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By Keiko Oda-san


"I love you, Sakura Mikan…I've loved you from the day I met you…from the day I crashed into your house…"

Mikan's eyes shot open. They were generous in stinging tears which dripped down her chin and onto her bed sheets. Sweat trickled down her temples and her heart was racing faster than ever. Her muscles and her bones ached, it was as if she had an hour-long work out in the gym. Her eyes were heavy and tired and she felt exhausted.

She found herself lying on her bed, wrapped in her warm bed sheets. She sat up and rubbed her painful head.

Was it all a dream? She wondered, scanning her room. It seemed like it, for nothing seemed to be missing in her room. Everything, from her collection of pandas to her school books were all in their right place. Her table and her closet was neat and orderly and she could already hear the bluebirds singing out her window and she could see the morning dew stick to the leaves of the trees outside.

Was it just a horrible nightmare? She thought once more and massaged her aching arm. She looked at herself in the mirror; her eyes were puffy and had eye bags drooping down under it. She had to admit that she looked drained out and hungry.

"Natsume-kun" she murmured sadly, remembering last night's confession. She then shook her head and banged her fists against her drawer. "Damn it!! Why did you have to…"

Then she stopped and massaged her fists. "If it was a dream…then probably…"

Mikan then ran out the door and ran through the quiet hallway. She then came across the guest bed room and stared at it. Turning pink, she twisted the door knob so slowly that she could hear it creak. She let go of it, but it wouldn't open. It was locked. She backed away, her eyes glimmering with tears.

But before she could have her heart get smashed into ten million bits once more, the smell of pancakes arose in the air and caught Mikan's nose. She followed the smell to the kitchen and saw someone in pajamas, peering into the refrigerator.

"N-Natsume-kun?" she said, walking up to the refrigerator. Please let it be him…

But sorry to say, it wasn't.

"Oh…grandpa" Mikan murmured with a hint of disappointment in her tone, as Jii-chan closed the refrigerator. "Ah…Mikan, you're up early" he said, giving his granddaughter a kiss on the cheek. Mikan simply shrugged and sat down.

"Have you seen Natsume?" she asked, resting her chin on her palm.

Jii-chan gave Mikan a weird look. "Natsume? What?"

"Natsume!! The boy who lives with us…duh…is he still sleeping or something? Cause his room is locked, normally…he leaves it open…" she muttered.

Jii-chan scratched his head. "Natsume…"

Why is Jii-chan acting as if it was the first time he heard of Natsume? Mikan thought, her mind in turmoil.

"Is Natsume some new pet you just adopted or something? A dog, perhaps? I saw one outside this morning so…"

"A dog!? Jii-chan, don't be silly!!!" Mikan yelled as Jii-chan made himself a cup of coffee

"I'm not" he replied with a tone of confusion in his voice.

"Jii-chan!!! Don't you remember Natsume? The boy who lives with us?! The one who has been with us for a year now, the one who lives in the guest room!" Mikan insisted, her voice slightly cracking.

Jii-chan sat beside Mikan and gave her a look that you would usually receive when a friend or a loved one had died. He patted Mikan's head and took the morning paper. "Aren't you too old to be playing with Imaginary Friends by now?"

Mikan's eyes widened. "Imaginary Friends?! Natsume is real!!! You were the one who invited him to stay here!!!" She could feel a knot forming inside her throat and her heart being broken into countless shards that pierced her insides.

Jii-chan stared at Mikan as he placed his palm against her forehead. "Are you feeling alright? Do you have a fever or something? Do you want me to call a doctor?"

Mikan fell from the chair and stood up, her eyes were now blurred with tears and her wrenched heart was now wounded than ever. "Jii-chan…t-this is…n-not a good time to be playing pranks…" she spluttered, rubbing her eyes for they were now generous in tears.

"Mikan, why would I play on a prank like that? Natsume isn't real!"

The words stung her like poison.

"HE IS REAL!!!!" she yelled, her voice echoing throughout the house. "HE'S REAL!! I LOVE HIM!!!"

Jii-chan sighed. She's too stubborn…he thought. "Then why don't you tell him that? Maybe he'll appear or something?" he said, as if he was talking to a five-year old kid who was playing with imaginary friends. He buried his nose inside the pages of the morning newspaper and didn't utter a word.

Mikan burst into tears and ran to her room. "I can't believe you forgot Grandpa!" she screamed and slammed the door shut.

She lunged into her pillows and her bed sheets and began crying her eyes out.

Has Jii-chan taken the Forgetting Syringe? If so, then why do I still remember Natsume? Why? She thought, but she couldn't even hear herself think because the sound of her weeping was much too much loud.

Natsume, I love you. But I can't tell you anymore, can I?

It's too late.


"I'm…I'm off, Jii-chan" Mikan murmured, walking out of her room in her uniform. Jii-chan raised his head from the newspaper and looked at Mikan sympathetically.

"I'm sorry if I made you cry, Mikan" he said as Mikan walked towards the door.

The brunette didn't even look at her grandfather; her eyes were concealed with the length of her chocolate strands as more tears dropped down to the floor.

"Mikan? Are you alright?"

Mikan lifted her head and gave the weakest smile that you could ever imagine. "Yes" she said and with that, she dashed out the door, crying her eyes out.

The morning was sunny and the blue sky was decorated with the white puffy clouds that seemed to make the day worthwhile. The sun glimmered and hit the flowers in full bloom and the damp blades of grass on her neighbors' lawn. The lavender and marigold that spiraled around the lawn couldn't be seen by the brunette for her eyes were blurred with too much sorrow and she couldn't handle it.

She ran as fast as she could, her cheeks red and wet with tears streaming down.

How selfish of Natsume! She yelled inside her mind. He left without saying a word! Doesn't he care about the people who love him? Who care about him? Who need him as much as he needed his freakin' soul?! I HATE THAT HEARTLESS CREATURE.

She reached the gates of her school and stopped to catch her breath. She gasped for air, her body wet with sweat. She rubbed the painful tears out for they felt like needles parading her face and entered the school.

"I can live without that heartless monster" she told herself, walking to her classroom.

"I'm sure I can"


I can't take it anymore!! Ruka thought, his mind in turmoil. He sunk into his chair, trying his best to hold back his tears. It was more painful to have your tears cry inside of you but he couldn't ruin himself by bursting out in class. It would be just too embarrassing.

"How could Hotaru do this to me?" he spluttered, covering his head with a Science textbook. His fingers quivered as he leafed through the pages, hoping to get his mind out of Hotaru. His heart felt like it had been tossed and thrown around like volleyball, and because it was played with too much – it had deflated and became nothing but a lifeless thing that was wounded and boxed too much.

Mikan entered the classroom. "Ohayo gozaimasu…" she said quietly and trudged towards her seat, glancing at Ruka whose face was concealed with the smelly textbook. She then removed it from his face and came to find his eyes red with tears.

"Don't make fun of me" he spluttered, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. "W-what h-happened to N-N-Natsume?"

Mikan slammed the textbook on the floor. "Don't remind me!" she yelled and then stopped.

"Y-you remember?" she said, turning to Ruka. "You remember Natsume?!"

Ruka gave an unhappy look. "Unfortunately…DUH" he said.

Before Mikan could reply, Narumi-sensei skipped into the classroom. "Good morning class!!" he said, placing his clipboards on the teacher's desk. "And how are we today?" he said, his voice was so happy that it sounded like a happy bird chirping.

No reply. Narumi-sensei's smile faded and then he noticed Mikan and Ruka's unhappy faces sulking in the corner.

"Ruka…Mikan…what's with the long faces?" he asked, turning to the two of them.

Mikan's eyes dimmed and she turned to the window.

Ruka sat up. "With all due respect, it's none of your business!"

Narumi-sensei raised an eyebrow and turned to the class once more. "I've gotten a notification that Imai Hotaru and Kaito will not be joining us for the future semesters. I've received a letter telling me that someone had closed their school accounts" he said.

That was when Ruka burst.

Tears streamed down his cheeks and he did his best to hide it from everyone by burying his nose into his textbook, but his sniffing was heard by everyone and the class couldn't help but turn to him to see what was wrong.

"Ruka-kun? Are you alright?

Ruka turned away, his bangs concealing his eyes. "I'm fine…" he muttered.

Oh how painful it was for both Mikan and Ruka-pyon to be lying all the time.


I've got to pull myself together! Mikan thought, after the fourth period.

She had to. She couldn't concentrate on her work because her decimated heart was bruised too much from Natsume's disappearance. The knot in her throat was already squeezing her and it was so hard to keep the tears inside her.

"So who cares if Natsume has vanished from my life? I don't care. I've always hated him anyway. Maybe I just thought I fell in love with him after he…"

And in that instant, he put his lips to Mikan who's eyes widened in pure shock. She didn't kick or squirm like she did with Kaito but let Natsume's lips sink into hers. The warmth of his lips against hers was so overwhelming that Mikan couldn't help but run her fingers through Natsume's hair. It was warmer than a bonfire and simply removed the cold winter feeling from her body. Oh, how wonderful this feeling was.

He kissed me. Mikan said, sighing as she recalled that instant when Natsume kissed Mikan after Kaito tried to steal her soul. She touched her lips and backed away to the wall. "I can't forget Natsume's kiss" she whispered and rubbed her eyes. "He's right. It would've been less painful…if…I took the Forgetting Syringe"

And then she sat down on the floor and stared at the ceiling. "Where are you Natsume? I miss you…" she asked and closed her eyes, letting a few tears stream down her cheeks. "I love you, but I can't tell that to you because you're…gone…"

Mikan then placed her palms over her lips and began crying. "No, I can live without you. I swear, I can!" she said and stood up. "Because I don't need you!" she spluttered and then wiped her tears and gave the best smile she could imagine. "I'm Sakura Mikan, and I don't need you to keep me alive!"


"Wow! Mikan, you rock at baking cakes!"

See, Natsume? I told you I can live without you. Mikan said, tasting her creation during her Home Economics period. They were asked to bake a cake and Mikan did a really good job at it.

"I wonder if Natsume would like this cake…" she said, staring at the strawberries on top of the cake and then she shook her head. "Don't think about Natsume right now, Mikan" she told herself and turned to Ruka who was sitting on the counter, sulking.

"Ruka? You seriously can't be moping about Hotaru right now, right?" Mikan said, putting her hands on her hips and raising and eyebrow.

Ruka turned to Mikan. "Yes, I am. And you can leave me alone! Why are you acting so happy? Aren't you sad that Natsume is gone? Huh?"

Mikan held back her tears. "Of course I'm sad! I'm not some heartless creature like him!!! But I won't let his…um…death get to my studies!!! I can live without him!"

Ruka smirked. "You're the most pathetic person"

"And why? I don't need some stupid vampire anyway"

"You're just telling yourself to forget about him because you know…you can't" he said, emphasizing the last two words. "Because you need him as much as…I…need…" and then he looked down again, and uttered "Hotaru" so soft that Mikan couldn't even understand him.

Mikan dropped her spatula. "Don't say such stupid things!" she said, her voice quivering.

"I'm not" Ruka said, folding his arms. His eyes were teary as well. "And you know it.

The brunette backed away, trying her best to hold back the stinging tears that were about to fall out like bombs from her big olive eyes. "N-no…" she said, her cheeks turning red. "D-d-don't…"

And then she placed her hands over her lips and then her eyes began to blur with big fat tears. Her heart being smashed into a million pieces. Her fingers began to shiver and the knot in her throat worsened. Her legs began quivering and she burst into tears.

Without a word, she dashed out of the Home Economics room in tears.


She ran as fast as she could, with her tears of pain dropping down the pavement.

"Natsume, get out of my mind!!" she yelled, and then she slipped and fell on the sidewalk. Blood trickled down her knee and she stood up once more and walked instead. "Why do you have to be so cruel, Natsume?" she droned and leaned her head against the tree near her house.

"I never realized love can hurt you so much" she whispered and put her hands over her chest and closed her eyes. "I don't want to love you anymore Natsume but…"

And then she opened her pink eyes and sighed. "I love you too much"


"And that's the evening news, thank you and good night"

Mikan shut off the television and walked to her room. It was eight in the evening but she was already so tired. But she couldn't sleep, so she attended to her homework.

She opened her notebook and stared at all the confusing equations before her. She tried her best to put her mind into trigonometry and algebra, but then she couldn't. And she ended up wetting her notebook with tears.

She shut her notebook and jumped to her bed. "I can't concentrate because of that stupid vampire"

The brunette was about to doze off into sleep when she heard something brush against her window. She sat up and rubbed her heavy eyes and opened the window. There was nothing. It was just the blackness of her dismal backyard. She shook her head and closed the window.

She returned to her bed and took her Math notebook with her to study. And then a few minutes later, she heard the knocking sound once more on her window. She sat up again, whilst yawning and checked it out. There was nothing.

"It was probably the wind" she assured herself, hoping that it wasn't a "ghost" since she was terrified of them.

Then she heard the knocking sound once more, but this time it pattered against her door. Mikan lost her patience and opened the door, and came to find nothing but a dark hallway.

But before she could turn around, someone clasped his or her hands on her mouth. Mikan couldn't see that much because the only light that was in her room was her lamp which, might I add was so old that it could only light up the table.

Mikan kicked and put up a fight but that certain someone was so strong (and not to mention so warm).

To Mikan's surprise, he lessened the pressure of the grip and then placed his face against her hair – as if smelling it. And then he began running his fingers through her long chocolate strands. Mikan blinked and gasped for air.

I know this feeling she said and then she pulled so hard from that person's grasp that she fell on the floor, hitting her head on the wall. She opened her eyes and then…

And then…

She found a raven-haired, ruby-eyed boy smirking in front of her. He wasn't wearing a black cape or anything like that, but he simply wore a dark blue sweater and some jeans. Mikan's eyes widened as she felt her heart stitch back together as the boy neared her.

"N-Natsume-kun? W-what are you d-d-doing here?" she said, turning pink.

"My body was able to adjust to the presence of my soul…I woke up in my hometown in Kyoto…but well, I'm not that forgetful. I remembered this certain polka-dotted panty girl in Nagoya" he said, with a hint of mischief in his tone.

Mikan turned red as Natsume knelt down on the floor, examining her from head to toe. "N-Natsume…"

Natsume placed his hands on the wall, trapping her between his arms. "I love you Mikan" he whispered and with that he crashed his lips into hers. Mikan felt a blush flutter up her cheeks as she felt the pressure of Natsume's kiss increase. She sat up from the wall and wrapped her arms around his neck as he snaked his around her petite waist and brought her closer to him.

He put his nose against her hair, savoring the citrus scented shampoo that enticed him so. He slipped his hands behind her hair and smirked at the way Mikan melted in his arms.

Mikan broke from the kiss and gasped for air. Natsume watched her and then she turned to him and gave him the happiest smile that he ever saw. "I love you so much Natsume!" she said, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks.

Natsume smirked and pulled her to another kiss once more.


"AAAH!!!" Ruka yelled, sitting up for he felt something bite his nose. He sat up from his bed sheets and pillows and found a white rabbit stare at him questioningly on his lap. Ruka picked it up, his eyes in wonder.

"Usagi?" he said

"No," someone uttered. "Kanashimi"

Ruka turned around and found Hotaru in her school uniform smile lovingly at him. There was color in her cheeks and she looked so happy that it stung Ruka so and made him want to cry. "H-Hotaru-chan?"

"I have my own soul now…and I'm a free creature already. Ruka, I didn't die. I just…I just started living!" she said, flashing a smile.

And then, Hotaru flung her arms around Ruka as Ruka kissed her hungrily. Tears streamed down Hotaru's cheeks as Ruka stroked his fingers on Hotaru's blushing cheeks. The blonde boy slid his arms around Hotaru's tiny waist and stroked her soft black hair lovingly.

Hotaru pulled from the kiss and smiled at Ruka.

"I love you, Hotaru-chan" he breathed, smiling at her as well. Tears streamed down and he hugged her. "So much"

Hotaru smiled and the two kissed once more, savoring every moment they had together.


Dear diary,

Hello! This is my first time writing in this notebook! My name is Sakura Mikan, a freshman in the university of Nagoya. I have a boyfriend, his name is Natsume Hyuuga and two best friends Hotaru and Ruka who are boyfriend-girlfriend also…and there was a weird boy before. I don't know what happened to him but he was a soul-hungry vampire once…what was his name again? Oh right, Kaito…

I wonder what happened to him…


An auburn haired boy woke up, lying down on the middle of the street.

He sat up, he was wearing a black cape. He couldn't recall anything.

And then someone, stopped and knelt beside him. "Hey, kid…are you okay?"

The boy looked at him with those stunning turquoise eyes. "Defrosted Chicken…"


The End?


Thank you for reading this, dear reader!!! I have upcoming fanfics in my hand so please keep updated!! Thank you so much! I love you all!! I hope you liked the epilogue!! ByE!! LOVE YOU!!!!