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- - - - -

He loved it when she cried.

Of all the emotions she showed the world, her tears were for him alone.

When he was young, it was so easy to see her tears. Seeking ways to see them fall he would taunt and torment her day and night.

She was a disgrace.

He loved to make her cry.

His anger to her father made her an easy target. His tears he could not mourn, he gathered from her tenfold. To surpass her would make her cry. To surpass her proved his worth.

The day he made her bleed, he hoped to make her cry. To cry his frustration and anger, he hurt her to make her cry.

Her tears would not fall.

HE gave her hope. HE took her tears. HE had to be removed.

She called HIM her sunshine. She looked at HIM with adoration. HIS smile dried her tears. HIS words gave her courage. HIS eyes drove her forward.

HE had to be removed.

He needed her tears. He loved to see her cry. Yet he no longer could make her cry. He needed to make her cry.

His taunts she did not heed. His strength she used to surpass his expectations. His tears she would not spill for her.

He needed a different method.

His genius gained him prestige in the Clan. His strength gained him her father's attention. His obedience gained him her father's trust. His kindness gained him her confidence.

His lies gained him her father's ear.

He loved to see her cry.

It thrilled him to watch her father break her. It intrigued him to see her hide her tears. It excited him to see her weep in the forest alone.

But HE would stop her tears. HE would interfere. HE would give her hope. HE had to be removed…

But HE gave him the greatest chance. HE broke her heart. She came to him for comfort. She wept in his arms. He loved to see her cry.

She mourned her heartache for months. For months she crept to his room and cried in his arms.

Her tears were beautiful. Her lavender eyes dotted with moisture took his breath away. She was beautiful when she cried.

"Neji-niisan…Thank you for always being there for me." She would whisper before she fell asleep in his arms.

He inhaled the scent of her hair as he held her. Her tears made her scent intoxicating.

Her tears were for him alone.

He loved to see her cry.

- - - - -


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