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The Ball

Sarah stared at the crowd full of Fae and other creatures. She had never seen so many beautiful people in her life before. Sarah had realized long ago that she would never be one of those people that stick out in the middle of the room or have the effect of making people faint at the sight of them. Now standing in this room with the gorgeous people, she realized that the only way that she would stand out this time was by her lack of super model beauty.

Lucius had a tight hold on Sarah's arm so that there was no thought of escaping or asking for help, not that she recognized anyone anyways. "Remember, Sarah. One act of rebellion and not only will you suffer, but you're little brother as well." Gritting her teeth from replying to Lucius' words, Sarah put on her mask and mentally prepared herself for her part in this little play.

Finally it was their turn to be announced at the doorway, the announcer was a short dwarf crammed in a white suit too small for his stocky body. Blowing his horn, his gruff voice bellowed out to the crowd, "Lord Lucius and guest." Forgetting the fact that the man never announced her name, Sarah was pulled forward into the crowd.

Remembrance of the ballroom in Jareth's castle rose to her mind and she felt like she was suffocating. Forcing the spinning images of Jareth and her dancing, Sarah steeled her back and stuck her chin in the air at the probing looks of the other guests.

Lucius stopped in front of a couple who was were dressed in matching outfits decorated with swan feathers. "Lord Lucius, my dear. Where is the Lady Aleshia?" The female asked, staring blatantly with disdain at Sarah. "Yes, Lucius. Where is that stunning specimen?" The man agreed questioningly while giving Sarah the once over.

"Ah, Lord and Lady Rosencraft, Aleshia was feeling a little bit under the weather at the last moment." Lucius smiled in a fake way and they continued on after a few more minutes of mindless chatter. Sarah tuned out most of it after the first few statements.

It was like she was invisible. After the initial curiosity of who she was and with Lucius never actually telling, the other guests acted like Sarah didn't even exist. Only one man had the nerve to say good evening to her and then stopped talking altogether when Lucius gave him a look that said back off.

Thinking about Toby and how she was going to protect him through all of this, occupied Sarah's mind for the next few hours. Suddenly, she realized something weird. When she had first came into the ballroom, the crowd was buzzing and one had to almost shout to be able to carry on a conversation. Now if she was to whisper, everyone would hear.

Turning to see what had stopped all conversations, Sarah felt her heart drop. Standing at the doors was Jareth in his all of his splendor. He was wearing the same outfit that he had worn when she had confronted him during her last moments at the labyrinth and he still looked marvelous.

Hope began to spread within her and she felt like running to him right then. The only thing stopping her was that Lucius still had his arm wrapped in hers in a vice-like grip. An idea popped in her mind, so Sarah decided to try it.

Focusing all of her attention on Jareth, Sarah stared and concentrated. Conversation started to resume and people stopped whispering about the late arrival. Sarah kept staring, hoping Jareth would feel her gaze and come and investigate.

Jareth started to descend down the steps with a look of cockiness. The crowd parted in front of him as if people were afraid to get near him. Anxiety started to rear its ugly head and Sarah felt like crying in frustration when Jareth looked everywhere else but in her direction.

Her efforts were interrupted when Lucius' angry tone caught her attention. He had been talking to a slimy man who looked as if he just got out of the bog of eternal stench. He didn't seem to belong to the Fae and reeked evil. When he had turned his gaze on Sarah, she had started to feel grateful at Lucius' possessiveness.

"I told you to get the job done the first time or else." Lucius' angry growl had no effect on the man. "Well, me sorry sir, but the wench called for help and…" Not allowing him to finish, Lucius caught his neck in his hand. Letting go of Sarah, Lucius began to choke the man.

"I told you that you only had one chance and now you're trying to make excuses. I'm going to kill you for your insolence." The man started to try to desperately claw on Lucius' hand but Lucius was much stronger. The crowd stopped what they were doing and watched the man try to escape death.

Lucius was known for his cruelness among the lesser Fae and was feared among many. Although this sight was not new to the guests, they still were fascinated by the death of another.

Sarah stared at the scene with horror clawing at her insides, making it hard to breathe. Was he really going to kill this man?! Fear began to appear with the horror, forcing her to realize that the man might be her or Toby one day.

Although she felt sorrow for the man and didn't want him to die, she realized for once that she was powerless to do anything and Toby might get hurt if she did.

"What are you doing this time, Lucius?" The sarcastic drawl of the voice boomed throughout the room. Sarah turned to see Jareth watching Lucius with a bored look on his face. Lucius paused in his act of slowly choking the man and answered in an exasperated tone.

"This man insulted my guest and I am claiming my payment for it." Sarah stared at Lucius like he had grown two heads. That man had never insulted her!

Jareth calmly raised an eyebrow as if he doubted Lucius' story. "Lucius, you may be only part Fae, but still you know the rules. One, the Fae never lie and two, there is no killing on Avalon lands." Lucius just laughed at Jareth's statement and let go of the man.

"Jareth, I never was going to kill him. I was just teaching him a lesson." Patting the man on the back, the man nodded and muttered that it was okay. Jareth smiled but it was more like a snarl. "This is your first warning, Lucius, and don't let it happen again. Oh and by the way, remember, I'm Lord Jareth to you."

With that Sarah watched as he walked away. Suddenly, he stopped and looked back straight at her. Then he disappeared, leaving the feeling of hopelessness deep in Sarah's stomach. She hadn't seen one glimpse of recognition in his eyes at all.

Sarah did not see Jareth for the rest of the night and Lucius ushered her out the door shortly after that. When they arrived back at the castle, Sarah turned around and snarled at him. "What did you do to me?! He didn't recognize me at all and I know that I didn't change that much in this outfit!"

Laughing at her, Lucius fingered the necklace around her neck. "Remember, Sarah, not everything is what it seems." His laughter rung in her ear for the rest of the night.