This is my first Labyrinth fic. I do not own any of the Labyrinth characters, but only thank the creator for making Jareth.

He held her slender throat in his giant hand and squeezed a little bit tighter. He could hear her breathing starting to come harder and her breaths coming in short gasps. Her predicament delighted him. The fear being shown so bluntly in her eyes excited him and made him unintentionally squeeze harder.

He didn't really remember how she came to be in his arms; all he knew was that he was having fun. Frowning, he noticed her eyes become a dimmer brown than the vibrant color they used to be. Releasing his grip, just a little, he scrutinized her as she gasped greedily for air. She had spirit in the beginning, he could remember that, but then she stopped fighting. Her black hair could barely be seen in the darkness shadowing her face.

"Wuzz de wrong wiz ya? Not hevin fun?" His already grammatically incorrect speech just sounded dumber being slurred.

The girl's eyes still shone with fear, but it was the underlying pride that excited him further. Something wet ran down the side of his face causing him for a brief instant to lose interest in the girl clutched in his hand. Using his free hand he caught the wet substance and squinted in the darkness to see it. He could barely make out the color red. It took a couple of seconds for it to sink in, but he faintly realized it was blood.

His blood to be more exact. Dimly he could remember a struggle and the girl clawing at his face.

"Uz bitch! I'd git ya for this!"

Once again he clutched the girl's throat tightly, but this time she didn't even have fear in her eyes. She had given up hope and just hung there, the recent pride no longer there either.

"Ughh…" The girl watched through a foggy vision as her captor's eyes shone with madness. Suddenly, she fell to the ground. Her head throbbed as she tried to regain air and still keep an eye on her assailant. He seemed to be lost in thought, but she knew better.

With a thud he fell to the ground and somehow she knew he wouldn't be getting back up.

"Get up," was the command coming out of the darkness. She couldn't see the man, but she could hear the coldness of his voice. With bitterness, the realization came that this man wouldn't be saving her. If anything, she just traded an angel for the devil himself. Shakily, she managed to stand on her feet. Opening her mouth, she tried to get out a word, but her throat was swollen.

"Walk forward."

Once again, she obeyed the command, almost falling to the ground a couple of times. It seemed like eternity before the order to stop came.

Then by all sides she was attacked. The fight out of her along with whatever energy in her body, she was mercilessly pushed to her knees with her arms held by two different people on each side.

Looking up, she gasped in shock. Her friend for the past year in college was standing before her. His eyes glistened with madness and he had a smirk on his face.

"Justin?" Her voice worked, but the name came out in the faintest of whispers.

"Justin?" He mimicked her. "Justin was never there to begin with. My name is Lucius McCrane and I'm here to claim you."

He laughed as her eyes narrowed and she snarled. "You're the one who hurt Toby!"

She tried to get up, but she was kicked in her stomach by one of the people holding her arms.

"Yes, because you wouldn't give in and needed to be taught a lesson. You are mine now, Sarah. You should've given in at the very beginning and things would have been a lot easier, but no, you had to be stubborn, old Sarah. Well, I'll change that."

He grabbed her chin forcefully causing her to look into his cold, blue eyes. Spit flew from her mouth onto his face. THWACK! The force of the slap jerked her head to the side; she could already feel the bruise forming.

"Why are you making me hurt you?" He snarled, and then made a motion with his hands. Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted by the strong arms at her sides.


The command came from her left, defiance sprung up, but it was quickly quenched when she was picked up by her arms by her captors. The bruising grips of her captors was definitely going to hurt tomorrow, if she lived that long. She was taken to a carriage drawn by two, strange looking beasts. Sarah squinted to see them, but all she noted was the scorpion like tails and cat faces.

Roughly, she was pushed into the tiny compartment of the carriage. She scurried to the door on the opposite side, but it was locked. Just as she was about to kick open the door, her head was jerked backwards. Justin, or should she say Lucius, held her hair in a tight grip and was pulling just enough to cause an ache in her head. She held back a moan of pain, but he could see past her pretense.

"Aww…does that hurt? That's just a warning; don't ever try to pull a stunt like that one again. You are MINE now." He let go of her hair as he said it.

Tears gathered in her eyes and before she could stop them, they were flowing freely down her face.

"Why?" Was the only question uttered from her lips. Her reply was only a feral grin. Cringing, she crawled to the opposite seat from his, just in time.

She felt herself being lurched forward as the carriage came to life. Stunned, she felt the carriage being pulled upwards.

'Carriages don't fly, do they?' She thought to herself, but a quick glance out the window proved her theory correct. They were flying in the air.

A gasp escaped her lips, but she hardly noticed. How was this even possible? Suddenly, she felt very tired. She turned to see Lucius staring at her with abnormal, glowing blue eyes. Her eyes drooped and before she entered into the realm of unconsciousness, she could hear Lucius' last words, "You are mine, Sarah. Never forget that."

"I wish the goblins would come and take you away!" Jareth narrowed his eyes as the teenage boy yelled the words at his little sister. A strange emotion stirred in his heart, the little girl looked like Sarah. He shook his head and made his entrance. He had made the decision a long time ago that he would not waste his time pining over some slip of a girl.

'But she wasn't just a slip of girl, was she? Now look at her, she's grown into a beautiful woman.' That damned voice wouldn't stop bugging him.

He refused to believe that it was his conscience trying to knock some sense into him. Right after Sarah defeated his labyrinth and won back her brother, he watched her through one of his crystal balls. He neither ate nor slept, but steadily watched her as she went back to her daily routine called life.

Then after much persistence from his bond with the labyrinth, he returned to his old life and hardened his heart once more. He stopped watching Sarah, but occasionally he did check up on her.

Now as he once again waited in his throne room playing with the little girl so similar to the woman he loved, he waited for someone else to try to beat his labyrinth. He knew the boy wouldn't win; he wasn't even trying his best.

"What shall I do with you, little one?" The little girl who couldn't be a day older than one just giggled at him and tried to grab his long hair with her stubby fingers.

"I think I shall call you Chelsie." The little girl, now called Chelsie, just smiled at him and laughed. Jareth narrowed his eyes. One of his subjects was calling him. He flicked his wrist and a crystal ball rolled onto the floor of the throne room. In a burst of glitter, Hoggle appeared.

"Hogwart, what do you want now?"

"It's Hoggle! But never mind that, I'm worried about Sarah! I haven't heard from her in almost a month."

Jareth's mind was racing, but he wasn't about to let Hoggle know that. "Hogwarth, why should I care what happens to that pathetic child?"

Hoggle's eyes narrowed and he spit at him.

"I knew I was wasting me time on the likes of you! I'll never know what she sees in you." Hoggle started to walk away, but stopped at the sound of Jareth's voice.

"Fine, you smittling rat, if it makes you feel better, I'll check on her." Jareth watched as Hoggle's body seemed to relax.

"Thank ye. I'll never let me self live if something were to happen to her." Jareth silently agreed with him as he produced another crystal. Hoggle hobbled closer to see clearer. Chelsie, too, seemed interested from her perch on Jareth's knee.

Jareth silently willed the crystal to show Sarah and hissed at what he saw. Hoggle turned to look at Jareth with confusion in his eyes. Hoggle gulped nervously when he saw that Jareth's eyes were ice cold with the promise of a painful death.

Hoggle started to toy with his jewels and hesitantly stared at his king. "Hobble, take this child and watch over her. I'll be back shortly." Hoggle opened his mouth to argue, but was cut off by Jareth's next words.

"You will do as I say. I will be back shortly." Jareth swiftly morphed into his owl form. As he flew out one of his windows, the breeze carried the hopeful words, "bring her back safe."