Title: Chili Dogs

Author: Stormy1x2 travelingstorm

Word Count: 380

Rating: G

Summary: How can he EAT those things?

Notes: Kinda surprised me at the lack of interest there was in the last fic - was it because of the OC? I think I scared off potential readers with that. Even though I killed him. It's that, or people here just aren't interested in Manic-based fics, which is a distinct possibility. Hence, here is a Sonic-based fic. Please enjoy!



"Ugh, how can you eat those things?" Sonia rolled her eyes, waving the stench away from her. Sonic smirked at her, and then gave a deep belch, deliberately breathing in her direction.

She shrieked and stormed away, muttering about boys being disgusting and smelly- music to a brother's ears, Sonic mused. He snatched up his last chili dog, tossed it in the air, and swallowed it whole. Perfect.

His foster father had loved chili dogs. He had given Sonic his very first one when he'd been a blue-furred toddler of three, and Sonic had been eating them religiously ever since. One of his very first memories was sitting at the table on his foster dad's lap, inhaling the scent of steamy chili and helping his dad make a mess - everyone knew chili dog consumption was not meant to be clean and elegant. His foster mom had made the best chili dogs.

After they'd been taken, Uncle Chuck had made a point of taking him to the local chili dog stand on a regular basis, trying to cheer him up and remind him of happier times. Sonic had been surprised to find the chili dogs there had tasted exactly like the ones his foster mom used to make – which in turn, had told him just how she'd made them taste so good in the first place. His first trip with Uncle Chuck to the stand had ended with him in tears.

The smell, the taste – every single bite filled him with memories. It was like being surrounded by them, like his adopted family came back every time he spotted a stand in the distance. Sonia and Manic couldn't stand chili dogs, and they couldn't understand his obsession with them, but Sonic was in no hurry to enlighten them. They'd call him soft. They'd say he was being sentimental.

Worst thing? They'd be right.

Sonic blinked as another plate of chili dogs suddenly appeared under his nose. Looking up, he saw a knowing smirk on Manic's face. "S'up Bro?"

"Nothin' dude. Sonia thought you could use a refill is all. Me too - you been lookin' kinda down lately." Manic winked and left the room. Sonic blinked again, looking down at the plate of dogs from Jake's stand.

Okay, maybe they did understand.



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