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Epilogue B

Eragon stumbled forward, exhausted but triumphant, wounded but feeling more whole and alive than he had felt in a long time.

It had been a long, hard battle, but he had won. Behind him lay the body of the most evil king to ever rise to power in Alagaesia. Galbatorix had finally fallen.

Alagaesia was free, but more importantly...

'He's free.' Eragon thought, smiling to himself. It may have sounded selfish, but to the blue Rider nothing was more important than a certain person's freedom. In the last battle, that goal had kept him going.

He looked up, seeing the Varden's people all around the battlefield. The opposing soldiers were long gone. The second it had been apparent Galbatorix's life would end, most of the men had turned and run. The few that had continued to fight had been quickly subdued- even more of their group had stopped fighting once Galbatorix had been killed. Now, the Varden was simply rounding up the last of the soldiers and disarming them before letting them go. Taking prisoners made no sense as the war was over.

It wasn't important anymore. It was over- Eragon was free now, too, to choose a path for himself in life, and he knew exactly what path he'd walk. Now, he just needed to find the person that had good as promised to walk the path with him.

He fingered the necklace that he had kept around his neck for the past several weeks. It had been a great source of comfort to him, but now...

Now he could have something much better than a necklace to keep him warm at night.

His smile widened as he scanned the field, searching for one person he knew would stand out. Several people- from his side- were heading towards him, presumably to congratulate him.

Not that they mattered much. His eyes had finally caught a flash of black.

Relief suddenly washed over him. All through the battle, he had been so worried about what would happen if the person he had been looking for had died. It wasn't so much worry that someone would be able to best him in battle- the other was much too strong- but the thought that one stray arrow or one careless move could bring him down… Seeing him standing there made it feel as though a weight had been taken off his shoulders.

His body sagged with the relief for a moment, but he quickly pulled himself together and began stumbling towards the person. Eragon never took his eyes off the vision in front of him, almost afraid the other would disappear if he looked away for even a moment.

He heard and saw several people approach him, but he ignored them as he headed straight for the pale man he had found again moments before. He could hear their confusion at his apparent rudeness, but he no longer had to stay with them. Their opinion mattered little.

People moved out of his way, curious stares following him as they cleared a path for him as he broke into a run. There was only one though running through his mind.

They could be together again.

His brother met him halfway, wrapping him in a desperate hug that Eragon returned whole-heartedly.

"I missed you." Eragon admitted, hands clutching the material clinging to Murtagh's back.

"I missed you too, brother." The red Rider pulled back slightly- enough to be able to capture Eragon's lips in a heated kiss. Eragon could hear the shocked gasps that went through the crowd that had gathered around them, but it didn't matter.

This was where he belonged. This was why he had fought so desperately in the final battle.

His eyes shut as he returned the fiery kiss, opening his mouth at the light brush of Murtagh's tongue.

It was heaven.

Slowly, they broke apart, basking in the utter rightness of being so close to each other.

It was a few moments before Eragon noticed that it had gotten eerily quiet. He glanced around the circle that had gathered around him, each stunned face staring right that the two brothers.

"I think we have some explaining to do." Murtagh noted dryly, likewise looking around the circle.

"I think you may be right." Eragon said, untangling himself from the embrace, but not letting go of Murtagh's hand.

Murtagh looked at him curiously, then down at their joined hands.

'Now that I can have you, I'm not letting you go.' Eragon thought. He squeezed the hand he held possessively, bringing a smile to the other Rider's face.

Murtagh smiled, looking back up at the crowd.

"Well, it's like this..."

Insert Line

Eragon yawned, stretching tiredly as he entered his tent.

It had taken a long time to explain his relationship with Murtagh to the Varden. There were some who didn't approve, but many did, or just didn't care.

In any case, the Varden had decided to throw a massive party to celebrate the winning of the war. Even the soldiers from the defeated army had been invited, as well as anyone who desired to come from the neighboring villages.

In short, it had been a madhouse. Eragon had been quite glad to slip away from the party back to his tent.

He was just ready to go to sleep when he noticed something odd- someone was already in his bed.

"Hello?" he said, squinting slightly at the figure. It was hard to tell features in the darkness, but the figure looked oddly like...

The figure sat up, his face illuminated slightly by the ray of moonlight filtering in through the slight gap in the tent flap.

"I was wondering when you'd get back." Murtagh said, smiling slightly. "They didn't give me my own tent, so I asked where yours was. If you don't mind, we could share."

Eragon smiled.

"I don't have a problem with that." Quickly, Eragon shrugged off his shoes, socks, and shirt so he was clad only in his pants- what he usually slept in.

He could feel Murtagh's gaze on him, the heated stare making him shiver slightly.

He climbed into his bed, next to his brother and still acutely aware of the stare directed at his chest. He nearly jumped when a pale hand caressed the skin he had exposed.

"Beautiful." he heard Murtagh whisper. The brunette shivered again when the hand trailed softly up his neck to behind his head. Suddenly, his head was pulled forward, his lips meeting his fellows Rider's.

He opened his mouth, the now-familiar feel of Murtagh's tongue a welcome sensation. He moaned lightly, rolling so that he was on top of his brother.

Murtagh's hands tangled in his hair, keeping him close as they kissed. Eragon rested most of his weight on his hips- which were very firmly pressing down on the red Rider's- and used one hand to support himself so he could explore the bare flesh below him.

Apparently Murtagh slept shirtless too.

His fingers skimmed over muscle he had only dreamed about, and had felt only through thick layers of cloth weeks ago. It was glorious, to finally be able to touch skin to skin.

Murtagh moaned into his mouth, then pulled away as Eragon's hand sunk a bit low.

"There'll be plenty of time for more later." he said, breathing heavily. Eragon nodded, a bit disappointed but relieved as well. While he did want that closeness, it was a bit soon for that particular intimacy...

He slid off his brother's chest slightly, and they adjusted their position until both were comfortable.

They shared a few more kisses- less passionate, but sweet- but both were worn out, and their exhaustion caught up with them in the aftermath of their mini make-out session. Very soon, both were deeply, contently, asleep.

When Arya peeked in hours later on an errand to find Eragon, she saw the two Riders facing each other in Eragon's bed, both holding on to the other tightly, but smiling as if in the midst of a good dream.

Smiling to herself, she backed out of the tent. When she got back to the party, she quietly informed anyone who might go looking for the blue Rider to wait until Eragon reappeared. No one asked the reason, but she was sure most everyone would be able to tell from her smile.

'Congratulations, Eragon. I hope you and Murtagh share a long, happy life together.'

The End.

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