"George? Hey, George? Wake up."


"No. Come on."

"'m sleeping."

"You're awake. You're talking. Get up."

"Go 'way Ali."

"What'd you just call me?"

"Um…. Alex?"

"You're lucky I'm distracted. Otherwise I'd punch your face in."

"Shu' up."

"Get up."

"But the bed's nice, Alex."

"Get up."

"And warm."

"Get up."

"And I'm here."

"You could be somewhere else."

"But we can do fun stuff in a bed."


"Join me?"

"No. Stop it, man. We need to – god – go. Now."

"Or we could stay? And I could do this some more? I mean, we could go any day. But, now…"

"George. George. Listen! Stop distracting me."

"Why? It's fun distracting you."

"But. I got a – damn, get your hand off my dick, George. I can't think right."

"But it's warm."

"Fuck off!"

"'s your own fault. If you didn't wake me up unnecessarily then I wouldn't have to resort to these measures."

"George, I—damn it, George, I can't…"

"Come on. Let's stay here?"

"No. No, there's a thing."

"What thing? Let's stay. We can have sex. I'll even let you top. It'll be awesome."

"This will be awesome. Please?"

"Urgh. Alright. You suck. I'm up now anyway. Though, this'd better be, like, really good, Alex. Really really really really good."

"It's cool."

Alex grabbed George's hand and tugged him to his feet. With a sleepy groan, George grabbed the sheet from the bed and wrapped it around himself. Unlike Alex, we wasn't comfortable enough to wander around their apartment naked.

They trooped out of the bedroom, with Alex grinning like a two year old. George would never get used to that smile. He'd also never get used to the fact that it was him that brought out that smile, been though there'd been enough evidence of it in the two years they'd been together.

Alex carefully led him out to the living room, where they stopped in the doorway. George frowned.

At first, all he could see was a sea of black over the carpet. He squinted past the sleep in his eyes, and eventually the block of colour divided into dominoes. He nodded, slowly, then turned to Alex. "There's a sea of dominoes in my living room," he pointed out.

"In my living room, actually, but whatever. I wanted you to start it off." Alex pointed out a few select dominoes. "You've got to hit that one, and that one."

After looking at him suspiciously, George shuffled forwards and tipped the two over.

A rattling and clacking sound filled the room for a few seconds, as the dominoes fell over in a sprawling tidal wave.

George straightened up to look at the damage done – there was a heart shape on the floor, with joined up letters inside.

He smiled to himself and read the words out loud. "'I love you'?"

Alex's arms slipped around his waist from behind him, and he felt it as Alex started to press open-mouthed kisses against his neck. George laughed to himself, happiness spreading up through his stomach even though he had an early morning shift at the hospital tomorrow.

"You're such a dork," he complained, which he liked being able to do seeing as it was usually Alex accusing him of dorkdom and not the other way around.

Alex mumbled something defensive against his neck, but then his mouth hit just the right spot on George's neck – after that, it became a bit of an effort to actually process words.

"By the way?" George said breathlessly, as they negotiated through the collection of dominoes to fall loosely onto the couch, with Alex straddled over his hips. He reached up to kiss Alex's lips, for a brief second, before pulling away and smiling. "I love you too."

Alex hid a smile by looking down and playing with the sheet that George had wrapped around himself. "Now who's the dork?"