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RoyxEd, don't like, don't read.

Italics Dream sequence.

The boy trembled under the blankets, soft whimpers escaping his throat, "Roy.." The name would slip past trembling lips, tears leaking out of the corners of his eyes, his body tossing and turning as the dream grew worse, eventually shooting up from his sleep, screaming out for the man that wasn't next to him.

Or so he thought, untill the familiar raven haired man had entered the room in a hurry, wrapping his arms around his distraught lover.

"Edward..." The man whispered, stroking the boys hair slowly, it had always seemed to relax him. "Edward...Hush..." He would whisper into his ear, pulling the blanket close around him, cradling him in his arms the best he could, kissing his head softly, attempting to lull him to sleep. The boy whimpered quietly as he trembled in his arms, letting soft sobs escape his throat, his arms wrapping around the mans waist as far as they could go.

"Roy.." He would whimper continuosly, as if it was the only thing he could say, tears streaming from his eyes, "Don't leave m-me...I..D-Don't want..to be a-alone.." He would finally choke out, pressing closer into him. "D-Don't go like..E-Everyone else did.." He managed out inbetween sobs that wracked through his body.

Eventually the man had gotten to boy back to sleep, slowly laying him down, pulling the covers over him, brushing his lips along the boys forehead softly, stroking the blonde bangs away from the his tear streaked face, slowly standing back up, being careful not to wake him, "I love you.." He whispered softly, running his hand through the boys hair one last time, before walking out the door.


Edward woke up, his body shaking, tears filling his eyes for real this time. He was silent as a few tears slipped, searching around for any sign of comfort, other than the blanket that he was tangled in.

There was no one. No one rushing into the door, no comorting arms to fall into, no shoulder to cry on.

"You promised me.." He whispered to himself, his body shivering.

He clutched his knees, pressing his face into them as he sat alone on the bed, crying himself to sleep, waiting for another bitter morning to awake him.

Yay, another angsty RoyEd fic. Betch'ya everyone thought this ending was gunna be happy rainbows and dears frolicking in the meadows, eh? Ehh...Probably not.

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