Author's Notes: This was written while I was sick so I apologize for my train of logic and if it doesn't quite make sense. Sadly, and I know you will all hate me, this is the last chapter of Letters to the Editor. Reason being: I'm running out of people to do and I can't seem to get 'funny' to come to me as easy. Looking back, the first few chapters were the brains and then it crapped out around the middle, picked up a bit and, alas, I've stumbled into a roadblock. I would like to thank all those who reviewed and put me on alert and I'm truly, truly sorry for disappointing you.

To: Masashi Kishimoto

From: Inuzuka Kiba

Have you ever tried sniffing someone's ass in lieu of a greeting? Along with a nose-full of god-knows-what odor, it's also downright embarrassing! But people seem to think, thanks to you, since I'm from the Inuzuka clan instead of just shaking my hand in the polite human way they'd rather throw their ass up in the air upon meeting me.

Last time I checked; although I have certain qualities as my canine friend, I, in no way, shape or form, look like a dog. I piss in a toilet just like the rest of the human population.

I don't sleep in a doghouse, chew on old tennis balls or lick my own butt. There are no pin-ups of poodles of the female nature tacked up on my walls. Though there are females of another kind…


And I'd rather much eat people food over dry dog food any day. Kibbles n Bits got nothing over prime rib.

Ending Note:

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Slowly, but surely, I'm plowing my way through the manga; heh, just like me to watch the anime, then read the manga.

Anyway, upon seeing Ch. 347 p.10 (for those who've seen, you know) I was left in a state of paralyzed yaoi shock and a puddle of blood up to my neck. That day I decided I would read the manga more often. Then, if things could get any worse, or in my case better, I witnessed the form of a fully naked Suigetsu. And I mean fully. Now if only it would be Naruto or Gaara… I turned the page, giggled, poked the screen and said none-too-softly, "Hehe, I see an ass."

Oh yea, it's about time Kishi-sama just came out of the closet…