Title: Appreciate
Author: kawaii-kire "KK"
Rating: K+ or PG
Pairing: SasuNaru

Disclaimer: Naruto and all of its characters do not and never will belong to me.

Author's Notes: i wrote this a long, looooong time ago. anyway, belated Happy 2007 everyone:D


Girls do everything they can just to get Sasuke Uchiha's attention.

It even came to as far as putting SASUKE, YOU ARE MY GOD. LOVE XXX. in bright pink paint on all visible surfaces such as walls, the streets, telephone poles, fences, rooftops, windows, doors, and even on the back of Kakashi-sensei's jounin vest. (yes, Kakashi wore that vest not-so-unknowingly the whole day.)

Of course, nothing really happened after that. Sasuke was still the same indifferent, stoic guy that girls love and guys love to hate. It's not that he was ungrateful for all the praise and admiration thrown upon him. He thought that all the bizarre and huge displays weren't necessary.

Sometimes - ignoring the fact that Sasuke only appreciates things if they were involved with Naruto in any way - even Sasuke Uchiha can appreciate the smallest things.

He appreciates the fact that Naruto always gets out of his way to greet him good morning and good night. He appreciates it that whenever they pass each other by, Naruto would pause whatever he
was doing just to give him a smile. He appreciates the fact that on special occassions, Naruto would resist eating ramen just to treat him to somewhere fancy. He also appreciates it that Naruto would waste energy - instead of waiting for Sasuke to lean down - to tiptoe just to kiss him.

Most of all, he appreciates the fact that when every day ends, Naruto would appear on his doorstep, pull him down for a kiss, and smile at him like he was the only person who could make him smile
like that - which, in truth, Sasuke actually was, although he doesn't really know it yet - before saying,

"Love you, Sasuke."

- owari -