Chapter 1: Unexpected Meeting

'Well, well! Now who would have thought to see him here of all places?' Razor mused as he watched the entrance to an out-of-the-way club frequented by males only. What captured his interest was a big male just exiting. Razor backed up further into the darkness of the alley he'd hidden his bike in. As the male started to pass the alley mouth, Razor called out to him quietly. The tom started and looked around suspiciously. Razor called him again. Clearly nervous and watchful the tom slowly moved into the alley and swore when he saw who was waiting for him.

"Hey! Chill out, Commander. I just want to have a word with you. I'm here alone." Razor said coolly, raising his paws placatingly.

"What are you doing here, Swat Kat?" He snarled.

"I suspect the same as you, unless you were doing some undercover work in that gay club, Hmmm?" Razor asked eyeing the Commander narrowly. Feral froze, his face flashing a moment of panic. "It's alright. I guess you might say I was curious. You see I'm bisexual but would never have guessed you'd have a liking for males too." He watched the Commander for his reaction to that bit of personal information.

Feral reddened, uneasy with the subject of this conversation. Trying to hide his discomfort behind his normally gruff exterior, he snarled at Razor, "Humpf! I never would have guessed. Why did you call me anyway? What makes you think I won't run your tail in?"

"Heh, heh! Really Commander, if you weren't feeling so uneasy, you'd know that was a really dumb question." Razor snorted in amusement. "You don't want your enforcers to know you hang out in a place like this?"

Feral felt the heat rise in his face. Razor was right, of course. He realized the moment the threat was out of his mouth that it was a particularly stupid thing to say. Ignoring Razor's obvious enjoyment at his discomfiture, Feral demanded, "You still haven't answered my first question?"

"Ahh, well!" He purred and moved closer to the Commander. Feral's eyes widened. "I came down here looking for a little action. Usually, I'm not very lucky. I'm rather picky and there hasn't been much to choose from lately. Did you find that so tonight as well?" Razor was now pressing close to the Commander.

Unsure why he was reacting so nervously to Razor's closeness, Feral tried to scoot away along the wall. In point of fact, he hadn't found anyone of interest but didn't want to admit it to the Swat Kat. Something about Razor's behavior stirred unwanted urges within him. All he wanted to do was go home and forget this strange encounter ever happened.

"What's the matter big guy? Do I make you nervous? I'm still horny and you look like a very tasty prospect?" Razor rumbled hotly as he cut off Feral's attempt to escape. If he thought about it too hard, he would have been shocked at his aggressive behavior toward Feral. Something about the big tom had his pulse racing and Feral's scent, something earthy and spicy, beckoned to him.

Staring at Razor in wary surprise, Feral felt his pulse quicken. This dance of aggression had turned him on but some part of his mind still insisted this was wrong, this was his pain-in-the-tail antagonist not a possible roll in the hay. And yet Razor still pressed closer, his intent plain by his strong scent of arousal.

"You can't be serious?!" Feral sputtered. "We can't stand each other!"

"So! That will make it that much better. No emotional entanglements, just pure sex. What could be better?" Razor purred licking his lips in anticipation.

He felt heat flash to his groin watching Razor's pink tongue flick over his lips for a moment. 'Alright he was certifiably insane for even considering the bold Kat's proposal.' He thought in a daze. While he was debating his choices, Razor took the matter in his own paws. He pushed his body against the big Kats, wrapped a paw around his neck and pulled him close for a deep kiss. Feral gasped at the intimate contact and lost his breath at the sudden probing kiss. He could smell hot metal mixed with a musky exotic scent he couldn't identify. It was very arousing and without realizing it, he melted into the kiss.

Pleased at Feral's surrender, Razor deepened the kiss tapping with his tongue for entry and groaning when he was allowed in. They dueled for dominance, both moaning a symphony of pleasure as their bodies pressed tight. Razor gripped Feral's ass in both paws and squeezed, eliciting a deep growl from the bigger Kat. Reciprocating, Feral caressed Razor's back stopping to dig claws into the sensitive nerves at the base of his tail. Razor rowled at the erotic touch.

A sudden loud noise in the street caused both Kats to jerk apart. They stared and listened tensely but could see nothing. "Must have been a backfiring car?" Razor guessed, quivering from the kiss and the sudden withdrawal.

"Perhaps." Feral agreed, a bit shaken by the sudden stop from their recent activity.

"Maybe we should take this somewhere more private. I have a hidden lair for this sort of thing, that is if you want to take this further?" Razor rumbled an invitation. "I know I do. We can go on my bike and I can return you here later. What do you say?" Razor pressed.

"Ahh, I don't know if that is a good idea..." Feral hesitated, torn by his sense of duty and the strong desire to finish what they had started.

Not letting Feral dither too long, Razor pulled one of the Commander's brawny arms toward the end of the alley. "Come on! Don't be a stuffed shirt, you know you want to."

Feral let himself be dragged down the alley to Razor's cyclotron. Razor tossed him a helmet and climbed aboard starting the powerful engine. Still feeling like he'd stepped outside reality, Feral pulled the helmet on and mounted behind Razor, wrapping his arms about the Swat Kat's waist. They were soon racing off into the night. Razor took back roads and hidden alleys until he reached a rather run down section of old houses, stores, and old storage buildings. He made his way behind a row of nearly decaying stores, stopping at one of them. Taking the helmet from Feral, Razor set the security on his bike and hid it in some tall brush growing at the back of the building.

He led the way to a solid door with a surprisingly new lock on it. Razor had apparently put it there and now unlocked it and gestured Feral to enter ahead of him. Razor closed the door behind him throwing them into the dark. Feral stayed still not wanting to stumble into anything. Razor flicked on a light from his glovetrix scanning the room until he found the lantern he had left there. Turning it on, the room was revealed to be fairly clean and small. It was apparently a small office at the rear of an old store. The door leading to the front had been boarded off. On the floor against one wall was a queen size mattress with clean bedding and pillows. Except for the lantern and a cooler the room was bare.

"You like it? It allows me to entertain without worry of discovery." Razor said proudly of his little hideaway.

"Technically, it's trespassing." Feral snorted but was impressed at Razor's ingenuity of finding a private place for meeting toms that didn't compromise his own security.

"Yeah, right, so arrest me. But I think we have something better to do, hmm?" Razor rumbled hotly beckoning Feral toward the mattress.

The Commander's ardor hadn't cooled on the ride here. Actually the bike's powerful vibration had made his erection swell even more tightly against the crouch of his jeans. He was uncomfortable and hot. He moved toward the mattress and was met with another passionate kiss as intense as the first one.

Moaning they were once more trying to touch everywhere but were being frustrated by clothing. Razor was the first to pull off Feral's T-shirt to allow him to dig his claws into the big Kat's deep brown fur, pinching the fat nipples into hard peeks.

Crying out in pleasure, Feral tried to return the favor but was hampered by the amount of stuff Razor was wearing. Swearing, Razor pulled away reluctantly and swiftly disarmed himself and stripped his G-suit off. Mask, T-shirt and boxers were all he had on when he once more pressed against Feral's broad chest.

It soon became a game of erotic striptease as each pulled off another piece of clothing after each passionate kiss and grope. Before too long, though, neither were wearing anything except for Razor's mask. Panting in need they began to roll and rub every part of their body against the other. Cocks, nipples, lips were all caressed, kissed, and bitten to the accompaniment of moans, groans, and cries of intense pleasure.

Completion was more intense then any encounter Razor had ever experienced before. Feral's scent was driving him crazy with lust. He found that actually scary. They hadn't even had intercourse and yet they both were screaming their orgasms in stereo. They lay panting in a heap, catching their breath.

Feral felt shock. It was insane for him to be feeling such incredible pleasure in just Razor's touch and scent. Before he could voice his reluctance to continue and maybe get the hell out of there, Razor rolled on top of him and began a slow, torturous kiss and lick path down his body. He gasped and writhed at the exquisite torment as Razor moved onto his groin and his already hardening cock. His rough tongue laved Feral's balls and suddenly engulfed his stiff member in his hot mouth.

Powerful surges of erotic heat burst from his loins and spread rapidly throughout his body. 'Oh my god' he groaned as his balls tightened and exploded. Razor continued to suck until he had taken every drop before releasing the now limp organ. Crawling up Feral, he gave him a deep kiss letting the Kat taste himself.

Forgetting he had intended to leave, Feral growled, "My turn" and proceeded to give Razor the same treatment he had been given. He practically inhaled Razor's taut organ making him screech and grab Feral's shoulders, digging in with his claws. His body felt as if it had been turned inside out when he came. He lay panting in shock as Feral looked down at him, a smug look on his face.

'Wow! Feral is really sexy. This is the best sex I've had in a while.' Razor sighed in amazement. 'But there is one more thing I want. Now the question is, will he let me do it.' Grinning wickedly, Razor reached up and began to caress Feral's chest. "Say Commander, ever been topped?"

His breath caught at Razor's question. He'd heard how pleasurable that could be but had never found anyone he had been willing to let do it. He eyed Razor for a long moment. "Have you?" He stalled.

"Yeah, a few times." Razor said lazily, his gaze heated. His paw never stopping its slow stroking.

"I haven't found anyone I was willing to allow that intimacy." Feral admitted slowly, enjoying the attention.

"So... can I convince you that I would be a good candidate. I can make it real good for you." Razor coaxed increasing his caresses to include Feral's inner thighs.

Shivering with excitement, Feral couldn't seem to think well enough to find a reason to refuse the Swat Kat's offer. "Maybe" he said carefully, then shuddered at a particularly wonderful touch.

Grinning in triumph, Razor proceeded to drive Feral out of his mind. Getting him thoroughly hot and bothered he made Feral get to his paws and knees which he did eagerly. Once he had the Commander where he wanted him, he immediately began an exploration to find every one of Feral's erogenous zones with his tongue. Feral gasped and hiked his rear higher moaning with excitement and rising heat.

Probing deeper into the big Kat's hot center he hit the organ of greatest pleasure sending Feral through the ceiling. Doing that a few times had Feral begging him to take him. Not giving the Commander a chance to change his mind, Razor centered himself and thrust firmly into that hot core. Feral gave a wild yell but didn't pull away, instead he pushed back meeting Razor thrust for thrust. Setting up a punishing rhythm, he pounded Feral into the mattress. Their passion built quickly, rising to a noisy crescendo that ended with both roaring their climaxes.

Feral collapsed flat to the mattress with Razor draped over him. Trembling in the aftermath, they could only lay limply too weak to move. After laying there inert for some minutes, Razor finally rolled off the broad back and came to rest exhausted on the mattress. Pressing his back to Feral's side, he slipped off to sleep. The Commander had already succumbed to slumber after that incredible ride.

Waking a few hours later, it being a few minutes shy of midnight, Feral stretched and winced a little from the soreness in his rear. The minor discomfort reminded him of the fantastic experience he'd enjoyed. He discovered Razor curled against his side still sleeping. Instead of seeing who he'd spent the night with by removing the mask, his thoughts were on how much he'd like to return the favor. Starting at the Swat Kat's neck, Feral began a slow exploration of his own down Razor's back.

Razor shuddered and moaned at the feel of Feral's tongue licking down his spine. "What's up?" He asked groggily.

"It's my turn to make you scream." Feral rumbled as he made a slow study of all the places that made Razor moan and clutch the mattress with his claws. When he deemed the Swat Kat was ready and his begging was loud enough, he plunged home. 'God is he ever hot and tight' Feral thought as he worked himself as deep as he could. They raced together toward another shuddering climax. Feral nearly flattened Razor when he collapsed, rolling off when his sex partner gasped a complaint of no air.

Tired and sated they lay entwined giving each other gentle kisses and licks enjoying the wonderful afterglow of truly exceptional sex.

"That was radical, Feral! I'd never been laid like that before. Who knew you could be such a hot and sexy bed partner." Razor sighed nuzzling the big Kats face.

"Hmm. I can say the same of you. Though I should have my head examined for letting myself do this in the first place." Feral shook his head in confusion though not stopping Razor's slow caresses. Sighing, he used a finger to caress Razor's cheek, "Your scent drives all sense from me. I really don't understand it."

"Yeah, your scent does the same for me. Weird!" Razor agreed. "I know it's crazy, but I want to do this again. Many times to be exact." Razor said in a faintly befuddled voice.

"You're definitely nuts. We can't risk doing this again. I don't even want to think what would happen to my reputation if I was seen consorting with a known vigilante." The Commander snorted in disbelief.

"I don't know why, but I have a feeling you won't feel the same when you get all hot and bothered again and go looking for a little sex. You won't find anything that compares to making it with the forbidden. God! I'm getting hot just thinking about it." Razor breathed heatedly. "Let me show you what I mean." With that, he pulled Feral close for another intensely passionate kiss. Immediately, Feral's groin quickly took notice despite being already wrung out. The kiss left them breathless and heated when they drew apart again. "See what I mean. No one has made me that hot with just a kiss. Tell me how you plan on never seeing me again?" Razor grinned triumphantly at Feral's heated face.

Turning away and sitting up, Feral tried to deny the rampant fire that burned every time they kissed but couldn't. Razor was right! They were very strongly attracted to each other and he really didn't want to let this go at the same time he knew it was politically dangerous for him to get too deeply involved with his antagonist.

Sitting up too, Razor sighed and reached out to gently rub Feral's shoulder. "Look. My hideaway is safe. We can meet here whenever we are free and have the urge. No one need know about it. I'm certainly not going to tell T-Bone. As far as he is concerned I can let him think I have a fem somewhere."

Shivering, Feral liked the idea of sex with Razor again but hated the idea of it at the same time. "Let's just let this be for now, alright. If it happens, it happens. I won't go looking for it nor make any promises. This is just so crazy I can't think about it now."

"Hey! That works for me, no pressure." Razor said quietly not wanting to push Feral into something he clearly was upset about. He got up and retrieved their clothing. Handing Feral his clothes he also handed him a small device. "Here! If you do decide you want me, you can reach me with this."

Feral took it reluctantly and got dressed. Razor straightened the place, opened the door to let moonlight in then turned out his lantern. Feral waited near the bike as Razor locked the door then released the security on the cyclotron. Minutes later he was taking Feral back to his vehicle near the club. In the shadow of the alley, Feral climbed off and handed the helmet back to Razor. Before he could leave, Razor pulled him close for a last kiss. Releasing him, he took off into the night leaving a troubled Commander.