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A/N: this is a response to a challenge posted on the ADMM board. The challenge was to post a marriage law fic involving my favorite couple. I will try to make it a little longer, as I'm trying to slowly work my way up to multiple chapter fics. Here's the first stab to see where it will go. Oh, by the way, just keeping the rating up there, because I have no idea where this will go.

After being jolted from his peaceful night's sleep, Albus Dumbledore was not a fully lucid man. But when his wife shook him so urgently, pulled the covers off him, and (of all the mean, cruel, heartless things to do to a man) pulled off his cozy wool socks, he had no option but to find and use his glasses, if only long enough to retrieve his socks. Now, with the new dark wizard, Voldemort, on the rise, Albus rarely received peaceful nights of sleep and nothing short of a catastrophe was going to tug him from his bed.

When his eyes focused on the tense face before him, all thoughts of clothing his feet were abandoned. Minerva was worried, genuinely worried. Albus hadn't seen her like this since the Marauders had set a trap that nearly killed Severus Snape. Granted, with Tom Riddle gathering dark followers, there were plenty of reasons for concern, but in Albus's mind, none warranted robbing him of a good night's sleep.

"Whatswrongdear." Albus managed to mumble in a nearly concerned croak.

"Albus! This is serious!" Minerva chided him. Looking past her tense visage, he saw that it was no longer night, but a bright and cheerful Saturday morning.

Drat! Albus mused to himself, This means I haven't got an excuse for crawling back under the covers.

"Don't you hear what I'm saying, Albus?" Minerva finished. Evidently, she had just been explaining the nature of their impending crisis.

"I'm sorry, Tabby, but when you that when you wake me this early on a Saturday morning, you have to speak very slowly, and repeat things three or four times." Albus joked, just managing to shut a yawn from his wife's imminent glare. "After being married for twelve years, you think you would know it is useless to wake me too early on a weekend."

"All right, Headmaster," Even in his half-conscious state, Albus winced at the cold use of his title, this didn't bode well. "I'll try to speak loudly and slowly so your mind can comprehend the mess we're in, and just possibly offer a useful solution."

"Oh, Minerva, don't be upset…" Albus had to resist the urge to dodge the glare the shot from his wife. Instead, he reached across the bed to take her hand. "I promise to apply myself to finding a solution to any of your problems, Tabby darling."

Minerva softened momentarily, until a moment shattering tapping came from the window. Minerva opened the window with a wave of her wand, sighing, "Well, I guess you'll see now…"

"What do you mean by…" Albus began as the owl flew in with the weekend paper. As it plopped on the bed, he glanced at the headline. MINISTRY PASSES MARRIAGE LAW, ALL WITCHES AND WIZARDS MUST BE MARRIED! The article went on to expand on the conditions of this law, including the clause stating that all capable married couples must have at least two children.

"Oh… Oh, Merlin." He breathed, "Minerva, how…"

"I know, Albus! This means everyone will have to know that we're married, including… You-Know-Who…" Minerva still refused to say his name, despite Albus's frequent lectures.

"No! Minerva, I refuse to expose you to that kind of danger! You were an auror. You saw what happens to the loved ones of those who resist dark wizards!" Albus pulled Minerva across the bed, and into his arms. If only I could so easily protect her from all the evil in this world. Or in Voldemort's mind, for that matter.

"Then the only alternative," Minerva sighed, looking up into his tired blue eyes, "Is for me to get married. Again."