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Face Down

It finally happened. Miley finally got together with the guy everybody knew.It was an obvious choice, she was so in love with him and it seemed he was in love with her. All was going great for the first two weeks but after that Miley's friends and family could tell that smiley Miley wasn't do smiley anymore. She would be so distant and jumpy. Whenever she laughed it sounded distant and forced, just like her smile. Her friends could easily tell when she was pretending to be happy because it never showed in her eyes like it used to, her eyes had lost their sparkle and shine. They looked sad and dead. Their color had changed from a pretty blue to a stone gray. She would mope around and Jackson had even heard her cry at night, more than once I might add. It just seemed like the happy part of Miley had gone on vacation and she was forced to act the part of her former self and it was obvious that this was hurting her friends and family to see her like this.

A/N:I decided to write more to this.I realized(thanks to a reviewer)that I should have given more details as to how Miley wasn't so happy anymore. It's still short but as least there's a bit more. I want to give ya'lls a clue as to who her boyfriend is but I'm trying to save that for the end. Here's a hint as to why Miley isn't happy: listen to the song Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus because that's where I got the idea for this story.