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Wedding Night

"You should have changed your going to end up getting all dirty and ruin your dress." Inuyasha said as he touched down inside the well on the side of the feudal era, carrying his new wife.

"I don't care." Kagome said smiling up at him

"Liar" He chuckled, shifting her around so he could climb out with her on his back

"Okay, I don't care, very much."

"See. Hang on tight." Kagome tightened her arms around his neck laughing at his trying to find her legs under all the folds and fabric of her ultra fluffy skirted western style wedding gown.

"I won't let go, go ahead." she kissed his cheek, tightening her knees into the sides of his ribcage.

Inuyasha began to climb, loving the feel of his wife against him. His wife. How he loved to use those words. He had waited a long time to use them. He had nearly given up hope, until she came through the well and set him free.

He reached for the top of the well and a hand was waiting to help pull them out.

"Miroku! Sango! Kaede and Shippo too!" Kagome exclaimed excited to see everyone there to greet them

"Kagome-mama! InuYasha-papa!" Shippo jumped up to hug them both. Soon he would be living with them, after they had some time alone first.

"Hey Shippo!" InuYasha gave Shippo the required noogy "What are you guys doing here?" InuYasha questioned, too happy to be annoyed. He watched Kagome hugging Sango and then Kaede.

Miroku grinned "Well, first Sango couldn't resist the urge to come and see you guys all dressed in your finery"

Kaede smiled "I confess, I wished to see you off too."

"Kagome you look so beautiful." Miroku took her hand

"Miroku, you even THINK about touching my wife……….."

"Silly InuYasha, as if I would………."

"Of course you would, and I'm with Inuyasha." Sango said, making the others laugh.

"Besides" he thought it wouldn't hurt to tempt death a little"how would I even find her under all that?"

Sango slapped him at the same time as InuYasha punched the back of his head.

Miroku gave Kagome a quick hug and chaste kiss on the forehead.

"You're very handsome today Inu Papa" Shippo had settled in Kagome's arms, dreading having to let go, she smelled especially nice tonight.

"Thank you." He bowed, and tugged on Shippo's bow

"We were thinking today after you and Kagome's brother left, that you might like to borrow Kirara. We hadn't considered that you won't be able to go very fast tonight since you're human. " Miroku said

"It would be much safer too." Kaede added

"Damn. I hadn't even thought of that. Thanks Sango."

"You can just send her back; she knows how to get here."

"Wait, I thought we were staying at the hut?" Kagome asked

"It's a surprise" Shippo stage whispered

"Oh" Kagome whispered back, giving him her sweetest smile.

"We better go too. It's late and we are both exhausted. It's been a long day."

"And going to be an even longer night" Miroku said under his breath chuckling.

"What?" Kagome looked at him as Sango elbowed him in the ribs

InuYasha's face turned a cute shade of red as he took Kagome's hand to help her onto Kirara's back. He got on behind her.

"We'll see you guys in a couple of days." They waved and were off into the night.

The picture they made against the bright starlight was nothing short of breathtaking.

"InuYasha it's so beautiful" Kagome exclaimed as InuYasha put her down in the cave and began lighting the oil lamps. "This is the same one where we had lunch on my birthday isn't it?"

"Yeah. And look" He took her hand and led her into another cavern. Inside there was a small table and lantern set up and a set of hooks for her to hang her things. On the other end of the cavern there was a hot spring.

"Oh InuYasha!"

"Do you want to go in?"

"Tomorrow, maybe" She kissed him. He went to so much work to make it nice." But if you would unzip me? I'm going to change. I'll be right out."

InuYasha unzipped the dress, and then helped her step out of the folds. Kagome shoo-d him out so he left. He pulled the blankets back on the super airbed that he and Sota had inflated and made up earlier that day. He took off his good clothes, hanging them carefully in the bags that he had left earlier, and put on the satin pajama bottoms that Kagome had bought him for the night. He was nervous and paced, finally walking into the front cavern to watch the waterfall. The night was so quiet and peaceful, so different from the past few they had spent in the city where Kagome's family lived and watched over the shrine.


"Yeah, I'm coming"

"Would you bring me some water out of the cooler?"

He stopped and got two bottles of cold water from the cooler and walked back into the lit cavern. He looked up and both bottles slipped out of his fingers, his breath was caught somewhere in his lungs.

"InuYasha? Are you okay?"

Her voice reminded him to breathe, but he was still unable to speak. She stood in front of him wearing a white nightgown, thin to the point of transparency. It cast a hazy white glow over her body, making her look as if she were lying naked in a cloud.

"InuYasha? What's wrong?" Her eyes held a look of concern and she waved her hand on front of his eyes. He caught her hand and kissed it, front and then back.

"Nothing. You just…."

"Just what?"

"Look so …beautiful. …...I can't think straight"

He reached for her and pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her. He lowered his head to hers and kissed her gently, just a brush of his lips. He kissed her again, deeper, his tongue tapped her lips, seeking entrance. She responded with her own parted lips and tongue, loving the feeling of his hands on her bare shoulders and back. Kagome rested her hands on his chest, allowing her fingers to explore the battle toned muscle. It was firm under her fingertips, no matter where she touched, she felt lean muscle. She lowered her arms slightly, then wrapped them around his middle to his lower back.

Her hands heated his skin, reawakening the daily feeling of how much he longed to make love to her. His mind thrilled to know that finally, at last, he wouldn't have to stop himself. He put his hands under her behind and lifted her to him, not wanting to break the kiss; she wrapped her legs around him securely and allowed him to carry her to the bed. She didn't let go while he crawled with her across the blankets to lay her down, her head cradled in his palm while her hair spilled through his fingers and over a pile of pillows, his own fell on top, mixing with hers as he lay on his side, part way on top of her.

He broke off the kiss to move to the side of her mouth, chin, down her neck and back again then to her ear to whisper


He kissed her

"My love"

He kissed her again

"My wife"

And again


"I love you Kagome"

And again

"So much"

And again

"Sometimes it hurts how much I love you…I can't get close enough, or breathe you in enough, touch enough. Kami... How did a bastard like me ever deserve to be loved be you?"

Kagome felt something splash on her shoulder and opened her eyes. InuYasha was looking down at her, tears rolled down his cheeks.

"InuYasha………" She felt a tear fall down her own cheek

"Don't cry too." He smiled, wiping at his tears with his shoulder, while he wiped hers away with his fingers, sniffling.

"You started it." They both laughed, wiping away each others tears.

"What have you done to me? I never once cried until I loved you…not even when I was young and all alone." His thumb brushed over her lips before brushing he brushed his lips over them again.

"How can you love me? I don't have anything to give you…"

"I don't want…" Kagome started to protest, InuYasha silenced her with a finger on her lips.

"I don't have anything to give you but what I am. I want you to have sometime special, something I have never shared with anyone else…"


InuYasha lifted his head slightly so he could look into Kagome's eyes, shimmering violet penetrated tear filled deep brown, his lips hovered just barely over hers, so close she could feel his warm breath as he spoke. He blinked quickly, and a flood of tears poured down his cheeks as he whispered the words gently to her…

"I'll give you my tears Kagome…"

Kagome felt the flood of tears on her own face as she reached out to him, caressing his cheeks while she wiped his tears away. Then she pulled his head down, kissing him quickly and whispered against his lips.

"InuYasha… Make love to me. Please…"

Lemon Warning

---Skip if you don't want to read the Lemon content----

Kagome untied the string on her nightgown, letting the front fall open. It fell down her shoulder on one side and she heard InuYasha's sharp intake of breath. He reached out his fingers to pull the other side off, completely removing it so she lay next to him naked. He reached down and removed his pajama bottoms, then lay next to her. His fingers stroked her cheek, and then moved lower to play on her breasts while he kissed her. He kissed her chin, lightly licking with his tongue.

His mouth claimed her other breast where it was met with a hard waiting nipple. His fingers moved lower to touch below the waist, finding hot wetness waiting for him in readiness. He moved his fingers in small circular motions over the hard fleshy spot outside, then put two fingers inside of her, moving them slowly in and out. Her hips moved in rhythm with his fingers and he felt her wet ness increasing, her hand circled him and he gasped as she pulled on him with soft strokes. She began to try to pull him on top of her and he knew she was ready for him. He pulled out his fingers and crawled over her body, stopping here and there to kiss and lick and interesting spot.

Finally he was where he most wanted to be, careful to keep his weight mostly off of her on his elbows. He pressed his hips into hers and rubbed himself against her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him

"InuYasha…..I want you. Please, now."

"Kagome…….."His voice was pleading and afraid

He kissed her softly, still hesitating.

"InuYasha? What is it?"

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You wont" She kissed his shoulder and caressed his cheek

"If I do will you tell me?"


"Kagome, I mean it. Promise me."


"I …..I couldn't stand it if I hurt you."

"I promise."

He relaxed and smiled "Thank you" he kissed her and rose up slightly, reaching his hand down to align himself to her. He felt himself against her and then incredible warmth began to surround him.

Kagome's hands massaged his shoulders, trying to help him relax. She flashed back on all the times they had teased him about being insensitive. InuYasha was anything but insensitive. She had seen him rip demons apart ruthlessly without batting an eye, yet now with her he was so gentle. As if she were a glass doll and he was afraid of breaking her.

And then there was a small stab of pain, as he broke through her barrier.

"I hurt you didn't I?" He pulled her closely to him, stroking her soft hair

"Just a little, I was expecting it."

"I know, still, I'm sorry it had to hurt."

"It won't anymore."

And it didn't. He was all the way inside of her, and then it felt good. They picked up the tempo faster then faster until they were both panting and pulling at one another for more. Challenging one another to quicken and intensify. And then there was the most incredible rush of pure pleasure through her body, then his as he came deep within her. They held one another, covered in a layer of sweat trying to catch their breath.

----End Lemon---

He wrapped his arms around her to hold her close as he put out the oil lamp.

The last thing she heard before she fell into sleep was his words, whispered in warm breath next to her ear

"…you make me so happy...more than I ever dared to dream I could ever be…my Kagome…"

Dawn was still hours away when Kagome woke. She rolled onto her stomach and reached over, finding her husband gone. Splashing in the direction of the waterfall made it known where he had gone. She reached onto the floor and picked up her robe where it had been dropped a couple hours before and quietly made her way out to where InuYasha splashed around in the shallow water next to the cave entrance.

"I woke you, I'm sorry."

"It's ok, I don't mind." She gathered her robe around her and sat down on the cool rocks, letting her legs dangle in the water. InuYasha went to her, putting his arms on the rocks next to her, not wanting to get her wet, and pulled her face down for a kiss. Kagome sighed, loving the feelings he evoked in her. Even though he had kissed her many times by then, her skin still tingled like it had the first time.

"Did I mention lately that I love you?" she whispered, pulling away to look into his eyes. They were dark blue when he was in his human form and the water reflected from them, making them even bluer. Now they were almost blue black, darkened by desire.

"I think it's been awhile." he said, slipping his hands under her robe and around her hips, pulling her closer to him. Kagome slid her hips closer to the edge of the rocks and wrapped her legs and arms around him.

"I've been lazy" she smiled, kissing him. "I love you."

"Tell me again." he whispered against her mouth, teasing her lips with the tip of his tongue.

"I love you…."She whispered as he reached up and untied the sash on her robe, sliding it from her shoulders

--------------Lemon Warning--------------

"You're so beautiful…." he said, capturing a nipple on the edge of his tongue, teasing it into stiffness before closing his mouth to suckle it. Kagome arched her back in response, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and head, pulling him closer to her.

InuYasha ran his hands into her hair, and then put them on her shoulders, gently pulling her downward, licking her stomach, pulling softly until she was on her back. He could smell their love from earlier, and her growing excitement building. He licked the outside of her lips where they were covered with dark hair and Kagome sharply drew in her breath.

InuYasha parted her legs and took a deep breath of her, feeling himself hardening in response. He moved to where the scent was the strongest, taking long leisurely laps with his tongue. Kagome pulled at his head, pushing his mouth into her. He circled her softness, letting his tongue slip inside of her, shivering at the taste. She began to moan deeply and he pulled himself out of the water to sit on his knees in the moonlight, pulling Kagome up to her own. Kagome caressed his chest, moving her hands downward to his aching groin, stroking him softly. InuYasha's breath caught and he picked her up, locking her legs around his middle. He lowered her until he felt himself at her entrance, then carefully lowered her further until she completely surrounded him. Kagome took control, rocking against him with a forcefulness that surprised him, thrusting her breasts into his face.

InuYasha licked at her breasts, capturing a nipple between his teeth, pulling her into his mouth and swirling his tongue around the hardened peak. Kagome's fingernails dug into his shoulders as she began to reach her climax, her walls squeezing him until he too was unable to hold himself back. They sagged against one another, struggling to catch their breath.

-----End Lemon-----

Kagome sat up, smiling at InuYasha "I think I am going to like being married"

He laughed, "me too." He stood, picking her up and carrying her back to bed.

They lay spooned together, once again in the snuggly comfort of the air bed, both secretly watching the front of the cave for the first signs of dawn and his transformation. By yokai standards, there was nothing bonding them, Kagome was yet unclaimed, at least by a yokai or hanyou. That couldn't be completed until that night, when Sesshomaru would arrive the next week to perform the yokai mating ceremony.

Again Kagome wished her friends could be present, but it was an honored yokai tradition, and humans were not allowed to take part. That's why Sesshomaru had suggested to InuYasha at his bachelor party that Kagome become hanyou before the ceremony, there were older, crueler yokai who might challenge their bond if the ceremony were performed while Kagome was human.

Of course, InuYasha being half human, they didn't have to go through the yokai ceremony at all, but it was something Sesshomaru had highly recommended if they were to live in this era, too many yokai still clung to the old ways, and wouldn't appreciate it much if InuYasha snubbed tradition. Sesshomaru felt it was best to pacify them instead of angering them, even if he was now accepted by Lord Sesshomaru.

"Kagome?" InuYasha pulled Kagome from her thoughts of yokai traditions.

"Hmm?" She rolled slightly and kissed him.

"How do you know for a fact that the well will always work? You never did tell me." Kagome smiled and rolled over onto her other side to play with InuYasha's hair. Already it was starting to gray as the dawn began to approach.

"You won't believe this. It's the most incredible story." Kagome began with Selya, Aru and the evil Cytra, and by the time she got to her mother marrying her father InuYasha had returned to his hanyou form.

"So our meeting through the well was linked to you and not the Shikon no Tama?" He looked confused.

"I don't know. Mama thinks that Aru and Selya had a hand in coupling me with the Shikon no Tama, to lead me to the well." Kagome remembered then that she had a question of her own.

"InuYasha, do you remember mama caring for you when you were pinned to Goshinboku?"

InuYasha closed his eyes, trying hard to remember that time. It all felt so long ago now. He pulled Kagome closer, resting his chin on her head.

"Most of the time is all just blackness. Like when you go to sleep and wake up, you don't remember anything in between…but, there were rare moments here and there where I felt like I was in a state of nearly waking. Maybe it was around the new moon when I was more human that yokai, I didn't transform because time for me was stopped, but my hair and claws had grown and matured slightly when I woke from when I was pinned."

But did he remember someone caring for him? He remembered in one of those times of near wakefulness being somewhat soothed by a girls voice while he felt a brush through his hair. He remembered being sang to, and the worry that the girl might clip his claws too short, even though he didn't remember the actual clipping.

Kami maybe he did remember.

"Kagome…I think…I think that maybe I do, or some part of me does anyway."

"Maybe that's why Aru and Selya send mama to you and didn't just send her to the well. So she could comfort you while you slept."

InuYasha pulled her against him, surprising her somewhat by how tightly he held her.


"Kagome…you have no idea, you and your mother…how many times you have been a comfort to me, just by being there."

Kagome smiled "You comfort me too InuYasha."

"Keh. Yeah right. I'm just Mr. Comfort."

"I guess that would make me Mrs. Comfort then" Kagome laughed. InuYasha rolled her over on her back, kissing her hard.

"Mrs. sounds good to me; I don't give a fuck what you put behind it… as long as it belongs to me."

He lowered his head and took her lips again.

"Mrs. Puddle…." Kagome sighed, feeling the warm tingle as his fingers began to caress her bare skin.

"Just call me Mrs. Puddle."

Story note: at the time this was originally written, Kikyo had not died in the manga, hence his only tears had been for Kagome when he thought her dead at the hands of Mukotsu the poison master of the Band of Seven. Because that was probably my favorite (serious) line of this whole series, I wasn't about to take it out!--CJ
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The first sequel will be the Demon Bride series, It may only be two chapters... in this series InuYasha and Kagome will use the Shikon no Tama to turn Kagome into a hanyou, and then I will be creating the demon mating ceremony which I have never seen done before. Usually it is the two of them in bed, wham-bam-bing-bang-bite Yay! Were mated. Whoop Dee Doo...Oh now we better tell Mama.

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The second sequel will be called (Tentatively) Mr. and Mrs. Hanyou, focusing mainly on Kagome adjusting to a new life as a half yokai. This one will be much more dramatic, maybe darker and more angst-y, as I got all kinds of evil little tricks up my sleeve for that premise.

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