This was a co-work, this first part was written by a friend of mine that goes by the name Sumowrestler. He wrote the entire Autobot section which following this will also be chapter 3. Some time in the future I would like to get this back on track but its going to be a while.

All the names in this belong to their respective creators in Heavy Metal War, on and have been used with permission. Transformers belongs to Hasbro.

Chapter one-Leadership no more

Secluded Region

Rhinedon was walking his usual carefree pace in one of the few undisturbed areas of Cybertron. It was a tranquil place that he and one other only know about. The location isn't all that big but big enough for a rhino to tread safely without harming too much of the scenery. It is almost surprising that nothing has touched this area being so close to the Sonic Canyons. In a way, this scene was almost too perfect but things have been real quiet on the front. Thankfully a couple of the Autobot scouts were out doing their job. They need the practice anyways considering most of the bots in this sector were green sparks for most part. Some were barely above the rookie stages. No wonder he and Land Seeker were assigned to watch out over them. All of a sudden, he received a priority message from one of the rookies.

"Commander Rhinedon, this is Stunts, Spybot just got in from one of the aerial scouting patrols. It seems that one of our main headquarters has been hit and hard. Commander Land Seeker already took Headlong and Mainline with him to investigate. Do you respond?"

"There was an attack on HQ? Do we know who done it by the scorch marks?" Rhinedon inquired as he was making his way back to base.

"No, sir that is why Commander Land Seeker went to investigate it himself. Should we be ready for whatever hit them just in case it will come after us?" Stunts inquired.

All Rhinedon could do as he approached was shake his rhino head. Too bad he couldn't go back to the days he had with the Redeemers. Those were the simple and pleasurable days. Sadly, there was that one fateful day when the entire team fell right into an ambush and almost lost Mechanica and Sea Beast. Fembots were hard to find especially ones like those two were. As Rhinedon approached the outpost, he snapped back into reality. He entered the outpost and didn't even bother to transform. He then went straight into the command center.

Command Center

"All right, what is the status of this location? Where the forsaken place is everyone? We got a situation here and all should be monitoring it." Rhinedon complained.

"Well, sir, it is like this. Commander Land Seeker took the only two operational bots with him outside of Spybot and Air-wolf. The rest got a little bored and decided to do some melee exercises that got out of hand." Stunts reported.

"And Commander Land Seeker didn't know about this? Surely he would have heard something to that kind of noise." Rhinedon added.

"It was his idea, sir. The thing he wasn't counting on was how bad it got out of hand. Before anyone knew it, the exercise turned into an out right brawl with anything that wasn't bolted down flying at whoever was the unlucky one. Let's just say the ones who didn't end up in the med-bay were confined to quarters until he returned." Stunts reported.

"Ok, so how did Headlong and Mainline keep from getting into this exercise?" Rhinedon asked.

"They were out on patrol duty. You don't remember putting them out on it yourself, sir? I know things been a little slow around these parts but you should have remembered that part considering you are the one in charge of security." Stunts carefully reminded him.

"Yes, I know my job, Stunts. I've just been too occupied with some of the memories that pop up during my rest cycles. That is why I wanted out of this place and be able to relax without having to yell or punish any of you all. Why was I assigned to this outpost? Why couldn't I've been scrapped or captured or simply put out to pasture?" Rhinedon complains as he lowers his head and shakes it.

"Sir, we got incoming message from Commander Land Seeker. Do you want me to patch it over the com?" Stunts said excitedly.

"Might as well, it is probably nothing but bad news anyways." Rhinedon replied gloomy.

Stunts patch the communication to the main com screen. A picture of a sadden Land Seeker appears.

"It is worse than we feared. The regional commanders and what should have been a secretive convoy of a couple of our high commanders are missing with every single mech destroyed, mangled, or having a gap that is unfamiliar to us. We are dragging one of the mechs with the hole back with us. We'll be there in the next breem. Commander Land Seeker out."

With that, the transmission was cut and the screen went blank.