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fanfic100 Challenge Prompts # 84 and 85: He and She

He has a twinkle in his eye whenever he smiles.

She has a glare that can create ice, then melt it again with a single look.

He maintains that I love his beard even when I complain about its wildness, and although I will never admit it, we both know he's right.

She loves my beard.

He has a smile that warms me from the inside out.

She lets her hair down when we're alone, both figuratively and literally.

He is the most intelligent man I've ever known.

She is the smartest person I know.

He makes me laugh.

She laughs at my jokes, all of them.

He shares everything with me.

She is always there for me to depend on.

He is everything to me.

She is everything to me.

He is the most powerful wizard of our age and I feel weak in his presence.

She is the most beautiful woman in the world and I feel a fool in her presence.

He is the most eligible bachelor of my lifetime.

She is single, and yet I am still afraid to act.

He is out of my league.

She is too good and too young for me.

He will always be my only love.

She will always be my only love.