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Summary: Sasuke's out his nightly patrol when he spots a hot blond driving home. Pulling the blond over he has his way with him and lets him off with a warning.

Warnings: Language, and yaoi!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything mentioned in this fic

Bad boy whatcha gonna do

'Holy crap I'm bored' Sasuke thought as he hummed along to a song quietly playing from his PSP.

'Damn I wish I could have a fucking radio.' Sasuke cursed as the battery on his PSP died. He glared at the console of the car, sick of the crackly voices constantly coming through the speaker. Sighing he tossed the dead PSP in the passenger seat of his car and decided to grab some food to eat while on his patrol. Pulling up to some Japanese restaurant called Ichiraku's, Sasuke climbed from his car and locked it before heading inside. Placing his order Sasuke sat down and waited for them to prepare his food.

The raven-haired officer stared at the clock watching the seconds tick by, as soon as the second hand hit the 0 there was a happy shout from the kitchen. Sasuke looked over and saw a blond boy hanging an apron on a hook as he yelled his goodbyes into the kitchen.

'Mmmm…Hot.' Sasuke thought as his eyes took in the blond's gorgeous figure appreciatively. He never took his eyes from the boy as the blond walked towards the front door he was seated next to.

"N-night sir." The blond boy said nervously as he passed Sasuke on his way out.

'Sheesh police make me nervous.' Naruto shuddered as he hurried outside.

'I want hot chocolate.' Naruto thought as the cold nipped at his flesh. He hurried into the little café next door and purchased the steamy drink. He stepped out with the hot beverage in his hands and saw the officer emerging from the Ichiraku. He shivered slightly but smiled anyways when the cop looked at him. He hurried to his car and climbed in, starting it up and driving away.

Sasuke smirked as he watched the blond climb in his car and hurried to his police cruiser wanting to follow the boy. Naruto was blissfully ignorant of the police cruiser that had been following him since he left work, singing along to the song on his radio as he thought of the yummy food awaiting him at home. Sasuke continued following the boy silently, completely forgetting the takeout in his passenger seat.

"Let's have fun shall we." Sasuke said evilly as he followed the blond onto a deserted back street. Flipping a little switch his car made the bwoop bwoop noise he knew so well and the lights flashed briefly, letting the blond know he wanted him to pull over.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed seeing the lights in his rearview mirror, pulling to the right side of the road he shut his car off and tried to calm himself down. He knew being sweaty and nervous around officers made them suspect drugs but he couldn't help it, he was terrified of the men in blue. Glancing in his side mirror he watched the officer get out of his police cruiser and make his way to the car, shining an annoyingly bright flashlight in the driver side window. Naruto started breathing harder as his grip on the steering wheel tightened, turning his knuckles white.

Tap tap.

Prying one hand off the steering wheel Naruto rolled down his window to talk to the officer. He turned his head and was met by bright light, squinting his eyes he looked up into familiar black eyes.

'T-that's the officer I saw at Ichiraku's!'

"License and registration sir." Not trusting his voice, Naruto merely nodded and began digging through his glove box for the vehicles registration. Finding it he grabbed his license from his pocket and handed them both to the cop. The officer examined the things handed to him for a moment before he began eyeing the boy again.

"Uh s-sir can I ask w-why you pulled me over?" Naruto mumbled quietly glancing at the cop quickly.

'Shit Sasuke think…uhh… signal, yeah that's it!'

"You forget to turn your signal on when you turned onto this street." Sasuke mentally patted himself on the back for his genius excuse. To afraid to argue Naruto merely nodded and turned his eyes back to the dashboard.

'Now to get him out of the car.'

"Are you driving under the influence of any substances tonight?"

"N-n-no." Naruto stuttered, cringing at the weak answer.

"Sir please step out of the car." Sasuke commanded stepping back to let the boy open the door.

Naruto opened the door and stepped out of the car, holding his hands up slightly to show he was unarmed.

"Place your hands on the hood of the car and spread your legs out." Sasuke ordered, realizing how sexual it sounded. Naruto nodded once again and placed his hands on the hood of his car and spread his legs slightly.

'Muahahaha I get to frisk him now.' Sasuke thought happily, enjoying how fuckable the smaller boy looked in his current position. He turned his flashlight off and placed on the driver seat along with the license and registration, shutting the door he walked up to the blond and stood behind him.

"I'm going to pat you down sir." Naruto just nodded yet another time in response.

A mischievous smirk found it's way to Sasuke's face as he placed his hands on the tan shoulders and patted down the blond's back excruciatingly slow.

'Hmm nice ass.' Sasuke admired as he ran his hands over the blond's ass. He made his way down the blond's legs very slowly, admiring the strong muscles underneath. Then he stood up and wrapped his arms around the blond chest and began patting down the blonds front. Naruto bit his lip and fought back a moan as the officer's hands brushed against his sensitive nipples excruciatingly slowly.

'Fuck, I don't think getting frisked by an officer is supposed to turn me on so much.' Naruto scolded himself as he bit back more moans.

The raven-haired officer continued down to the blond's legs, purposely missing the blond's crotch as he made his way lower and lower. Reaching his ankles, Sasuke began to make his way upwards again this time instead of patting he just slid his hands up the blond's legs. Finally he ran his hands over the blond's crotch hearing a sharp intake of breath as his fingers brushed against the obvious erection. Grinning evilly Sasuke grabbed the blond through his pants and was rewarded with a loud moan from the younger boy.

"My my, someone's enjoying frisking a bit much." Sasuke breathed into the blond's ear. Naruto blushed hard and began stuttering out a lame excuse.

"It's okay I'm kind of enjoying it myself." Sasuke said as he pulled the smaller boy against him and ground his own erection against the blond's ass. There was a little voice in Sasuke's head, nagging about harassment and losing his job but he blew it off as he ground his hips again, groaning in bliss.

Naruto was panting and moaning as the officer continued groping him through his pants, and grinding against him. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew it was wrong and the officer could lose his job, but damn it felt to good to stop. Naruto gasped again as hot lips descended on his neck, kissing, licking and biting every inch of skin exposed.

"Ahhhh!" Naruto yelped out in surprise as he was spun around and pinned against his car.

Those wonderful lips began attacking the front of his neck with the same amount of passion as before. Naruto moaned and threaded his fingers through the silky raven locks. Sasuke continued up the blond's neck and jaw and finally claimed the full pink lips in a fierce kiss. Nibbling on the bottom lip Sasuke was granted entrance when the boy gasped in pleasure. His tongue explored every inch of the blond's mouth, savoring the unique taste of the smaller boy. Finally he broke the kiss to let the blond breathe, moving back slightly he admired the flushed and panting blond pinned against the car.



"Okay Sasuke…..do you have somewhere a bit more private we could go?" Naruto asked nervously glancing at their surroundings. Smirking, Sasuke locked the younger boy in another kiss and picked him up, carrying him to his car. Without thinking, the raven-haired officer opened the back door of his car and laid the blond on the seat, climbing in on top of the blond and shutting the door behind him. The space was small and cramped but a lot more private then the side of the road.

Wasting no time Sasuke tugged Naruto's shirt off and began kissing the tanned chest, covering it with licks and nips. Sasuke moved up to the blond's ear and began nibbling on it teasingly. Naruto ran his hands down the officer's and tugged at the navy blue shirt, untucking it from the black pants. He unbuttoned the shirt and tossed it on the floor of the car, admiring the pale toned torso exposed to him. He ran his hands down the smooth skin and began fumbling with the belt buckle but couldn't figure the damn thing out.

Chuckling softly, Sasuke sat up and quickly undid the belt. Holding his belt, an idea hit the officer as his gaze landed on the handcuffs strapped to it. Grabbing the cuffs he let the rest of his weapons fall to the floor. Too distracted with the task of undoing the officer's pants, Naruto didn't notice the older boy attaching a pair of handcuffs to the door.

"Wha-..?" Naruto was confused as the officer grabbed his wrists and lifted them above his head. His confusion cleared however, when he heard a click and felt the cool metal around his wrists.

"Hey take those ommhp!" He was cut off as warm lips covered his own, sighing in defeat the blond relaxed into the kiss. Sasuke continued kissing the blond as his hands deftly undid the orange cargo pants holding him back from his prize. Tugging the pants off along with the boxers quickly, Sasuke winced as he hit his head on the roof of the car and his elbow slammed into the window. Growling angrily, he tossed the pans with his belt and admired the tanned body underneath him.

Now came the difficult task of getting his own pants off in the confined space. Struggling and wiggling a bit the pants and boxers finally slid down to his ankles and he kicked them off. Done with teasing, Sasuke placed three fingers on the blond's lip and told him to suck. When the fingers were thoroughly coated he trailed down to the blond's entrance and thrust one finger inside, kissing the younger boy to distract him. Soon he added a second finger and began a scissoring motion, then a third. He wiggled his fingers searching for a certain spot.

"AHHH fuck yes! Unnnnnh…do that again." Naruto yelled in pleasure.

Pulling his fingers out, the raven-haired officer wrapped the blond's legs around his waist and slowly pushed in. When he was in to the hilt he paused and let Naruto adjust. When the blond had adjusted he thrust his hips against Sasuke's member, telling him to move. The older boy complied and pulled out only to thrust back in again. He changed his position looking for that bundle of nerves.

"FUCK!! Harder Sasssssssssssuke!" Naruto moaned out, tossing his head back in ecstasy. Sasuke started thrusting harder and faster, grabbing the blond's member and pumping him in time to his thrusts. The added stimulation brought Naruto to the edge quickly and he came hard in Sasuke's hand, screaming his name in pleasure. Naruto's inner muscles contracted bringing Sasuke to the edge quickly, a few seconds later Sasuke came deep inside the blond moaning his name quietly.

The raven-haired officer collapsed on top of the blond. They lay there enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms. Sasuke finally pulled out of the blond, uncuffing him from the door. They fought with their clothes for a while trying to get them on in the cramped space. Finally dressed Naruto reached for the door handle to get out, but there was no handle. He searched desperately but there was no handle on either door.

"Ummmm Sasuke….?" Naruto said quietly.


"How do we get out?" Sasuke's eyes widened as he remembered the back doors of police cruisers only opened from the outside.

"Shit!" Sasuke cursed, pounding his fist on the door.

"We're trapped aren't we?"

"Yep." Sasuke answered glaring at the door. Naruto sighed and leaned back fishing for the phone in his pocket. He was startled when it was smacked out of his hand and he was met with lust filled black eyes.

"Let's do it again."

"What? Nommmph." He was cut off the as the raven-haired officer tackled him to the seat and starting kissing him fiercely.

'I guess being trapped isn't so bad.'


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