"Ahhh!" I stretched out happily while the cool wind blew around me. "Winter Vacation! I can hardly wait!" My hands gripped the fence that surrounded the top of the school building and I looked over the town. "I want to do so many things! I'm going to build a snowman, make snow-ice cream, drink hot chocolate and stuff myself with winter candies!" I looked back over to my friend. "Ne, Honoka! What are you going to do over the break? Want to come over for a night or two?" When she didn't reply to me right away I blinked and turned around fully. "Honoka?"

I'll Take Care of You



Honoka looked over at Nagisa and smiled lightly. "Sorry, I didn't hear what you said." She sniffed and looked back down at her lunch, which barely had two bites taken out of it. The wind blew around her and she shivered, pulling her jacket closer around herself and putting Nagisa's discarded one over her legs.

"Honoka? What's wrong?" Nagisa kneeled down beside her friend. "You look kind of spaced out." She looked down at her covers. "Are you cold? Do you want to go back inside?"

"… Yes, I'd like that."

"If you didn't want to eat lunch up here you could have told me…" Nagisa helped the girl up before gathering their things. "You didn't eat much…"

"Ah, I'm not very hungry…" Honoka closed her eyes and took a breath. "Do you mind if we hurry?"

"Eh?" Nagisa looked at her a little closer. "Honoka, your cheeks are all red." She put her hands on them and gasped out. "You're burning up!"

"It's nothing really. I'd like it if we went inside." She took a step and wobbled a little bit.

"Come on," Nagisa frowned and scooped the girl up in her arms. "You're going to the nurse's office."

"Nagisa… I can walk just fine."

"No," The blond nudged the door leading inside open and proceeded to carry her down the stairs and through the hallway.

"Nagisa…everyone is looking!" Her hands came up to cover her face. "Please put me down."

"Nuh uh," Nagisa smiled at her friends, who were squealing at her. "You're going to the nurse's office and that's final." The rest of the way was made in silence with Honoka burying her head against Nagisa's chest in embarrassment. "Anyone here?" She called out after carefully opening the door and walking in to the office.

"I'm here," a middle aged woman answered, walking around a curtain. "Oh, Misumi-san, hurt yourself again?" She noticed the girl in her arms and gasped out. "Oh my, what's wrong?"

"I think Honoka's sick," She replied with a little worry in her voice. "She has a fever and isn't eating."

"I'm just fine," Honoka whispered through her hands, moving her fingers to see if anyone was around to see her. "Please put me down?"

"Okay," If Honoka was expecting to be placed on her feet, she was wrong. The girl carefully laid her onto an empty bed and pushed her back down when she tried to sit up. "Not until you get your temperature taken." Nagisa took off her shoes and swished the covers up to her chest to show her determination.

"Mou…" Honoka pouted up at her. "It's the last day before vacation, I can't miss class now!"

"I'll get your assignments." Nagisa protested, once again pushing her back down.

"It must be nice to have such a caring friend," The nurse walked over to her with a digital thermometer. "Put this under your tongue, okay?" She got a sigh from the girl, but she did as she was told. "It's rare to see you in here, Yukishiro-san."

"Eh? You know each other?" Nagisa looked over at the two girls.

"She has helped me many times along with the science club. Actually the thermometer in her mouth was one she designed. It gets a much more accurate reading."

"Wow, amazing." She looked down at Honoka with a grin. "How about that, using your own device." She got a mean look in return, making her laugh.

"Much better than when you come to visit me," the nurse came to Honoka's defense. "Twisted ankles, cuts and scrapes, bruises, you even cracked your ribs that one time."

"Don't remind me," Nagisa made a face. "The bruise on my side didn't go away for weeks."

"Rough housing sports players, I swear." She took the thermometer from Honoka's mouth and looked at it. "Oh my, my, my. 103.2. Yukishiro-san, what are you doing at school?"

"Um… Final day before vacation?"

"Is that bad?" Nagisa asked, looked over at them.

"Ninety-eight point six is the normal temperature," the nurse told her as she stood. "Up to 103 is a nice bout of being sick, anything above that is normally a virus or bacterial infection." She took out some medicine and scribbled something on a notepad. "Do you have anyone that can come pick you up?"

"I'm staying till the end of the day," Honoka told her, a little upset. "I have to get my homework assignments and everything."

"You, my little girl, are not leaving this room until either the bell rings to go home or someone picks you up." The nurse told her firmly, making Honoka pull the covers up to her nose to try and hide. "Tell me how you feel."

"I feel just fine," was the answer. Honoka looked over at Nagisa lightly.

"Oh. Misumi-san, you can get back to class now, I'll take care of her." She got a surprised reaction, so she said it again. "I'll take care of her, now get your butt to class and try to stay out of trouble."

"Mou, you're mean Naki-san!" Nagisa stood up anyway and looked down at Honoka. "I'll get all your stuff, so just relax." With that she walked over to the door and gave one last glance over her shoulder before walking out.

"You two must be friends," Honoka said after the door closed.

"I see her in here at least twice a week for Lacrosse injuries." Naki crossed her arms and sighed. "She acts tough but she's scared to death of getting hurt and not being able to play her best. She comes in for every little thing that worries her."

"She has to take care of her team," Honoka smiled to herself. "She's thoughtful like that."

"Now, how do you feel?" Naki sat on the stool next to her.

Honoka closed her eyes and swallowed. "Honestly?"

"Yes, honestly."

Small teardrops came to her closed eyes. "I think I'm going to throw up…"

"Jeez," Naki helped the girl out of bed and led her to a small bathroom where the girl proceeded to get sick. "Don't try to put up a show for your friends or you'll really make yourself sick…" She sighed and ran some water for her to rinse her mouth out with. "Any better?"

Honoka nodded lightly. "Sorry…"

"Oh come on, I deal with this kind of thing at least once a week." Naki smiled and helped her back to the bed. "Now, who should I call?"

Nagisa opened the door to the nurse's office and peeked in. "Naki-san? You here?"

"I am," Was the reply, making the girl look to the side. The nurse was filling out some papers at the moment. "Yukishiro isn't here anymore, though."

"Where is she?"

"At home. I called your mother to come pick her up," She read over the paper in front of her and nodded to herself. "I was surprised to find out your mom is on her sign out list."

"Eh, well, it would be a problem if her grandmother needed her or something so…" She scratched her cheek. "But besides that, how is she?"

"Sick as a dog I'm afraid. She has the flu." Naki stood up and handed her the papers. "Since you're so close to her I don't feel bad leaving this in your hands."

"What is it?" She took the papers and read over them. "I don't understand it…"

"It's her prescription; you can have it filled at any drug store. She has the school insurance so that'll take care of the payment, but she needs to start taking it right away. Will you get it for her?"

"Of course!" Nagisa folded the paper and pocketed it. She turned to leave the room but paused, looking back at the nurse. "She'll… be okay right?"

Naki smiled at her. "Yes, Misumi-san, she'll be fine in a few days. Now get going and enjoy your vacation."


"Mom?" Nagisa spoke into the payphone, looking at the piece of paper in front of her. "I need to know where the drugstore you always go to is… Yeah… Yeah, I'm picking up Honoka's medicine. How did she look when you got there? … Okay, I understand… Right… Right… Okay mom, I got you already…" Nagisa sighed. "Yes mam, I know… I know. I know already mom." She turned around and looked out the glass at the busy street. "I'm going to take care of her so I probably won't be back till late. I know mom. Jeez. Thanks for the directions, I'll call you later." She hung up the phone before her mother could pester her anymore. 'You don't have to say the same thing a million times,' She thought to herself as she walked along her way. 'I know she's sick, that's why I'm going to take care of her…'

An hour later Nagisa found herself at Honoka's house and let herself in. "Hey there Chutaro," She leaned over to pet the dog's head. "Where's your grandmother, huh?" She got a bark in reply and he ran over to the side of the house towards Honoka's room. Following him, she hopped up onto the walkway and ran her fingers along the wall. "Honoka, I'm here," She called lightly, opening the sliding door and stepping in the room. "Ah, it's cold in here." She saw Honoka lying on the bed; still in her school cloths and half covered by the blankets. After cutting the heater on she went over to the bed and let her backpack fall to the ground "Honoka? Honoka, wake up." She shook the girl lightly. "You need to change, you'll freeze in that skirt…"

Honoka lightly opened her eyes and half way focused on her friend. "Nagisa…" She shivered lightly and curled into a ball.

"Where's your grandmother?" She asked softly, walking over to the closet and picking out some pajamas for her friend to wear.

"She's on a trip with her old friends remember?" Honoka's voice was soft, almost to the point of not being heard. "She won't be back for four days."

"Oh… I forgot." Nagisa slid the closet door closed and walked back over to her friend. "Here, you need to change."

"I don't want to move…"

"Come on," She gently put her hands under the girl. "Honoka you're burning up. How do you feel?"


"Be honest," Nagisa managed to lift her up and felt her heart sink when Honoka's head fell against her chest, obviously too tired to even hold herself up. "Honoka…" Placing a hand on her neck, she sighed out. "You have a serious fever…"


"I'm going to change your cloths, all right?" She got a small nod from her friend so she began to slowly undress her, a task a lot more difficult than the past few times she had done so. Of course those times, Honoka was helping the clothing to come off… Nagisa shook her head. 'I can't think about that right now.' The buttons were undone on her school issued shirt and it came off after a little encouragement. "Why do you wear stuff like this when you're sick?" The girl asked as she removed the lacy see-through bra.

"It makes me feel pretty," Honoka replied half heartedly, lifting her arms so the pajama top could be placed over her. "Thank you, goodnight." She fell back on the bed, making her friend sigh out and undo her skirt and pull off her socks.

"Your legs," Nagisa told her, trying to cloth the girl. After a little struggling while trying not to move her much, she reached her goal of putting on the pajama pants. "Honoka? Stay with me just a little bit longer okay? I'm going to get you water for your medicine."


Nagisa hurried off to the kitchen and got a glass of water while making some toast. After smearing just a little bit of jam on them she walked back to the bedroom and opened the door with her foot. "I'm back," She slid the door closed the same way and walked over to her, sitting on the bed. "Can you sit up?" She got a small nod, but still had to help her. "The doctor told me you would be a little out of it the first day but I didn't think it would be this bad…" Honoka gave her a light giggle. "Here, you need to eat something." She offered a piece of toast, which was taken. After a series of small bites Honoka shook her head. "That'll do for now then. Here," She offered two pills and the water, which was taken after being stared at for a few moments. "Good girl," Nagisa helped her friend lay back down on the bed and looked at her sadly.

Bringing the covers up to her shoulders, Nagisa smiled softly at her. "I'll be back in a bit," She whispered. The girl made her way out of the room and went to the living room to make a phone call.

Honoka awoke a few hours later, slowly blinking her eyes she sat up in bed and looked around. Her room was dark save for a small reading light by her bed. The sun had already gone down, making it even darker than normal. She looked over beside her bed, seeing a small bottle of medicine and a fresh glass of water. The girl brought her knees up to her chest and hugged them, placing her chin on her kneecaps. A part of her wanted to get something to eat, the other strongly opposing the idea. After a small internal debate the need for food won over so she pushed the covers back and turned to get out of bed.

The door opened slowly, making Honoka look up at it. Nagisa turned around and gently slid the door closed before turning once more to face the room. "Ah! I didn't wake you did I?" She got a slow shake of her head in reply, so Nagisa walked over and putt some bags down by Honoka's desk. "How are you feeling now?" She asked lightly, putting a hand to her friend's forehead. "You're still really hot."

"Nagisa?" a soft 'hm' showed that the girl was listening. "I thought you left?"

"I did," Nagisa smiled at her. "I went home and got some cloths and went shopping for food." She pointed at the bags by the desk. "I know my cooking isn't the best, but I'll be extra-extra careful, so please tell me if you want anything…?"

Honoka looked at her a moment. "You're… going to stay here with me?"

"Of course!" Nagisa sounded like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Who would leave their love alone when they're sick?" She gently moved Honoka back in the bed and pulled the covers up to her waist so she could stay sitting up. "I have all of your assignments from school and your books and things right here on the desk. I have some other things to read from my house if you want something funny, and I brought a few snacks as well," Nagisa opened her bag and pulled out a few different kind of crackers and cookies. "I figured if you were going to nibble on something it would be something to help settle your stomach… Are you hungry? Do you want me to make anything? Are you Cold? Hot? Want me to open the door or turn on the lights?"

Honoka closed her eyes and smiled happily. "I could use a hug?"

"I can do that," Nagisa sat next to her and hugged the girl as tight as she thought was okay for her being sick. "I'll be here for you, so whatever you need just ask okay?"

"Thank you, Nagisa," Honoka gave her an extra squeeze before pulling away from the hug. She leaned forward to kiss her cheek but thought better of it before her lips made it. "I guess I shouldn't do that while sick."

Nagisa smiled at her before kissing two of her fingers and then touching them to Honoka's lips. "There, a kiss from me to you."

Honoka reached up and enveloped Nagisa's hand with both of hers, gently kissing the fingers as well. "Go was your hands right away," She smiled, getting a laugh.

"Yes mam. I'll be right back."

Honoka watched the girl leave the room and felt a lot better now that she wouldn't be alone while sick. Looking over at the snacks, she opened a bag of crackers and proceeded to very slowly nibble on one while waiting for her girlfriend to come back. 'This won't be as bad as I thought,' she mused, happy at having Nagisa around.