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Years Later

When Ethan was older Mrs. Parker taught him how to use his gift and he had found Jarod's parents. They were finally reunited and Kyle and Jarod lived with them now. Mrs. Parker, Ethan, Lyle who was now called Adam and Miss Parker who now liked to be called her real name Melanie lived next door to the Charles. They too changed their identities.

Jarod and Melanie who had been childhood sweethearts and had dated when they were in high school were now married and were expecting a child of their own. Mr and Mrs. Charles knew that Mrs. Parker was never part of the plan when they kidnapped Jarod and Kyle and welcomed her and the children in open arms. They were as happy as Mrs. Parker at the news of Jarod's and Melanie's engagement and were happy that they were married and would have a child soon.

A boy was born to the happy couple and they named him Jeremy Charles and their last new name was Thompson. They were now free from the Centre and for that they were glad.

The End.