Kabuto, Hinata

Ch. 13


- - - - -

Slowly the door to her cell opened. Adjusting his glasses Kabuto carried her tray of food into her room. Kneeling down, he lifted her head and smiled. Her face was tear-stained, but her eyes were dry. Wiping her face he whispered in her ear. Slowly, tears welled up in here eyes. It wasn't that he enjoyed making her cry, but he couldn't help himself. Feeling eyes upon his back he turned his head slightly to see Sasuke's shadow pass by. That annoyed look on Sasuke's face was what he loved to see. And the easiest way right now to see that was to make her cry. Feeling content with his actions he began to feed the captive Hyuga. She was the perfect test subject, weak but able to withstand so much. "There, there, Hinata-hime. I was only joking when I said we had your sister. You are the only Hyuga we need," He whispered as he stroked her unmarred forehead.

Tears of relief fell down her face, falling into her tea.

Kabuto watched the ripples in her tea. It was so easy to make her cry, and so easy to annoy Sasuke. This Hyuga was truly special to him.

Gathering chakra in his hands, he began to heal her wounds. Yes she was special, and he would ensure that she lived for his purpose as long as she remained special.

He smiled as his fingers barely touched her frail body, amused that this weak woman held such power.

The next day Kabuto sighed. Orochimaru had taken Sasuke to train for a week and he could not help but feel annoyed at this. Opening her cell he roughly put her food on the table and smiled. She was asleep, exhausted from the earlier tests he had conducted. Kneeling down he roughly woke her, a look of fear and pain came upon her face as a tear trailed down her cheek. Amused he dabbed her tear with a bandage as he thought of more lies to feed her.

"W-why..." she whispered to him.

He paused and thought to himself as well. There was no need to torture her, Sasuke was not here...

Perhaps he did enjoy making her cry after all...