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'Ow fuck my arms don't bend this way!' Naruto thought painfully as his arms were bent in awkard positions as the cop above him continued to ravish every inch of his neck.

"Uhh excuse me Mr. officer sir." Naruto spoke up timidly, fighting back moans.

"Itachi." The cop mumbled the word muffled against the tan skin he was currently sucking on.

"What'd you say?" The blond asked curiously, wiggling as he tried to get his arms into a more comfortable position.

"My name is Itachi." The older boy said, tilting his head up to look into cerulean pools.

"Oh okay ummm Itachi then, could you umm maybe take these handcuffs off they're kinda hurting my arms." Itachi grunted in response, his fingers fishing through his belt for the small silver key. Pulling it out of a small pouch he flipped the blond onto his stomach and unlocked the cuffs, tossing them on the floor of the vehicle wasting no time in reattaching his mouth to the tan neck.

"Thank- ahh unggh oh fuck do that again!" Naruto moaned arching up into the hot mouth.

Itachi smirked around the mouthful of tan skin he had in his mouth. Apparently he had found a particularly sensitive spot on the boy's neck. Pulling back he kissed the patch of skin before biting down again, breaking the skin this time. Naruto gripped the seat tightly moaning in pure bliss.

'Holy crap I never knew biting could feel this good.' Was the only coherent thought that ran through the boy's head as Itachi continued his exploration of a tan neck and shoulders.


Sasuke was frustrated as hell, he had been searching for any sign of his perverted brother for the last 20 minutes and so far he had had absolutely no luck whatsoever.

'If I was a stupid, perverted, horny, asshole WHERE would I take my victims?' Sasuke asked himself for the millionth time that night. When no ideas came to him he growled feeling like bashing his head on something. So he did. He proceeded to beat his head against the steering wheel all while cursing his brother.

Feeling bashing his head against the steering wheel wouldn't help much he stopped and looked up to see himself on a quiet back road that ran in front of a forested area. He was too busy worrying about his older brother to notice he had swerved into the opposite lane. He was snapped back to attention when a semi came hurtling around a corner, noticing him and blaring its horn loudly. Startled Sasuke jerked the wheel hard to the left driving off the road and ending up on a gravel road. The truck whizzed by blaring its horn, the passenger sticking his head out the window to call the cop a fucking idiot.

'You're a horrible cop.' the little voice in his head scolded.

"Shut up." Sasuke growled.

He sat there for a few minutes calming his racing heart while cursing himself for drifting off like that. Now he was even angrier than before, starting his car again he decided to follow the gravel road. Maybe he'd find some drug head hippies he could take his anger out on, everyone knew they hung out in the woods.

"Fucking tree huggers." Sasuke mumbled as he followed the road farther into the woods. Pulling around a small curve he nearly jumped for joy when his brother's cruiser pulled into view. Even better than tree huggers, he could rescue his blond, taser his brother into a coma, and then proceed to screw the blond's lights out. Parking his car he quickly turned the engine off and climbed from the driver's seat. As stealthily as he could he snuck towards the vehicle, not happy to see the windows becoming fogged and the obvious movement in the back seat. Snatching his taser gun off his belt he proceeded to sneak towards the back door on the driver's side.


Naruto moaned loudly, tossing his head back against the cool glass of the window and fisting his hands in dark silky locks. He looked down at the dark head of hair in his lap and watched the elegant hands fiddle with the button on his pants as the talented tongue continued to molest his navel. Disentangling his hands he ran them down the toned pale back and looped his fingers in the belt loops of the cops pants, attempting to pull that talented mouth back up towards his own.

The blond immediately froze though when his eyes caught sight of a dark figure through the cruisers window. The dark figure was headed straight for them, it was like something out of a horror movie.

"Ahh ITACHI!! There's someone out there." Itachi stopped in his ministrations and looked up into frightened blue eyes. Sighing he reluctantly sat up and turned his head to the window, and indeed there was a dark figure sneaking towards the cruiser.

"Get down." He mumbled pushing the blond down onto the floor of the car. Lying back on the seat he grabbed his gun and waited for the stranger to open the door. He didn't have to wait long though the figure was soon right in front of the door. Pulling his legs back he waited for the stranger to pull the handle on the door. There was a small scraping sound as the stranger fumbled for the handle in the darkness.


Itachi kicked out hard as soon as he heard that click the door flying open and nailing the stranger in the stomach, knocking him onto his ass. Itachi leapt out of the car pointing his gun at the stranger who was groaning in pain on the ground. He froze when he saw who it was nearly laughing when his little brother wheezed an insult at him.

Naruto poked his head out of the car to see what was happening, noticing Sasuke on the ground he froze staring at the boy.

"S-Sasuke what are you doing here?"


"So it's just you Sasuke." Itachi said evilly putting his gun back in it's holster and reaching for something else on his belt. Pulling a little black gadget off his belt he flicked a switch and there was a crackling noise like firecrackers and blue electricity jumped back and forth between two little metal points. Noticing Sasuke reaching for his own taser, which lie on the ground several feet to the side he pushed the taser gun against his brother's hand causing him to jerk his hand away and yelp in pain. Picking up Sasuke's taser gun he tossed it into some bushes off to the side.

"You shouldn't be playing with dangerous weapons otouto." The older boy scolded pushing the taser gun against the younger cop's stomach.

Sasuke growled dangerously and flinched in pain.

"Interrupting isn't very nice either Sasuke." Itachi tsked and jabbed his brother in the ribs with the shocking device.

"Fuuuuuuuck you Itachi." Sasuke yelped jerking away.

"And sneaking around at night is bad." Itachi added smirking evilly as he shocked his brother again.

"Fuck off you sadistic fucking freak."

"Tsk tsk watch your language otouto." Itachi tasered the boy again, holding the taser gun against his brother's flesh longer this time. He looked amused when he pulled away and no response came from his very still brother. Chuckling he stood up and grabbed the handcuffs off Sasuke's belt.

"Holy shit did you kill him?!?!" Naruto squeaked staring at the motionless boy.

"No he's unconscious."


"Because he's a wuss. He can't stand pain." Itachi said simply. Grabbing his brother he dragged him towards a small tree. Sitting the boy in front of the tree he wrapped his arms around behind the tree and clipped the handcuffs around his wrists.

"Now where were we?" Itachi practically purred climbing back into his cruiser and dragging the blond in with him. Laying the blond down on the seat he straddled the boy and turned to close the door.

"Uhh that's a bad idea we won't be able to get out." Naruto spoke up remembering his last experience in a police cruiser.

"Who said I want to get out." Itachi smirked, slamming the door shut before descending on the beautiful blond. Bringing their lips together Itachi slowly pushed the blond back down against the seat, his tongue exploring the hot cavern fervently. They remained attached like that until the need for air became too strong making them break apart. Itachi moved his ministrations to the blond's jaw slowly nipping his way towards the earlobe. Taking the lobe in his mouth he sucked on it and rolled it between his teeth immensely pleased with the shiver that ran down the boy's spine followed by a loud moan of approval.

Moving his way down the neck he stopped at the collarbone nipping at the spot harshly before running his tongue over the spot to soothe it and continuing his southbound journey. He came to the boy's right nipple and circled his tongue around it briefly before sucking the pink bud into his mouth and rolling it between his teeth. The boy beneath him moaned loudly at the action and arched into the cop's body. He moved to the left nipple and gave it the same attentions before moving farther down to the tanned stomach. He ran his tongue around the navel several times as the boy moaned loudly and squirmed uncontrollably before plunging his tongue into the navel. Naruto moaned in approval looking down at the cop through half lidded lust filled eyes.

Reaching to the back of the older boy's head he took hold of the hair band and tugged it free, the long silky locks cascading down to tickle his sides as Itachi continued molesting his stomach. Running his hands through the tresses he marveled at the softness, winding the locks between his fingers and gripping tightly as Itachi moved even lower, his tongue dipping beneath the waistband of Naruto's pants. The officer took a hold of the zipper between his teeth and slowly pulled it downwards watching the blond intently through crimson lust crazed eyes.

Naruto moaned loudly at the extremely hot sight before him as Itachi undid his zipper with his mouth, the crimson eyes never leaving his own cerulean gaze. Once the pants were unzipped Itachi looped his fingers through the belt loops and removed them in one swift tug, careful to not slam his elbow into the window of the cramped space.

"Heh…this isn't the most comfortable space for this." Naruto chuckled breathlessly, watching as Itachi struggled to remove his own clothing in the limited space.

Itachi finally removed the deep blue button up shirt his belt and the dark blue trousers, letting them fall to the floor, he proceeded to switch their positions so now he was in between the blond's legs. He looked down at the naked boy hungrily, smirking in a predatory way. Naruto shivered slightly as he saw the look in the crimson eyes as the cop ran his gaze over every inch of tanned skin. 3 fingers were pressed against his lips and he obeyed quietly sucking the digits into his mouth and coating them in saliva. He gasped loudly when Itachi gripped his member firmly, letting the fingers slide out of his mouth to circle his entrance. The older boy pumped the blond's member slowly to distract him as he pushed one finger inside him past the tight ring of muscles. Watching the boy closely he wiggled his finger around slowly searching for his prostate.

No luck so he added a second finger moving them in a scissoring motion to stretch the boy's entrance bending down to distract the boy even more by kissing him. He added a third finger as soon as he saw fit and continued searching finally rewarded with a loud gasp followed by a long moan as the tanned body arched up into his own pale form.

"Ahh fuck Itachi uhnnn… do that again." Naruto pleaded.

"Gladly Naruto." Itachi answered, removing his finger he lifted the boy's legs onto his shoulder and pushed himself inside slowly. Naruto must have grown tired of waiting as he thrust his hips downwards, completely sheathing the older boy in him causing the stoic boy to cry out in surprise.

"Ahh...uhnn move…pant pant…please." Naruto begged wiggling his hips.

Itachi didn't say a word as he did exactly as he was asked, pulling almost all the way out before slamming back in, hitting the blond's prostate dead on.

"Ahhh yes!!" Naruto screamed thrusting back against Itachi. Itachi slammed their lips together to silence the younger boy and started slamming into the smaller body wildly. His hand moved in between their bodies to grab a hold of Naruto's member and pumping in time to his thrusts. The blond moaned into Itachi's mouth happily as he continued to slam into him hitting his prostrate with every thrust bringing Naruto closer to completion. With a few more thrust Naruto came spilling his seed on Itachi's hand and his stomach as he cried the older boy's name out in ecstasy. Itachi knew he wouldn't last long when the blond's muscles tightened around his member and with one last hard thrust he came hard, deep inside the blond, moaning his name rather loudly. They remained still for a minute riding out the afterglow. Itachi slid the boy's knees off his shoulders and pulled out of the boy before collapsing on top of him.

Sighing contentedly Itachi rolled over so the blond was lying on top of him and stroked the soft gold locks, listening as the blond's breath slowed down and evened out as he fell asleep. Spreading his shirt over them like a blanket he allowed himself to drift off to sleep as well.

'I don't think I'll let Sasuke have him back…' was the last thought running through Itachi's head as he hugged the boy close to him and let sleep overtake him.


Sasuke had woken up just in time to hear Itachi cry out his completion unfortunately and now felt he had been scarred for life. That was the last thing he ever wanted to hear and what made it worse that it was with his yes that's right HIS blond. Sasuke had seen him first. He had to get his precious blond back from his sadistic, selfish, bastard of a brother. Pushing himself off the ground Sasuke spent several minute trying to twist his body in such a way he could reach the key on his belt.

Finally Sasuke was able to bend himself in such a way that allowed him to reach the small key on his belt. Twisting his hands around he was able to fit the key into the keyhole and with a soft click freed himself from the tree. Putting the cuffs and key back in his belt he straightened his clothes and made his way over to the still, silent cruiser.

Grabbing a hold of the door handle he made sure to stand away from the door this time, not wishing for a repeat of earlier. There was a click and Sasuke quietly pulled the door open, relieved to find the two fast asleep. Glaring at his sleeping brother he tried to pry the blond out of his arms but Itachi had an incredibly tight grip on the peaceful boy.

"Fucking Itachi." Sasuke mumbled angrily. Tugging as hard as he could he was able to remove Itachi's arms from around Naruto and steal the blond away. Leaving the door open he hurried away with the blond in his arms covered in nothing except Itachi's shirt.

"Stupid Itachi I hope a bear or cougar crawls in there and eats him, or he freezes to death." Sasuke grumbled as he made his way back to his own cruiser. Opening the back he slid the blond inside and closed the door. Hopping in the driver's seat he drove towards his apartment.

"I won't let Itachi have him ever again.' Sasuke vowed as he began the drive home, with what was rightfully his sleeping peacefully in the back seat.

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