A visitor to Hyrule

By: Shannon

NOTE: I don't own the characters to the story....and all that legal stuff.

Link and his wife Zelda were holding a Hylian New Year's party in Hyrule Castle one night. Friends and family members were invited to partake in the celebration. The guests ate like kings at the long, dining table, eating roast lamb, succulent pig, and drinking the finest in Hylian wine. Link then, started to play a few songs on his ocarina.

After he finished playing, the ocarina notes reverberated throughout the room and just then a blue light appeared in the middle of the room. Out of the blue light was a girl, about 14 years of age.

"Oh my," said the girl. "Where am I?"

"You are in Hyrule, dear," said Zelda.

"I have never heard of that country before. My name is Anastasia and I am from Russia. My papa is Tsar of Russia."

"Well, Hyrule is so unknown that it is not on the map," said Link. "And I accidentally transported you here with my ocarina." He played a few notes on it. "It's a musical instrument. Kinda like a flute."

"I am sorry to have tread in your castle," said Anastasia.

"It's all right," said Link. "It's my fault."

"I was at a ball, dancing with Dmitri," said Anastasia. "Until I was transported here."

"Who's Dmitri?" asked Link's son, Cedric.

"He's my friend but I seem to have affections for him," replied Anastasia.

So the rest of the party was spent listening to Anastasia's stories from where she came from.

"Where I live, there is a world war," said Anastasia. "Sometimes my papa leaves for weeks on end to go fight the war."

"Wow," said Link. "That's pretty impressive."

"And my sisters and my brother and my mama all write him letters to him at the war front. He writes back to us, telling us about the war and such."

Meanwhile, at the ball.....

"Nicky dear," cried Alexandra, running towards her husband. "I cannot find Anstasia anywhere and the ball has ended! Where could she be?"

"I don't know," said Tsar Nicholas II. "She was with us an hour ago and I've searched the entire ballroom, including all the rooms nearby."

"Well, we can't go home until we find her," replied Nicholas' wife Alexandra. "We can't leave without her."

"Well, the other girls are looking for her even as we speak," said Nicholas. "Alexei went to look in the basement."

"Now why would she be in the basement?"

"I don't know but Alexei said he'd look there."

"Well, Nicky, we've got to find her quick!"

"I must go home," said Anastasia after a hearty dinner at the long dining table. "Mama and Papa are probably worried sick."

"Well, I can do that for ya," said Link. "One note on my ocarina and you're in the home stretch."

With a song on Link's ocarina, Anastasia was transported back to the ballroom. She landed on a soft carpet behind a sofa. She looked behind the sofa and saw her parents frantically searching for her.

"Mama, Papa," she called out. "I'm here."

"Don't scare us like that again, Anastasia," said Nicholas. "Now where did you go or were you hiding behind the sofa the whole time?"

"Well, it's a long story," said Anastasia. "I'll tell it to you on our way home."