Disclaimer: Yeah, cause if I owned Avatar I'd really be writing fanfiction.

A Very Powerful Bender

"I feel great romance for you. The man you're going to marry..."
"Tell me more!"
"I can see that he is a very powerful bender."


"How did Zuko beat you?" Aang asked, perplexed. "Katara, you're an amazing water bender."

"That's sweet, Aang, but...well...it's just..." Katara didn't feel like having this conversation. It was bad enough that she'd lost. She got up and called over her shoulder: "He's progressed since the last time we dueled him. Now-"

"He's quite a powerful bender." Iroh cut in, talking to Aang.

Behind them, Katara gave a small shriek of surprise. "Katara! What's wrong!" Aang leapt up, his staff already in hand. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Katara sat back down, and stared at the fire, a small smile playing on her lips. "Actually, I'm...great."