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The New Kids

The students of the Peacecraft Academy in the Sanq kingdom rushed out of the school building, glad to have time off from their classes to eat lunch. Most of the students had opted to eat their lunch outside at the picnic tables because it was such a beautiful day outside.

After a few minutes the commotion died down and the teenagers were all eating happily, chatting with their friends, or in five boys' cases, whipping out their laptops and checking their e-mail. The five boys, known as Heero Yui, Trowa Barton, Chang Wufei, Quatre Winner, and Duo Maxwell, all shut their laptops after finding out that they had received no knew information or missions.

Just as the last laptop clicked shut, they heard a scream. They weren't the only ones, however. All the students were looking around, attempting to find where the scream was coming from. Then, all at once, they saw it, it was a girl... and she was… falling from the sky?

The girl, dressed in all orangish-yellow with her blonde hair tied back by a large red bow, hit the ground with a thud and ceased to scream. A second later a girl outfitted in green with her dark auburn hair tied back in a ponytail hit the ground about five feet to the right of the first girl. Then came a girl in all blue, entirely in blue, even her short hair was a dark shade of blue. The blue girl hit the ground about ten feet closer to the school than the other two girls, meaning she was only about fifteen feet from the building. Moments after the blue girl hit the ground a girl in all red came hurtling towards the earth, her long black hair flying about her. The girl in red screamed as all the others had, but if one was listening closely, as the five boys had been, you could hear her gasp "Usagi" as she hit the ground.

All the students looked up again to watch the sky for more falling and screaming girls. They did see one last figure, clad entirely in white, falling towards the earth, but unlike all the other girls, she did not make a single sound. Two streamers, which they soon identified as pigtails, waved and flapped as the air rushed past her, as if trying to keep her aloft. Their efforts, however, were in vain, as she grew closer to the ground. But this final girl did not have the luck of the others to land on the soft ground ranging in the 25 feet in between the scattered picnic tables and the school building. With a resounding thud the girl hit the roof of the Academy. Loud bumps and bangs could be heard as she rolled down the incline of the roof. As was inevitable, when she reached the end of the slope she flew of the roof, started falling to the ground, and then met it with a smack.

All the students made no move; they seemed to be frozen in their places. After a moment they saw the girls start to move slightly. The orange girl began to painfully rise to her feet. She looked down and saw the other 3 girls and gasped. She seemed relieved when the girl in red got up. All of a sudden, surprising all who were watching, the girl in green flipped herself of the ground into a fighting position. She sighed when she saw the other girls, and the blue girl who was standing now, too, was using a mini- computer to apparently scan the other girls. Then all at once the girls looked at each other horrified and screamed "USAGI!" and ran off to the girl in white who was not moving.

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