.:Of the Nature of Daemons and Angels:.

Aziraphaleh looked at Crowley, who's teeth were clenched fists balled and quickly on his feet again. Alan grabbed Aziraphaleh's hand and dragged the angel off the dance floor.

"Azir what was that?!" Alan repeated looking earnestly at Aziraphaleh for an answer.

"I…" Aziraphaleh shook hi head and looked away, "I don't know I didn't think he would try and kiss me… I was just dancing… I – Alan!"

Alan shook his head and walked away from Aziraphaleh walking to the door.

"ALAN!" Aziraphaleh shouted running after the man.

The street out side the club was cool and dark a lone streetlight broke the darkness and into this desolate landscape the angel exploded throwing his arms around the arms and shoulders of his lover.

"Alan. I'm sorry."

Alan turned around and gazed at Aziraphaleh, tears rolled down the angels face and his eyes had grown huge in a desperate fear.


The next moment Aziraphaleh found himself with his back against the wall of the night club being kissed by his lover and a hand roving the pale landscape of his chest. Alan broke the kiss looking lovingly at Aziraphaleh, "say it again Azir…"

"I'm sorry Alan."

Alan kissed Aziraphaleh again and slipped his hand into Aziraphaleh tugging gently away from the wall and towards his flat.

Aziraphaleh was on his knees Alan's body looked like a Greek god. Aziraphaleh took Alan's cock and liked the tip then took it into his mouth sucking it like his life would end. It was a matter of minuets Alan came groaning into Aziraphaleh's mouth.

Aziraphaleh stood swallowing the cum, Alan kissed him and started to undo his pants. Aziraphaleh threw his head back as Alan sucked gently on the angel's neck. Soon both were naked and kissing slowly. Alan bent Aziraphaleh over the side of the bed and lubricated the tight entrance. In the first thrust Aziraphaleh fancied that the mix of pleasure and pain was something like losing your mind.

Crowley sat in the public park; his head tossed back, a burning joint in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other.

The morning dawned to sickly smoke still filling the air of the park and several empty bottles scattered on the grass where Crowley had thrown them in a drunken fit. The shattered glass glinted in the sun light and in every piece Crowley could see a different memory. He stood up and walked threw the streets winding threw the city finally coming to the collage. He sighed and walked up the steps. His class room was filled and the papers he had assigned were staked on his desk, he stumbled in and caught him self on his desk knocking the top couple papers off the pile. Crowley hissed in annoyance. He stood and swept the papers off his desk in fury screaming pushing every thing off his desk and then over turning the heavy oak desk. Then he collapsed on the wreckage sobbing silently.

Michel came down from the desks and helped Crowley up, "Professor, AJ it's alright I'll take you home, it'll be ok." Michel half carried Crowley home and taking the daemon's key let them in and sat Crowley on his bed.

Crowley grabbed Michel's hand and looked at his with his blurry eyes, "Michel… thank you…"

Michel shook his head and sat on the bed neck to Crowley undoing his shirt and smoothing Crowley's hair, "why'd you do this to your self? You could've died… why? Don't you know I would miss you?"

Crowley gazed unfocusedly at Michel. The boy shook his head again and slipped Crowley's shirt off pressing their chests together and Crowley could smell the clean soap on Michel's body and the melon smell of the shampoo he used and Crowley was filled this sadness. He couldn't explain it, that wasn't like him, he didn't get sad… he didn't we wasn't supposed to feel this… but he kissed Michel none the less he kissed the boy on his cheek.

Michel pulled back and smiled at Crowley, "I make it a point not to hook up with people who are drunk… sorry."

Michel stood up and went to go make some tea while Crowley lay on his bed, shirtless and confused.