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Just random DXS fluff but its actually a little bit smutty, but nothing graphic or anything like that.


Chapter 1 : Nothing But a Book Between Us

Sam stood with her two best friends in the world, Danny and Tucker. They were talking about Paullina…again. Sam could hardly stand it anymore, she had been trying to keep her nasty comments about the shallow witch to herself but she changed her mind about keeping quiet the moment they called her the most beautiful girl in the world.

"Looks can be deceiving, you know? She might be pretty on the outside, but she is just a shallow little witch on the inside."

"Jeez Sam, jealous much?" Danny said jokingly, though he didn't realize just how right he was.

"Ah!" she yelled at him.

She reached out and was about to hit him when the warning bell for Homeroom rang through the halls of Casper High. She changed her mind and grabbed his book instead; she took it in her hand and giggled in pleasure before running down the hallway with a very amused Danny following behind.

They walked into their homeroom not at all noticing the stares they were getting from the other students in the room. Sam walked in backwards so that they were staring into each other's eyes the entire time. They were both smiling at each other. Sam was walking with her back to every thing so she was fairly surprised when she walked into a wall and found that there was no where else for her to go. Danny smiled at her misfortune and walked all the way up to her until they could feel the other's breath on their faces. Sam cleverly hid the book against her stomach her stomach then leaned all the way into the wall.

Danny walked a few steps closer to the point that he was pushing her even further back against the wall, holding the book between them. Sam blushed at the feeling of him pressing against her.

She wasn't at all complaining. After all, she had had a crush on Danny for years but it was just that he didn't know that and so she knew that that was a very awkward position for two best friends to be in.

Danny didn't seem to mind very much, though. He was thoroughly enjoying himself, she was a very attractive 16 year old girl and he had the same fantasies as every other guy his age.

He smiled at her and pressed himself firmly against her, making her escape completely impossible, not that she wanted to leave at all. She blushed further and as he shifted a little she let out the tiniest and quietest moan she could manage but he still heard it. His head whipped forward so that he could see her face. She blushed 20 shades of red and he followed suit. They smiled awkwardly and nervously at each other.

Just then Dash walked in to witness their extremely compromising position, followed by Tucker.

Tucker laughed a little, but not enough to get the two teen's attention. Tucker then took out his PDA and decided to record the event for future blackmail.

Dash laughed for a second but then called out to the class, "Hey look! The lovebirds are having a grand ole time over against the wall!"

They entire classroom broke out in a howling laughter that finally got the kids' attention. They blushed as they realized that they had been being watched the whole time. Danny leaned away apprehensively and Sam slid out from the wall, letting the book drop to the floor in front of Danny. Danny nervously grabbed the book at laughed a little. Then he nodded and waved a small goodbye to Sam and slipped out of the classroom. Sam slid herself quietly into her seat and smiled to herself

Well today certainly will be interesting now, she thought to herself as the ball rang and the other students began to quiet down.

Author's note: Ok so I know that it was a tiny little bit smuttier then I usually get but I just had an inspiration. I don't usually end stories like this so for now I am going to leave it as an unfinished one, though I'm not sure when I will get around to doing another chapter or a sequel. I have a lot of school work to catch up on since I was a little bit too lazy to do it over my break and I will pay for it tomorrow when I can't turn in anything because I didn't do any of it.

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