By: Alicia Oliver aka Taitofan
Rated PG-13 for yaoi
Disclaimer- Guess what? I don't own Bust-A-Move/Groove! ^.^ Can't be OOC because they don't have set personalities. Anyways, this is another piece that was written in English class, back during school. This is the same story/time line as "On and On" which is also by me. Oh yes, and I know nothing about house dancing, so please forgive me. Flames are ignored. Finished 5-30-01

Tsutomu was extremely frustrated. It didn't seem to matter that he was one of the best house dancers in all of Japan, because he still couldn't get one move right. And it was driving him absolutely crazy.

The move wasn't really complicated; he'd done many things like it. A turn to the left, jump up, spin to the right, land on both feet and spin left immediately, then stop on his right foot. It was possible, but for some reason he just couldn't do it.

After a solid twenty-five minutes of trying, failing, and falling on his butt, there was a faint laughing that could be heard.

Now, it should be noted that that Tsutomu was in his apartment in Japan. And it should also be noted that he lived with the best breakdancer in not only all of Japan, but all of America too, Heat. At least, in Tsutomu's mind he was the best. And they weren't *just* friends either.

The twenty-five-year-old man had just gotten home from whatever he'd been doing and had just witnessed poor Tsutomu's last attempt to perfect his move. He laughed and went over to help the sixteen-year-old up.

"Thanks," Tsutomu murmured, quite embarrassed by Heat seeing him mess up.

Heat smiled his sincere "only-for-my-Tsutomu" smile and asked, "Would you like me to show you that?"

The now blushing teenager nodded and allowed Heat to show him the move. A turn to the left, jump up, spin to the right, land on both feet and spin left immediately, then stop on his right foot.

Tsutomu's mouth was hanging open in disbelief. He'd been trying for what seemed like forever to do it, and Heat walks in and can do it in one try?! That just seemed... Wrong!

"I've been Bust-A-Move champion before, love," Heat whispered into the small teen's ear as he took him in his arms, "I've done that many times."

Tsutomu groaned. He should have figured. It was obvious that his lover would have done that before.

Heat laughed again and softly kissed Tsutomu's lips. "Let's take a break for now and try again later, ok?"

Tsutomu nodded and smiled. Good things could happen after bad things quite often it seemed. And what a good thing that was.