A note about the InuYasha and Kagome Wedding Series.

Thanks to everyone who still reads and reviews, this is one of my sentimental favorites as it was one of my first InuYasha fictions, much like I'll Remember You and Warmth in the Palace of Ice. Though they may not be the most well written they are full of my love of the series and I think that is what fanfiction should be about.

Now, my reason for this note...

Often in reviews I get questions about the prequels and the sequels I had planned. I went forward as planned with the prequels and the reactions were so poor that I discontinued them. I may pick them up someday, but that is very unlikely as my writing is leading me more and more onto newer projects such as the Search Sequels and the 8th Year and my plans for the sequel to that.

So, I am very sorry, but likely, the sequels will not be written as previously planned.