Hello, it's m, Ashley. It certainly has been awhile…you know over the past few years I have thought about writing this same note but I was worried some people would be a bit upset.

I will not be continuing this story, and if I do, which is a huge if, I will be totally rewriting it because as I look back I almost wish someone would've taken a computer away from me. If I were to rewrite it, it would be very different, much darker.

I have been considering writing a new fanfiction, a Hermione and Fred one that I sort of day dreamed while watching one of the movies. It is one of those cliché marriage law ones (which are my guilty pleasure) but I think I could make it different and interesting. I am not sure if I am going to though.

I appreciate everyone who to this day has reviewed, favorite and followed this story. I truly appreciate it and if I do continue writing hope that you will read my new work.

Until I do have time to sit down and write fan fiction instead of just reading it, it is good bye for now.

I love you all, deeply. I will never see your faces but I do love you all.