been damaged, nor had his eardrum or his inner ear. Only his outer ear had sustained injury, but provided they took care of it properly, it would eventually heal.

As they approached the car, Sam called over to his brother, "Dean!"

Dean turned to look at him and Sam held out a hand, "Keys!"

Dean gave an unhappy, resigned nod, "Yeah okay…" and threw the keys to his brother.

Sam smiled and walked over to open his brother's door. As Sam stood up from unlocking the door, he came face to face with a glaring, unamused Dean, "I'm not your date Sam."

Sam smiled and patted his brother's shoulder before walking around the car, "It's just a door dude…I'm not trying to usurp your role."

Dean raised his eyebrows, "Usurp…" Then he grinned, "You found the toilet paper."

Sam laughed and unlocked his own door. "I knew you weren't coming up with those words on your own."

Dean rolled his eyes, "You know nothing."

Sam laughed again and then, turning serious, looked across the roof of the car at his brother, "Dean…I know I said it, and I know you don't want to hear it, but it's just…"

Dean stared, a nervous look on his face as Sam searched for words. Whatever Sam was about to say, Dean was pretty sure that it would cross some sort of emotional line.

Finally, Sam found his words. Taking a breath, he let the words spill over the roof of the car, "This morning could've been really different for me, you know? I just…" He looked up at Dean, "I wouldn't want to do this alone. Even if you were watching…I'd…Dean, I need you here…smacking me around and annoying the hell out of me with Green Eggs and Ham and other shit like that…"

Dean understood. That was exactly what he had been trying to tell Sam earlier.

Not getting any response from his brother, Sam sighed and went to end the overly emotional conversation that he had inflicted upon his brother, "I just wanted you to know Dean. I'm glad you're here…and thanks…for everything…and not taking the deal. I know you had planned to."

Dean smiled a crooked smile and looked off to the side, then almost laughing to himself, he looked back up at Sam, "Yeah…I was gonna take it, but I had a good role model."

Dean turned away before he could see the involuntary smile light up his brother's face. He didn't need to see it; he knew it was there. The compliment to Sam was also an insult to their father in the same breath, but Dean didn't care. In this case, as far as he was concerned, Sam had done the right thing, their father hadn't. Even if Sam had only made that decision because Dean had asked him to, in the end, Sam had been strong enough to do the right thing- and that was something Dean could look up to.

From across the car Sam. Still smiling, managed to respond, "It was just something someone taught me along the way: you don't make deals with demons…"

Dean shook his head, "No…you don't."

Changing the subject, Sam called back across the car, "So we're leaving the town. Who won?"

Dean looked confused for a moment before he realized that his brother was talking about the embarrassment war. He shrugged, "Four-four. Tie…Although I did walk in on you watching porn, five-four."

Sam smiled and nodded, "Yeah? When you were five you crapped in a model toilet in the hardware store."

Dean's face turned beet red, "Dude! How'd you find out about that?!"

Sam only laughed, "So we're calling it a tie?"

Still red, Dean went to nod, but then stopped, a devious look covering his face, "Flip for the winner?"

Sam's eyes grew suspicious, but then thinking for a moment, he smiled his own devious smile, "Fine."

Dean smiled and pulled a coin from his pocket and threw it into the air, "Call it Sammy."

Sam smiled confidently and crossed his arms, "Tails."

The coin landed and both boys looked. Then, with an arrogant laugh, Dean removed the head-up coin from the roof of the car, "Sorry Sam- you lose."

Still laughing, Dean hopped into the car, and still staring at the hood, Sam stood baffled. He had been sure that the coin was two-tailed…how could it have ended up with heads? Giving up, Sam shook his head and slipped into the driver's seat of the Impala.

Next to him, Dean gloated in his victory while fingering the two-headed coin in his pocket. "You'll never win man…I don't know why you even try…"

Sam shot his brother a sideline glare before throwing the car into drive. Immediately Dean sat up annoyed, "Hey! Easy with the car!"

Sam rolled his eyes and pulled out, "I'm putting in requirements…next motel needs to have electricity and clean water."

Dean smiled as he watched the sun begin to creep its crown over the mountains, "Come on man…that fireplace saved our lives. If it hadn't been right there we'd have drowned in maggots."

Sam nodded, his eyes on the road, "That's another requirement…no maggots."

Dean laughed, "Hey Sam… you remember that Halloween song I taught you when you were like seven?"

Biting his lip, clearly remembering, Sam shook his head, "No."

Dean laughed again, "Sure you do. You liked it so much you sang it the whole rest of the year. You even wanted your class to sing it in the Christmas pageant."

Sam grit his teeth, "It was a concert, not a pageant."

Dean pointed his broken finger, "Ha! You do remember!"

Knowing where this was going, Sam winced and shook his head, "Dean seriously…I was just standing in a grave with maggots crawling into my body…"

Dean interrupted him, "All the more reason for the song Sammy…now how'd it start…"

Sam gripped the wheel tighter, "Dean…"

Taking a breath, Dean began singing,
"Don't you laugh as a hearse goes by,
for you may be the next to die.
They wrap you up in a big white sheet,
And cover you up from your head down to your feet.
They put you in a big black box,
And cover you up with dirt and rocks.
All goes well for about a week,
And then your coffin begins to leak."

Sam interrupted his brother, "Dean…I'm not kidding…"

As to be expected, he was ignored,
"The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out,
The worms play pinochle on your snout.
They eat your eyes, they eat your nose,
They eat the jelly between your toes.
A big black worm with rolling eyes,
Crawls in your stomach and out your eyes."

Sam shook his head and squinted his eyes, trying to block out Dean's voice without crashing the car. "Dean…I swear to God…"

Unfazed Dean continued,
"Your stomach turns a slimy green,
And pus pours out like whipping cream.
You spread it out on a slice of bread,
And that's what you eat when you are dead."

Sighing with relief at the end of the song, Sam nodded, "That was great…you done now?"

Dean smiled "This time you sing too…"

Sam quickly glanced over at his brother shocked, "What?!"

"Oohhhh…Don't you laugh as a hearse goes by…
for you may be the next to die."


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