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Exhaustion killed the two youths hours previous. After the wounds healed, bleeding finally halted, anger subsided, all there was consisted of sound dreams. The final battle was over. Almost two years of fighting, death, shadows, darkness and finally finding the light was over. Both slept undisturbed.

Xemnas at last perished thanks to the two wielders of the powerful Keyblade. One male with the Ultima Weapon and the other with Way to Dawn proved triumphant over the heart of all darkness.

Both males found themselves trapped in the realm of darkness unable to fight any more due to increasing fatigue, decreasing energy and massive blood loss. The elder of the two came so close to death by leaping in front of Xemnas's final assault against his younger partner.

Light eventually engulfed the two and sent them to the very edge of the world. Dark but eerily peaceful. Neither had the strength to walk never mind try and workout a way to get out of the predicament at hand. Sleep swiftly carried them away.

Both males layabout three feet apart. Silent slumber filled the sound atmosphere. Both held their respective blades over their chests, one hand over the hilt ready to strike. It could be boiled down to either paranoia, habit or normality.

The younger brunette however did not sleep peacefully. Thrashing about in his sleep with only nightmares to keep him company.

Sora found himself running through what could only be described as a graveyard of Keyblades. Many of which he recognised as being his own as he sped past. Kingdom Key, Fenrir, Sleeping Lion, Oathkeeper, Oblivion. Some of his best friends weapons also graced the graveyard. Dark Kingdom Key, Soul Eater, Save the King and Save the Queen.

Sound of what must be an epic battle echoed through his skull like drum beats. Man after man fighting millions of shadowed and distorted Heartless. He ran straight through their bodies. None noticed the teens presence. Try as he might, Sora just couldn't summon his blade to aid in battle.

He stopped upon a very familiar clearing. The clearing of the Great Maw. He instantly spotted warriors he knew only too well. Leon, Yuffie, Tifa, Aerith, Cid, Cloud and another woman resembling Tifa lying crumpled, stone dead to the ground.

Tears of rage stung at his eyes. Not able to look any longer, Sora averted his glare to his left. As he did that he locked onto a male being knocked violently from his feet. His helmet shattered from his head sending long silvery hair spilling over the blood stained earth. He rolled again and again until his back cracked painfully off the jagged edge of a dilapidated rock formation. He forced his self onto his side, slowly peeling his broken flesh from the claws of rock which held him tightly. Blood came to the surface spilling from his mouth. As he looked up, Sora almost collapsed on the spot.

"Riku?….No it can't be you….can it?"

Over head, Sora heard a man roar out in anger swiftly followed by blood curdling pain. He looked up to see the One Winged Angel, Sephiroth himself plummeting towards the earth.


Sora tried so hard to hide his fear but couldn't shake the images of the silver haired males demonic grin during their battle not so long ago.

He watched in terror as the gravely wounded Sephiroth, despite the blood, broken bones and death surrounding him, crawled over to Cloud and the others. Collapsing onto the ground he forced his arm out to just touch Cloud's cold, dead fingertips.

"I'm sorry. I cannot find your son. I saw mine fall. There is nothing left for me here. You will be in my arms again very soon."

Sora stared mouth agape as Sephiroth's eyes closed over. Was he dreaming? Or did Sephiroth say to Cloud they would be together soon?

"What? They….can't be can they?….Who is Sephiroth's son? For that matter….who is Cloud's?"

He turned and looked back at the young man lying in agony at the side of the rock. Slowly, step by step, he made his way over to the male.

Only a few steps had been taken before another male ran straight through Sora's transparent body. His armour shone pure deepest black. His run seemed very familiar to the teen.

Heartless surrounded him. An arm stretched out, white light formed Ultima Weapon in his hand. A swift swipe to his head sent his helmet crashing to the ground. Long, spiky brown hair fell to just above the males backside.

"No….that's me?"

The male turned round. Cerulean blue eyes almost locked with Sora's own blue orbs. Picking up his pace again, Sora ran after his older double. The male dropped at the side of the fallen silver haired male. Sora followed suit, watching in palpable silence.

"Riku? Riku! Please wake up!"

"So that is Riku. He is definitely me then…."

"Riku? Wake up. I know you can hear me….its Sora. Please. Wake up. Kairi's gone….please….wake up."

Aquamarine green eyes slowly fluttered open.

"Sora? What happened? Where is everyone?"

"Over there."

The older brunette barely whispered whilst pointing over at their dead friends.

"My father?"

"Dead. As is mine. At least the two died together. By now they will be at peace together in the after life."

The younger Sora almost collapsed. Realisation hit him like a tonne of bricks. His older self meant Cloud was his?

"I don't know how to end this Riku. I can't stop this pointless war but I don't want to lose anyone else. I don't want to lose you. I don't know what to do!"

Sora painstakingly watched as tears spilled down is older selves cheeks and dripped onto Riku's blood stained but beautiful face.

"Sora? No tears. I'm not going anywhere."

That in itself was a lie. Both Sora's could feel Riku's life force slipping away. His spirit energy was no more than a new born child's. Rapidly slipping away.

"I don't want to lose you."

The teen Sora looked as the two men stared at each other, tears flowing from their crystal eyes. Looking away slightly embarrassed he locked onto the matching rings gracing their ring fingers no less. Matching rings, each in the shape of half a Paupou Fruit.

"No….I can't be? Can I?"

Sora watched as his older self lowered his head towards the dieing Riku's. Their lips met in such a tender embrace.

"I'm sorry Sora. I love you."

Slowly, Riku's head tilted backwards, all life devoid of his body and soul. Previously gleaming eyes full of life, dreams and hope, glazed over lifeless green. Sora lowered his best friend, his lover, his very soul, flat onto the ground. Tears trickled down his cheeks as he reached out and summoned Way to Dawn. He placed it on Riku's chest and moved his pale hands over the hilt.

"I will see you soon. I-I love you too."

He managed to choke out as he slowly reached up and gently closed over his lovers dull, lifeless eyes.

Sora woke with a start. Breathing heavily. Covered in sweat. Panicking.

"Riku?! What? Where am I?"

Darting his shocked eyes right, left and centre he looked around at his surroundings.

"I'm still here. It was just a dream but it felt so real. What?….Why am I crying?"

Rapidly wiping away the salty tears he stole a glance round at the slumbering Riku. He was lying in the very same position he was laid to rest in when he died. Sora noticed how his silvery hair fell over his face and surrounded his head like a glistening halo. A stark contrast to the almost black in colour ground below them. He watched as his friends chest rose and fell with each breath he took through slightly parted lips.

Feeling his cheeks heat up and undoubtedly turn red, Sora quickly averted his gaze.

"Ok Sora. Knock it off. You like Kairi don't you? I must be tired. Need more sleep."

He lay back down and rolled over facing away from Riku and tried his best to doze off.

Aquamarine eyes snapped awake shortly afterwards. Riku blinked a few times trying to shake off the awful dream he had. He stood in the middle of a slaughter. He saw himself weeping over his fathers dead body. He saw Sora being slowly torn apart on the bloody battle field. He tried his best to save him but Sora perished in his arms. Sora told him he loved him before they shared one last embrace. He saw their rings, watched his best friend die and couldn't even lift a finger to help.

Riku sat up and proceeded to wipe the sweat from his face.

"Wait. This isn't sweat. It's my tears….but….how? It was just a dream. A very real dream but a dream just the same."

He glanced over at Sora and couldn't help but notice the younger brunette shaking violently in his sleep, Ultima Weapon clutched tightly at his chest.

"Did you see it too?"

Slowly he shuffled towards Sora and lightly tapped his shoulder. The male in question never flinched. After a long agonising pause where Riku seemed to contemplate his next move he finally found his voice.

"I can't go back to the island with you Sora. I want to but….I just can't. I belong in darkness. You belong in light….with her. I cannot bear to see you with Kairi. I know she is not the one for you. She does not possess what you want, what you need. You are simply leading her on….but I know she is deeply in love with you. I know who is right for you. This person complements you in every way. This person is the missing piece to your puzzle. This person….is….me."

Opening his eyes, Riku glanced down at his best friend. He still seemed to be sleeping. Swallowing the lump in his throat, the silver haired male continued.

"Do you remember when I gave you a Paupou Fruit almost two years ago on the island? In a way I was joking, having a laugh but the reality is that I was being serious. I was….so hurt when you dismissed me and threw the fruit away. That's why you must leave me here. I fell into darkness because of my childish ways. I fell into darkness because of you. I am darkness, you are light and we cannot coexist together. I'm sorry. I-I love you but I can't be with you…."

Tears stinging his eyes stopped Riku cold in his tracks. From his half sitting position, he leaned over the slumbering male slightly. His stomach flipped inside him as he moved a slender hand down Sora's side and onto his stomach. Nimble fingers worked their way under the soft fabric to touch the tanned stomach concealed below.

"So warm. So firm. You have done some amount of growing this year past."

Riku smirked slightly as a strangled breath escaped the brunettes slightly parted lips.

He was aware of someone speaking to him as he slept but he couldn't make out what the soft, almost saddened voice was saying.

He was just about to settle down again when he felt cold finger tips on the warm skin of his stomach. His breath hitched as the fingers moved slightly. The touch was so gentle but so arousing. He opened his glowing cerulean eyes slightly.

"So warm. So firm. You have done some amount of growing this year past."

He found his voice despite his dry throat.


With a loud gasp the older male swiped his hand away as if it just been burned. His aquamarine eyes darted back and forth as he fumbled for an explanation.

"W-what are you doing Riku?"

"Isn't it obvious? I….I know you had the dream as me. I feel your discomfort and pain. I see it in your eyes. You can't die. We must save each other. I-I….s-she is not the one for you!"

"What are you babbling on about? I didn't have any dreams."

"Don't you dare lie to me Sora for you were never any good at it! You saw it didn't you? The war? Everyone we knew and cared about dead. Our fathers hunted for us but were cut down before they found us. I saw you die in my arms Sora! Don't dare tell me you didn't see it!"

Sora immediately looked away from his pissed off friend.

"Yes….I saw it but it doesn't mean a thing….we are just tired, and after all, the dark realm messes with a persons head you know?"

"I do know. I am a denizen of darkness. But, I know for a fact that darkness doesn't mess with a persons head. Only their heart. You mean to tell me that dream meant nothing to you?"

"It did. I was terrified. I saw you die in my arms. I saw….Sephiroth. You said that he is your father."

"I already know that much."

"I also heard that I am Cloud's son. But how? Are the two of them not? You know?"

"Ever heard of human experimentation? Don't you find it weird that we don't remember anything from before we washed up on Destiny Island? All we had was each other. We had no pictures. Names to remember? People we missed? All we knew were each others names. The two of them are the most powerful warriors in their world. It only stands to reason that many fool scientists would want to try and replicate them. But, that's beside the point!"

"That's all well and good but that doesn't explain why you were touching me there. And don't say anything about 'all we have is each other'!"

"Fine. You know how I feel but if you can't see how you feel your even more stubborn and foolish than I thought you were. I know you don't love Kairi. But, you just keep on fooling yourself. To think I used to be jealous of you."

Riku whirled his body round and scooted further away from the now stony silent brunette. Just when he thought Riku's tirade was over, the silver haired male turned his head just barely.

"Oh! And I'm not going back to the islands with you either!"

Turning back round, Riku dropped to the ground, curled up in a ball and tried to push his anger aside so he could sleep.

Sora stayed awake. He sat just staring out at the sea. Riku's words had cut him deeply. He looked sadly over at the back of his friend.

"Well….ex friend now. Worst enemy more like."

Slowly, Sora reached into his pocket and removed Kairi's good luck charm.

"Did this ever make me feel anything? He's right. I don't like Kairi that way. I think I see her as more of a little sister than a lover."

He sat and stared out at the darkness all around him. He struggled to decipher his feelings. Confusion, sadness, loneliness, fear. All these thoughts whirled around and around in his mind making him almost want to tear his hair out in sheer frustration. He didn't even notice crystal tears gliding down his cheeks.

Reaching into his other pocket he slowly removed a small photograph. Both himself and Riku graced the middle of the picture. Both grinned madly even though Sora was in a tight Riku headlock. Tears ran from his eyes hotter and thicker than before.

"Dammit Sora. Stop crying. Just admit it….just do it."

What did he want to do? Still unsure of his feelings, he didn't have a clue. Anger and aggravation took over as he slapped his hands against the top of his head, grabbing fistfuls of hair, he pulled them over his face.

"I wish I had a pillow to scream into!"

On calming down, he looked at the photo again and again. He noticed each time that Riku's eyes were not on the camera but focussed on him. It was a look of love and not just friendship.

"Why couldn't I see it? I guess I was too busy denying who I really am and trying to fool myself by impressing Kairi and Selphie that I forgot all about you. No wonder you turned to the darkness for sanctuary and salvation. It was all my fault. I'm sorry Riku."

All the rusty cogs in his mind ticked and clicked into place. Finally his head straightened out. He shook the cobwebs away and made his decision.

Slowly Sora sat up on his knees and crept the ten or twelve feet towards the still pissed off Riku. He sat right behind his sleeping friend trying to be as silent as he could. Sora slightly leaned over the older male and lightly blew on his face.

Riku's nose twitched as his silvery hair tickled it threatening to make him sneeze. Sora had to suppress a small giggle.

Once again he blew onto the other youths face. This time a pale hand came up and swatted away the air.

Sora decided to be a bigger pest. That usually got the desired effect from Riku….making him mad.

Sora took the picture he had been holding and lightly tickled his friends nose with the corner of it. The same pale hand shot up to swat the intruder away. However, instead of whacking Sora, Riku slapped himself in the face.

"Ah dammit Sora! What the hell was that for!"

"You did it! You hit yourself!"

"Quit bugging me and just fuck off home to Kairi!"

Sora's warm smile was instantly placed with the look reserved only for his worst enemies. His rage boiled up and up until he couldn't hold it any longer. It spilled over like hot searing molten lava. Its destination? Riku.

"You say I'M stubborn? Why the hell do you think I'm trying my damnest to wake you up, you asshole?! I've been sitting here thinking about everything that's happened and I don't feel a bloody thing!"

"Hah! I find it hard to believe you were thinking. How easy was that to tell me you feel nothing for me? You didn't have to wake me up to tell me as much. You could have just left me….AGAIN!"

That did it. Sora was pissed. After all, Riku had been the one to open his heart to darkness and abandon his friends.

With a deep rumbling growl, Sora slowly raised his fist. Anger flooded his senses. He wanted to knock some sense into the cocky Riku.

Before Riku could even fathom what his friend was doing, the smaller males fist connected with his jaw. A loud, echoing, sickening crunch spread throughout the darkness.

Riku fell backwards from his half sitting position thus landing flat on his backside. With his hand clamped to his jaw he looked in utter shock and awe at his friend.

Sora still had his right fist bawled up at his face. He was clearly, visibly, physically shaking. Angry tears raged from his shining cerulean blue depths.

"Don't you get it you bastard?! I fucking love you!"

Silence swept over Riku's body. He didn't know whether to smack Sora back ten times harder or just jump on top of him.

"Dammit he is powerful."

Riku growled to himself as he pulled himself to his feet. He motioned to Sora to do the same thing.

He snarled at his friend before pulling off his jacket and discarding it to the ground. Sora too, removed his jacket and launched it behind him.

"You will pay for punching me you prick!"

With a loud guttural roar, Riku launched himself at Sora. However, he was quickly evaded by Sora leaping off to one side and dropping down onto his haunches. One slim but powerful leg slammed into the back of Riku's knees sending him stumbling blindly forwards.

"You slippery little bastard!"

Riku quickly gained his composure, bawled his fist, spun round on his left leg and sent the fist straight for Sora's face. The punch connected to the side of Sora's right eye socket, shocking him into tumbling backwards onto the sand below him.

Clutching at his face, Sora could feel the blood rushing to the wound thus heating it up immensely.

Riku saw his opening and took the opportunity to throw himself on top of the distracted Sora. Grabbing the younger males hands and holding them in place above his head by one of his own larger hands, Riku raised his other fist. His aquamarine glare never left Sora's own sapphire stare.

Fist still poised, the two stared each other down until Riku sucked in a pained breath due to searing aching spreading from his groin, right up to his stomach and back again. Sora had somehow released a leg and kneed Riku hard in the crotch.

Riku found himself being violently flipped over so Sora sat over his hips. He gained his composure as fast as he could and tried to shove the brunette over again. The two males rolled over and over in the sand kicking and punching at each other, neither noticing the were coming very close to the waters edge. Riku's eyes glowed bright green as he raised his hand and struck Sora across the face leaving open scratches in his nails wake.

Sora now filled with nothing but hated saw a tiny opening in Riku's defences. His eyes flashed glimmering green throwing Riku off slightly. He raised his head with renewed strength and sunk his teeth into the juncture between Riku's neck and shoulder. Hard.

Riku's ear-splitting, nauseating scream reverberated through the dark and eerie atmosphere. He could feel hot blood seeping down his neck, dripping over his collar bone.

Sora tasted the coppery blood. However, another taste filled his mouth. He couldn't place it. Almost sweet, but earthy at the same time. The blood spilled out the sides of his mouth as he bit in harder. He could feel Riku's finger nails puncturing the tanned skin on his shoulders. He was sure he heard a moan coming from the silver haired male, and not one from pain.

Riku was frozen rigid. He couldn't move. His best friend was latched onto his neck and was refusing to let go. If anything the grip to his skin was getting tighter. The twisted part of the silver haired male did not want the brunette to let go. His blood dripped from his own chest, tracing a path onto the leaner, heaving chest below him. Still he did not want the sick contact to end. He gasped as he felt teeth leaving his neck to be replaced with a hot tongue running over the open wounds.

Something snapped in the younger male. Slowly he removed his teeth from the small puncture wounds and replaced them with his tongue. He savoured the hot dripping skin below his mouth. Small kisses replaced the lapping tongue. Slowly the kisses moved from the bloody neck towards the bruised jaw.

He could see the black and blue bruising forming underneath the pale white skin. He ghosted his tongue over the swelling skin while moving his butterfly kisses further up still.

The silver haired male still couldn't move. His finger nails pierced the skin on Sora's shoulders even harder. His head involuntarily moved into the tiny kisses. His breathing hitched more than once, his throat was dry. He ached, he throbbed.

Sora edged himself up a bit so he could nip at Riku's earlobe. This tiny action sent involuntary shivers shooting up and down the silver haired males spine. His face turned a sharp shade of red.

Now he really was aching and throbbing.

Riku tilted his head down towards Sora's, only to have his lips brushed over by satin soft ones. Slowly at first, very slowly. Just small kisses on the lips, mainly due to both their inexperience. However, very soon, Riku wanted much more.

He removed his hands from Sora's bloody shoulders and placed one behind Sora's head and the other round the younger males tiny waist. Sora took the hint and placed both of his hands on wither sides of Riku's face thus pulling him closer.

Sora ran his tongue along Riku's bottom lip. He too wanted much more.

Both tongues touched very cautiously, almost awkwardly at first. Soon after, both learned to dance comfortably with each other. Both males simultaneously pulled each other closer causing mouths to open wider, tongues to clash so much they would have seemed to be as one.

In an uncontrollable frenzy of dirty kisses and even filthier moans, Sora pulled his hands away from Riku's face and dragged his finger tips down his black sleeveless zip up top. Instead of simply pulling the zip down he proceeded to tear it clean from Riku's frame.

Riku snarled at the younger male slightly before spotting his opening. He grabbed Sora's own blue vest and tore it from the lean body. It landed in tattered shreds on top of Riku's own shredded top.

Both their jaws hurt from the intensity and even violence which was predominantly evident in their kisses. Both males were still angry at the other. From their crouched positions, both males kicked off their trainers, never breaking their contact. Sora shimmied onto Riku's lap and wrapped his arms tightly around his neck. Calloused, pale hands roughly traced pathways up and down the hot, tanned, sweat soaked, perfect skin adorning Sora's back.

Slowly the same hands ran down even further and dragged themselves painstakingly slowly over Sora's backside, exciting a sharp cry from the brunette.

Both moved at the same instant as if reading each others minds. Their destination was the others belt. Quaking hands on both sides fumbled with each others belts trying desperately to remove them.

Riku unclipped Sora's belt first. In his lust filled haze, he pulled it too sharply causing it to snag in one of the belt loops. With a low guttural growl, Riku yanked the annoying piece of leather as hard as he could from the waist before him.

Sora struggled until, in a fit of pissed off rage he summoned a small ball of fire to burn the item away. The belt fell from Riku's waist and lay on the ground forgotten about.

Riku decided to take charge so he forcefully pushed the younger male down onto the sand. Still never breaking the kiss, Riku blindly pushed at Sora's calf length shorts until he could kick them from the tanned, lithe body pinned below him.

With a graceful ease, Riku wriggled out of his own jeans leaving them in a heap behind the two.

"The benefits of wearing baggy jeans."

Riku sniggered to himself as he pushed his knee in between Sora's legs thus forcing them apart. Slowly he positioned himself between Sora's legs. Both their throbbing arousals ground together. The friction of the material from their boxers against their lengths caused both teens to moan loudly into their kiss.

Sora was the first to break the kiss that had been going on for God knows how long. Catching his breath he took the sides of Riku's face in his hands and stared intently into glowing green aquamarine depths.


"Say you can't do this and I swear I will kill you Sora!"

Sora growled at Riku before roughly punching him hard on the shoulder.

"Get off me Riku."

The silver haired youth sadly complied. After all that effort, he was being tossed aside again. However, as he looked through downcast eyes at the brunette he was astonished to see him wriggle his lean body out of his boxers and motion for Riku to come closer.

Riku's breath hitched. His throat became uncomfortably dry once again.

He watched in stunned silence as the younger male ran his fingers down his pale chest and stomach, stopping at the waist band of his black boxers.

Riku's breath hitched once again as nimble fingers moved under the elastic and worked their way lower yet.

"Hmmmm, weird."

"E-excuse me? What i-is?!"

"You're just the same as me down there….and all over infact. No hair except for on our heads."

"N-now do y-you believe we….ugh, we were made for each o-other?"

Riku managed to choke out as Sora began ghosting his fingers over his aching arousal.

"Riku? I wanna try something."

Before Riku could come up with an answer that wasn't just a bunch of moans and syllables strung together, his legs were forced apart causing him to gasp loudly into the silent atmosphere.

He watched in awe as the younger male pushed him onto his back and worked wet, open mouthed kisses all down his torso. Riku almost screamed out when Sora's hot tongue plunged into his naval again and again. Riku's hips took on a life of their own and started lightly bucking at the brunette. Sora had to place his hands on the silver haired males hips to stop them moving.

Lower and lower he kissed and nipped until he pulled off Riku's boxers, revealing him in all his naked glory.

Inside, Sora was quaking. He felt ill. Never before had he though about Riku in this way. Well, not until they had reunited in The World That Never Was. Uneasily, he ran his tongue lightly up and down the older youths length listening intently for some sort of approval. He heard none.

He looked at Riku to see his eyes were clamped shut, as was his mouth. Sora decided he wanted that vocal approval so he took as much as he could in his mouth savouring the unique taste from the silver haired male.

A shrill scream filled the air as Sora nipped on the very tip of Riku's pulsing length. He continued moving his head up and down, rotating between licking, nipping and sucking at the tender flesh. Under his hands, he could feel Riku's stomach muscles tightening. He was close. He was almost there.

"Stop, Sora stop!"

"What? Why?!"

"I don't wanna come that way!"


"Not this time anyway."

Riku pulled himself up and crawled over to the blushing Sora. With a bit more force than necessary, he pushed his friend back onto the sand. His pale, thin fingers trailed their way down the brunette's tanned chest.

"Oh my god. I've never noticed this before."


"This scar! It's right over your heart….Was that my Keyblade?"

"Yes….when I defeated you in Hollow Bastion, I killed myself with it to free her heart."

"I'm so sorry Sora. I never wanted to betray you like that but the darkness, and the temptation of Ansem was just too much for me to handle. I was far too weak."

Sora shook his head slightly. A silent vow of forgiveness.

Riku stopped wallowing in self pity and continued the exploration of the lean but finely toned chest laid bare before him. Each small flaw carried a story in the same way all of his small scars did.

Riku's hand tickled down Sora's stomach but stopped just near the pubic bone. He faltered before he found the courage to ask the question burning and niggling away at him.

"All the way?"


Sora managed to choke out while trying to push away the feeling of long fingers tickling his bare skin.

"How far do we go? I want this….but I wont if you don't feel ready. How far Sora?"

Riku stopped breathing as he watched fear seep into Sora's crystal green tinged, sparkling eyes. His stomach churned inside him. Never before had he felt such a powerful emotion over taking him. He wanted the male below him. He didn't know how he would react if Sora said no. He wouldn't….would he?

Sora didn't know if he could do this. Sure they had gotten quite carried away, but now that he thought about it. If he gave in to Riku and had sex with him right there….there would be no going back. Doubt flashed through his still young mind. In short, he was terrified. Did he want Riku like he said he did? Did he love Riku? Hell, did he even trust the silver haired male, tainted with the force of darkness?

As though his mind had just been read.

"Don't you trust me Sora? Don't you want me like you said you did? Do you even have feelings for me like you said you did?"

Glowing cerulean locked with equally glowing aquamarine. Looking into those almost sorrowful eyes, Sora made his decision.

In a voice no louder than a meagre whisper, Sora pierced the deafening silence.


Riku could have burst at his best friend come lovers almost silent word. The silver haired youth simply nodded and captured the younger males lips in a searing kiss. Tongues melted together in perfect sync.

Sora felt his hips being lifted up to rest on the very top of Riku's thighs. He couldn't help the groan that escaped his lips.

Fingers laced together, Riku held one of Sora's hands above his head with one of his own. He could feel Sora shaking below him. He could physically feel how scared he was.

Slowly, Riku raised his free hand to Sora's aching arousal, wrapping long, slender fingers round its shaft in the process. Agonisingly slowly, he began to work the fully aroused skin in his grasp. He took great pleasure in hearing the moans and cries coming from the sweat soaked body below him.

Fingers became slick with clear, warm liquid. Biting his own bottom lip to calm his own nerves, Riku slowly moved his hand between their bodies.

Sora felt a sharp shooting pain dance up his spine at the intrusion to his virgin body. However, despite the pain, he found himself arching his back thus pushing Riku's finger further into his body.

The intrusion swiftly left and was replaced with two fingers. Riku began scissoring his fingers to try and loosen up the untouched tightness.

Without warning, Sora let out a shrill, high pitched scream of Riku's name. Slightly shocked, the silver haired male halted his actions.

"D-do that-t again!"

Moving his fingers over the same area again excited the same reaction from the brunette. Riku guessed he must have stumbled upon the younger's prostate. He smirked almost evilly to himself.

After reducing Sora to a pile of mush, Riku withdrew his fingers and placed his hand tightly on Sora's hip bone.

"Are you ready?"

"No….but I want you. Please….d-do it!"

"I'm sorry."

Sora screamed out in pain. This intrusion was much bigger, harder and stronger than before. Pain shot up and down his spine, pooling in his stomach. Tears trickled down his cheeks stinging the bloody cuts he received from Riku during their fight.

Slowly, Riku edged himself in little by little until he was completely sheathed.

"Stop! You're hurting me!"

"I know. It will get better….see? I'm not moving. We have all the time in the world. I can wait. Calm down."

Sora couldn't calm his shaking, tense body. His hand squeezed Riku's so tightly, the older male thought his fingers were about to be broken. However, Riku squeezed back to show Sora he was there.

After a minute or so, the pain subsided a bit. Sora moved his hips slightly. It would take him a while to get used to this intrusion to his body. He arched his back and moaned out a little.

"I'm ok now."

Slowly, Riku pulled out half way only to thrust back in that bit harder. He watched intently to see if he could detect any more discomfort to his younger lover. He found none.

He drew himself almost totally out before jerking his hips towards the other males body once again. Riku continued this action, getting that little bit harder and faster with each passing thrust.

Sora tilted his head backwards into the sand. Soft cries spilled from his mouth and floated into the blackened, still atmosphere. Sora thought the pain was going to rip his body in two but he couldn't stop. The pain was intoxicating.

Riku pulled Sora's hips further onto his causing the younger male to arch his back almost painfully to the sudden change. The top of his head and shoulder blades ground violently into the sand causing massive and delicious friction against his sweat soaked body. Further and harder Riku pushed himself until Sora let out a scream of his name along with a jumble of different syllables. Riku smirked knowing that he had found the prostate again.

Sora was seeing stars. His vision blackened into spots. Heat coursed through his stomach and radiated up his spine. He reached out and grabbed Riku's free hand and pulled it over his head. This movement caused Riku to almost fall into Sora's body.

His head pushed into Sora's chest with every powerful thrust back into Sora's body. Both listened to the others moans and cries of pleasure.

Soon enough, Sora let go of one of Riku's hands and lowered his own hand down his body.


Sora said nothing. He clamped his hand around his neglected length and began pumping away at himself.

Riku jumped slightly on feeling his best friends hand thump off his lower abdomen again and again. He simply smirked and went back to his powerful thrusts. Deeper. Harder. Faster.

Riku grabbed Sora's still bloody shoulder and inadvertently began pushing it further back into the sand with each movement of his hips. He could feel Sora's hand hitting off him faster and faster until the lean body went rigid below him. A loud cry came from the

brunette. He was sated and spent.

Riku could feel wet warmth tickle at his abdomen each time he thrust his body back into his younger lovers. He felt the already painfully tight passage constrict even more causing him to speed up even more trying desperately to get every ounce of darkness into his thrusts.

Riku exhaled the breath he didn't even know he was holding in a deep guttural moan, spending himself deep inside the younger male.

Riku tried his damnest not to collapse on top of Sora. He could feel his arms shaking almost violently. Too late. They both gave in sending him crashing onto Sora, almost crushing him.

"Ahh! Fuck! You're heavy Riku!"


Riku managed to summon the strength to pull himself up and out of Sora's body. This action gave him the reward of a sickening pained hiss from Sora.

"I'm sorry I hurt you Sora."

"Don't be. It was worth it. I'm still seeing spots. So Riku? Now do you believe that I want and want to be with you? Not Kairi?"

"Yes I do but you have no idea just how long I have felt this way about you."

"I'm guessing quite a long time?"

Sora tried to roll over so he could look into Riku's eyes but that burning pain in his lower back prevented him from doing so.

"Riku? Lets drop all this darkness crap and head back home….together this time."

Sora watched in silence as Riku tried to stand up. He saw how his long, pale legs shook as he tried to walk. He watched as Riku's whole body seemed to rattle with each movement. He watched until Riku pulled on his boxers and jeans.

"I suppose I had better move my sorry ass huh?"

"Not unless you want to stay here forever….naked!"

Pain seared through his lean body as he stood on equally shaking legs and scrambled around to pick up his discarded clothes.

Both picked up the tatters that used to be their tops. Both looked at each other, growled, then burst out laughing.

"At least we've got jackets!"

Sora barely managed to finish is sentence when soft lips crushed themselves to his once again. Tongues touched again just barely before silky smooth lips left his.

The two warriors of light sat side by side at the waters edge in comfortable silence. Their fingers intertwining on the sand below them.

"How do we tell everyone?"

Sora questioned, clearly nervous about going back home and telling people on the islands.

"Just be ourselves Sora."


"See this?"

Riku questioned slightly lifting their connected hands.

"Never let go."

The door to light slowly came to life in front of them.

"Lets go together."