I awoke lazily on the fourth day feeling a lot better than I remember being the night before. My head hurt a little and I could still feel a little of my fever but for once I didn't have the desire to crawl in a hole and die from my stomach. In fact, I was feeling rather comfortable right now, really safe and secure for some reason. The reason became apparent when I felt someone shift behind me and cuddle up more. An arm snaked around my waist and moved up to my chest where it took one of my hands and absently rubbed it with its thumb. 'Nagisa should be on the floor…' my mind told me as I allowed my eyes to open. Hikari was in the futon sleeping peacefully, which meant that Nagisa was, indeed, behind me.

I'll Take Care of You III

By: Satashi

"Nagisa?" Honoka whispered out, turning over as she sat up. "Nagisa… why are you in my bed?" The girl was half way in focus from her tired eyes, reaching out to try and find the warmth that had just left her. "Nagisa?"

Slowly the blond awoke and let out a sleepy yawn. "It's too early," She muttered out, rolling on her back and letting her arm lay off the bed. "Go back'ta sleep…"

"Nagisa, you can't stay in my bed." Honoka reached down and shook her shoulder lightly. "You'll get sick for sure, now get up."

After the encouragement, Nagisa opened her eyes. "Honoka…" She looked to the side at the alarm clock. "It's three in the morning, go back to sleep…" Reaching up, she brought the girl to lie down halfway on top of her and proceeded to snuggle.

"No, you have to get out. If you get sick I'll cry!"

"If I'm going to get sick from being in the same bed with you, then a few more hours won't make any difference." Nagisa smiled at her, still half asleep.

"No. Out of bed. Now." Honoka pulled away from her.

"Fine…" Nagisa moved the covers and lazily got out of the bed.

"And take these," Honoka reached to the nightstand and opened her bottle of medicine. "Just incase."

"I don't need any pills," Nagisa stumbled over to the futon. "You can go ahead and take them since you're awake." She almost fell into the bed with Hikari, who muttered something about eating a doughnut.

"Nagisa, take them!"

"Be quiet," Hikari moaned, rolling over on her side. "Hm…? Nagisa, you're warm…"

"Don't be cuddling all up on me," She protested lazily before closing her eyes and reluctantly allowing the younger girl to hold her like a teddy bear. "Remind me to buy this kid a body pillow."

"But Nagisa…" Honoka looked down at the two pills in her hand. "Just incase…" Her answer was a soft snore, making her blink. "How do you fall asleep that fast…?"

The second awakening of Honoka went a lot smoother than before. She was greeted by the smell of cinnamon rolls, making her smile even before she fully awoke. "Wakey wakey," Nagisa's voice told her as Honoka opened her eyes. "Breakfast is served." She sat down a tray in front of Honoka as the girl pulled herself up into a sitting position. "You like these, right?"

"Love them," Honoka looked down at the rolls in front of her with a fierce appetite. "Did you make them?" She cut into one with a fork and started to eat. "Oh wow, they're delicious!"

"Hikari helped," She admitted lightly, sitting in front of her on the bed and crossing her legs. "I did everything but Hikari told me exactly how to do it… Soooo, I guess it was really her." She started to eat some as well. "Hey, they are good."

"Don't be so hard on yourself; you can cook just fine when you're calm about it." Honoka ate some more, going faster once they started to cool down. "I didn't realize how hungry I was…"

"Wow, you're eating like me." Nagisa grinned. "You must be getting better."

"I feel ten times better." She licked some icing off her fingers. "Even if I am getting over this, I don't need to go out for another few days. I don't need to relapse." She picked up a cinnamon roll and bit into it, disregarding her fork. "Where's Hikari?"

"She went ahead and left when Akane called her. She said she'll stop by again tomorrow if… it's… okay…" Nagisa slowed down her speaking and looked at her lover.

"What is it?" Honoka paused.

"Um… Icing on your face…" She blushed a little. "Looks like… Well, it looks bad." Her cheeks colored a little more and she looked away.

"Oh?" Honoka ran her fingers along her mouth and looked at them. "You're right…" Looking back over at her, she smiled. "Hey Nagisa?" Her friend looked back over at her and froze in shock as Honoka parted her two fingers, leaving a string of icing between them, and then putting the both in her mouth and sucking them clean.

"I… wow…" Her breath caught in her throat as she watched the girl clean the rest of her face. "Um… hehe… that is… whoa…" She went stiff when Honoka leaned forward and wiped a little off her own cheek and then licked her finger right in front of her face. "I'm… going to take a bath…"

"Don't stay too long," Honoka teased happily. She watched her girlfriend quickly grab some cloths and run out of the room, trying her best not to look at her. "I love you, Nagisa!" She called out as she heard the footsteps run from her door. 'Ha ha ha! The cinnamon rolls are all mine now!' She picked another one up and bit into it happily.

An hour and a half later Honoka heard her bedroom door open again and a semi-wet Nagisa walked in with a light blush on her face. "Was it good for you too?" Honoka asked lightly as she read her book while lying on the bed. This got a stammered out response, making her giggle even more. A moment later the bed sank down and she looked over at her. Nagisa was wearing a long sleeved white button up shirt that went to her knees, most of the latches were done but since she was wet, it still left little to her imagination. Shifting, Honoka laid her head across Nagisa's lap and closed her eyes. A moment passed before she felt fingers start to run through her hair, making her sigh out contently. "I like that."

"I know," Nagisa grinned as she looked down at her friend. "Have you taken your medicine yet?"

"Mmhmm," She yawned lightly. "Took my temperature too."

"What is it?"

"Ninety- nine point two," Honoka smiled to herself. "Amazing how one day I can barely get out of bed and two days later I feel well enough to tease you again." The hand in her hair stopped a moment before continuing to pet her.

"You're no fun. First you kick me out of bed, then you tease me and leave me alone in the bath…"

"I'm so sorry," Honoka purred, nuzzling her stomach. "Being alone with you for so long and not being able to touch you has been driving me nuts too… Tell you what…" Honoka opened her eyes and looked up at her. "After I'm better, I'll treat you to some chocolate." She got a small nod so she continued. "And I'll feed it to you, too." Nagisa seemed a little happier at hearing that. "Sound fun?"

"Very," She stroked Honoka's hair a little more. "Just be sure you're okay before you go around town too much okay?"

"I know, silly." She looked up at her. "Know what I really want to do now?"


"The rest of our homework."

Nagisa sighed. "How on earth did I know that was coming?"

Nagisa looked at her notebook, eyes lightly glazed over. She took a moment to rub her eyes with the back of her hand, but the numbers still didn't want to seem to focus to her. "I think I need a break," She thought aloud as she leaned back onto the bed. "I can't seem to think straight."

"We're almost done, you sure?" Honoka pushed up her glasses as she worked out a problem.

"…Yeah, I'm sure. Actually I want to lie down." The blond crawled up onto Honoka's bed and laid on it. "I changed your sheets today, so can I lie on your bed?"

"Sure thing," Honoka's mind was still focused on the problem she was working on. "Sweet dreams."

"Thanks," Nagisa sighed out and closed her eyes.

"Ugh…" Nagisa moaned as she rolled over and out of the bed. Honoka was asleep in the futon even though it was only getting to be around dinner time. "I feel funny," She whispered as she staggered her way out of the room and outside in the cold. Quickly trotting to the main section of the house she made her way to the bathroom where she quickly turned on the water faucet and rinsed her mouth out, panting. 'I think I'm going to…' Nagisa's mind didn't even have time to finish her thought before she started to throw up in the toilet. 'This isn't happening… this isn't happening…'

When done, she coughed a few times before returning to the sink to wash out her mouth. 'I'm not sick. I can't be sick. I had a flu shot, I can't believe this…' The girl put her hands on the counter and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was red and her eyes were watering slightly. 'I just got too hot in the bath earlier and it upset my stomach…That's all.' Nodding at herself she washed her face before heading into the kitchen and getting a drink for herself and another for Honoka just incase she got thirsty later. The way back to the room was taken quickly and she felt a lot better once she was in the warm room again.

"Nagisa?" Honoka looked up from the futon and over at her. "What'cha up to?"

"Nothing, just getting a drink." She sat down beside her and offered the glass of water to the girl. "Here, you taken your medicine the last four hours?"

"Nuh uh," Honoka raised herself up and looked at her. "You look a little red."

"Stayed in the cold too long," Nagisa giggled to herself and got two pills out for her friend. "Here, take these."

"Thank you," Honoka did as she was told and smiled at her. "Have you called your parents lately?"

"Nuh uh, if I do they'll probably tell me its time to come home."

"Aw. But I understand that; you haven't been home in four days now. I'm sure you've been bored a lot while I was asleep."

"I got by," Nagisa chuckled to herself. "Between all the books I brought and the TV, I've always had something to keep my preoccupied."

"Hmmm…." Honoka smiled and hugged the girl. "Thanks for taking care of me…" Her voice trained off. "Honey you feel kind of warm." She put her hand on Nagisa's forehead. "You are! You don't feel bad do you?"

"Not at all!" Nagisa lied with a smile. "I'm telling you, it's just because I was outside too long."

Honoka gave her a look. "Nagisa, are you lying to me?"


"…" Honoka grabbed bottle of pills and took two of the remaining few out. "Take these. Now."

"Honoka, I'm not going to take your medicine, you need them."

"I said take them," Honoka glared. "I mean it; I don't want you to get sick because of me." She forced them into the other girl's hand and then gave her the glass.

Honoka stared at her until Nagisa sighed and did as she was told. "There, happy?"

"No, not really." Honoka felt of her forehead, then of Nagisa's. "You're warmer than I am," She sighed. "Nagisa, sweetie, you may be getting a cold or something; if you are then you'll catch my flu really easily. You may need to go home after all."

Nagisa was about to protest but a sudden feeling in her stomach made her bite back the words. "I guess you're right." The statement made Honoka's eyes water lightly. "Ah! What's wrong!?"

"You are sick…" She sniffed lightly. "You would never agree just like that."

"I'm just worried about my family," Nagisa stood up and walked over to her duffle bag and pulled out some cloths to change into. "Hikari is coming tomorrow to check up on you, so I won't feel as bad leaving you alone. Be sure to get rest even if you are feeling better."

"Nagisa, do you really feel okay?"

"Of course!" Nagisa finished changing her cloths. "Do you mind if I leave this stuff here so I won't have to carry it all?"

Honoka's face fell. "Yeah, you can leave it…"

"Honoka… Really," She gave the girl a hug after kneeling down. "I was playing in the snow, that's all." She gently kissed her forehead. "I'm going to head out before it gets too dark, okay?"

"Okay." Honoka let her hand trail down her lover's arm as she stood and held onto her fingertips until she was too far away. "Be careful on your way home okay?"

"Always!" Nagisa gave her a peace sign and ran to the front gates, waving to her again before she walked through them. Once outside, Nagisa leaned against the cold wood. "I feel a little tired still…"

Honoka listened to the phone ring for the third time before a familiar voice answered it. "Misumi residence, Rie speaking."

"Misumi-san," Honoka greeted her. "It's Honoka."

"Honoka-chan, how are you feeling?" She seemed happy to hear from her.

"I'm feeling a lot better now," Honoka bit her lip lightly. "I sent Nagisa home, she just left now."

"I'm glad, it's just not the same without her running around here."


"What's wrong?"

"She felt like she had a fever, but she said she's fine. Could you…"

Rie sighed. "Don't worry dear; she didn't get it from you. Nagisa called me the day after she stayed the night and told me she got a flu shot when she got groceries."

"But that's!-"

"She did it so she could stay with you. After a night already there was no way she wasn't going to get sick so I let her take care of you and just hoped for the best."

"That girl…" Honoka still smiled to herself. Nagisa cried for almost half an hour the last time she had to get a shot. "Please look after her for me?"

"Will do, Honoka-chan."

Nagisa leaned against the door to her apartment with her head resting against it. She panted a little bit before opening it up and stepping in. "I'm home!" she called out as she took off her shoes.

"Welcome back kiddo!" Her father called from the living room.

"Miss me?" She added as she walked by, getting a laugh and a nod. "Hey mom!" She walked by, but had her arm grabbed lightly. "What is it?" She blinked when she got a hand on her forehead. "Mom?"

"Nagisa, do you know what a flu shot is?" She asked her, leading her to the girl's bedroom and sitting her down on the bed.

"Of course, its anti-flu medicine."

"And do you know exactly how that works?" She took a thermometer and popped it in the girl's mouth before she could protest. "It's injecting a little bit of the virus into your body in such a small amount that it will learn how to fight it off. A calculated risk, you could say." The look on her daughter's face showed that she probably figured out what that meant, but she told her anyway. "Which basically comes down to you just begging to get sick after staying with Honoka for the night since you already had the virus in you."

The blonde's face fell and her mother removed the thermometer. "100.2, not as bad as I thought after walking home in the cold. I washed your sheets and made your bed, and your father is going to pick up your medicine in a few minutes."

"…This sucks." Nagisa pulled the covers to her chin after getting in bed. "I can't believe this…"

Nagisa opened her eyes on the third day of her being sick and was greeted with the sight of Hikari by her beside. "Hey there," she greeted, leaning forward and looking at her. "You feel any better?" Nagisa shook her head lightly. "That's not good." Hikari pouted a little. "Your mom told us that you get over little things fast but when you get sick, you get really sick."

Nagisa gave her a weak grin. "Yeah…" Her voice was hoarse and scratchy. "Honoka got over it really fast."

"I had someone to take care of me," Honoka spoke up for the first time, making Nagisa look over to her desk where the girl was sitting. "Sorry Honey, your mom made me promise to keep away from you or she wouldn't let me in your room."

"It's okay," Nagisa offered weakly. "I don't want you to relapse. Feeling okay?"

"Just fine," Honoka gave her a sad look. "I'm really, really sorry."

"It was my own dumb fault," Nagisa closed her eyes again. "Hikari, you better not get sick too."

"I'll be fine, don't worry." She smiled down at her. "Akane made you some Takoyaki if you are up to eating it?" The words made Nagisa's face drain of color. "O-Or I could just give them to your mother instead!" She laughed nervously. The three talked about nothing in particular for almost an hour before Nagisa started to nod off again, signaling that it was probably time for the girls to make their way home. Honoka stood up as Hikari said her goodbye and started to walk over to her but was blocked by the younger girl. "Don't even think about kissing her," She warned, pulling the purple haired girl to the door.

"Sorry again, Nagisa." She told her, getting a soft smile in return. "I love you sweetie."

"I love you too, Honoka." Nagisa told her, blowing a kiss.

Honoka blushed lightly and turned to the door, almost running into Rie. "Ah, sorry…" She looked up at the woman and felt her cheeks color a little. She knew that Nagisa's mother knew the two girls were dating but this was the first time Honoka had ever shown any affection to her girlfriend in front of her. "I'll… um… be on my way." She giggled shyly, getting a smile in return from the older woman.

Honoka greeted Nagisa happily at her house, giving the girl a fierce hug. "Nagisa! I'm glad you came!"

"Me too," She hugged her lover back tightly. "I was going to go nuts at home. I've felt fine for the past three days but mom refused to let me come see you until she was positive I was over it."

"Hard to believe we only have a few days left…"

"Yeah, talk about a blown by vacation. It was nothing more than random parts of being awake and sleeping all day long."

"We should do something special tonight so we'll have something to remember it by."

"Like what?" The two girls walked into the living room of the house, where Honoka already had a fire going.

"Well," Honoka turned around to walk backwards, smiling at her. "Since you came over so late, my grandmother is already asleep…"

"Oh?" Nagisa grinned happily, noticing there were different chocolate candies in front of the fireplace.

"Mmhmm…" Honoka motioned for her to sit down in front of the coffee table. "And I did promise you I'd treat you to chocolate…" She leaned forward and put their foreheads together. "As a thank you for looking after me."

"I like where this is going," Nagisa cooed up at her, feeling Honoka take her wrist and sliding them behind her own back. She was about to ask, but found Honoka kissing her lightly. Returning the kiss, she felt her girlfriend put something cool around her wrist and after hearing some clicking sounds realized that she had just had her wrist handcuffed behind her back. "Honoka?"

The purple haired girl smiled seductively at her and opened a chocolate bar carefully, breaking off a section of its semi-melted state. "Ready for some chocolate?" she asked her huskily, smearing a little bit of the melted substance on Nagisa's cheek. She took the blush as a 'yes' and placed the bit on her tongue before leaning forward and frenching her lover.

Nagisa tried to move her hands, but was quickly reminded that she was bound. "H-Honoka… we could get caught…"

"Not likely," She replied happily, smiling as she leaned in for another kiss. "I've wanted to make love in front of the fireplace for a long time now and I'm not going to miss this chance…"