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Explanations, Introductions, and Confusion


"I brought you here," she said calmly.

"Setsuna," Usagi said, a little less calmly, "would you please explain to me what the hell is going on?"


"I underwent great difficulty to get you girls here. I am sorry for the… er… shall we say, inconvenience of your arrival," Setsuna said. "I would especially like to apologize to you, Usagi, your placement seemed to be a little off in the situation. Sorry about you hitting the building, that was not meant to be part of your… landing."

"Don't worry about it Setsuna," Usagi said, "just explain to me for what reason you brought us here. Is there something wrong?"

Setsuna looked around at all the students. "Why don't we go somewhere a little more private where we can discuss this." Usagi nodded looking extremely determined. "I understand your request for privacy Setsuna," she said. "But I gotta tell ya, when we get to this private place, you have major explaining to do!"

Setsuna turned on her heel and began to walk off with the five girls following behind her. As they rounded a corner and disappeared from view, chatter irrupted from the students. Heero looked at the other boys and they nodded. Taking advantage of the commotion the other students were making, the five boys slipped away in pursuit of the mysterious girls.


The five girls and the tall woman with green-black hair walked along the deserted sidewalk (it was school hours, not a lot of people out) unaware of the five boys following stealthily behind them. The boys carefully hid from the view of the girls and stayed within range of hearing. As they listened closely, this is what they heard:

"Setsuna," the golden-orange girl, whose name they had discovered was Minako or Mina, was saying, "I know this has nothing to do with why you called us here, but I can't help but wonder, what happened to our fukus?"

Setsuna looked at her with a slight smirk. "Well I couldn't very well have you arrive in your fukus. In case you haven't realized our fukus are rather… shall we say… risqué. I opted instead for the outfits you are wearing now. I made sure that you all had your respective colors-" The boys looked at each other, why were the colors they were wearing so important? "-and made sure you were a little more well covered. As you notice however, you do have tubetops. Girls don't usually wear those anymore, but I new you would something to make you different from the other girls, more individual. But as I was saying, times have changed." She looked pointedly at the girls as she said these last words, as if there was something more that was very important. Obviously something that the girls understood, their eyes widened. The boys looked at each other again, they sure as hell didn't understand!

"That brings me to a something that I have been pondering," Ami said. "When we first arrived here my readings were decisively inconclusive."

"We will discuss that," said the woman, "when we get inside." As she said this, Setsuna opened the door to a rather nice apartment building. The girls went followed her inside. The boys looked at each other.

"We should get back to the school," Quatre said, "we will find out more about these girls later. The others nodded and they headed back to the Academy.


Setsuna led the girls into an apartment. As they walked into the living room area she motioned for them to sit down in the various chairs and the couch. "So," Usagi said conversationally, "what's the story?"

"Yeah," Rei said," where are we?"

"As said earlier, you are in the Sanq Kingdom," Ami opened her mouth to say something but Setsuna held up her hand to silence her. "Yes, I know that you do not know what the Sanq Kingdom is. I will explain everything. We are currently in another dimension. This is still earth, just different. I know this is difficult to understand, but you must bear with me. As you have probably noticed, the attacks you have been dealing with recently have not been as difficult as usual. Over the past 2 days it has become apparent to me that there were dimensional rifts throughout the fabrics of the space-time continuum. These rifts were created by our enemies. They have been using some lesser youma to keep you busy while they attacked this other earth. An earth where no one posses powers such as your that could defeat them. This world is run by technology, and would be helpless against the Negaverse. But that is why I brought you here. You are going to protect this world and these people." Setsuna leaned back in her chair.

"But, Setsuna, you have left one important fact out," said Usagi. "Who is guarding our world while we are guarding this one?"

"Good question," replied Setsuna. "I left the outers in our world to protect it until all the youma are destroyed. The Negaverse only left a few youma behind and took the rest of them with them. I have sealed the rifts that they created. They have no way of returning to our world. They're trapped here. When the youma have been defeated, the outers will join you in your battle here. Well," Setsuna said getting up, "that is enough of that for now. I have taken the liberty of making living arrangements for you. I bought 3 different apartments and took down the walls connecting them. You will have ample room," She said smiling. "There is a room for each of you, and one for me for the times I will be staying here. More accommodations will be made when the outers come."

"ALL RIGHT!" said Mina excitedly as she looked around their large new living quarters. Then she looked a little worried. "Umm… Setsuna, we didn't bring any of our stuff with us…"

Setsuna grinned at her mischievously. "That's why we're going SHOPPING!" All the girls "whooped" and ran out of the apartment with Setsuna.


The Next Day

The five girls were standing in front of the Academy. Setsuna had enrolled them the previous day; this would be their first day at school. The girls took a deep breath and walked inside the school building.

The halls were crowed with students as the girls made their way to their lockers that were next to each other. They talked excitedly with each other as they put their books into their lockers, taking no notice of the boys a few lockers down, staring intently at them. Taking only their necessary books, the girls headed off to their first class: English.

"Welcome class!" the teacher said as the students began filing into the classroom. He waited until all the students had settled into their seats before he began speaking again. "We have five new students joining our class today," he said, gesturing towards five girls standing in front of the classroom. "Introduce yourselves to the class please," he said to the girls.

The first girl looked up smiling at the class. "Hey everyone, I'm Minako, but you can call me Mina," she said flashing a 'V' sign.

Then next girl was looking very shyly down at her shoes. "I...I…I'm…" she was mumbling quietly. Mina nudged her. The blue haired girls looked up at Mina who was smiling at her. She smiled back. The exchange appeared to have given her the courage she needed. "Hello," she said smiling at the class, "I'm Ami."

The girl next to Ami was looking at the class brightly. "Hi, I'm Makoto, Mako for short," she said. Then she narrowed her eyes a little, "And if any of you even try to hurt Usagi, I swear I will kick you a-mph kmphp…" The girl with black hair who was standing to the left of Makoto had clapped her hand over the taller girls mouth.

"Hey," said the black haired girl, "I'm Rei and…" she tilted her head toward Makoto, "what she said."

Finally the last girl looked up at them. "Konnichi wa," she said, "I'm Usagi." This was obviously the girl they had been warned against harming.

"Alright," said the teacher, "now that you have been introduced you may take your seats. You will all be seated in the sixth row."

The walked up the isle and sat down in their chairs. When the teacher started lecturing they took out their notebooks and started taking notes. A row behind them, five boys did the same.


When the lunch bell rang the students once again went to their lockers to put away their books, gather their lunches and head outside.

Reality hit the girls full blast as they looked around at the crowded picnic tables. "Um… guys… where are we going to sit?" Mina asked tentatively.

"Um…" said Mako as she looked around. "Hey look! Over there! That table with the five boys sitting at it. It looks like there is room enough for us at that table.

"Yeah," said Rei, "don't they sit behind us in English?"

"Sounds good to me," Usagi said. "Is it ok with you, Ami?" Ami nodded to show her consent and the girls walked up to the G-boys' table.

"Excuse me guys," Mina said. "Do you mind if we sit here?"

"Anything for fine young ladies such as yourselves," said the boy with braided hair. The girls giggled and blushed then sat down at the table. "Why don't I introduce myself," the braided boy continued. "I am Duo Maxwell, and these are my friends, Heero Yui, Quatre Winner, Trowa Barton, and Chang Wufei." He pointed to each of the boys in turn as he said their names.

Heero looked at the girls suspiciously and grunted, "Hn."

"Hello, it is very nice to meet you," Quatre said pleasantly.

Trowa said nothing but nodded in acknowledgement.

Wufei looked at them sharply then started to mumble under his breath so that they could hardly hear. "Weak onnas…"

Rei shot up from her seat. "WHAT did you say? Did you just call us weak? OOOOOOOOh now you gunna die! I'll flame you to death you little mph-kmph-bbbbb…"

Mako was holding the struggling girl back as Mina held Rei's arms to her sides. Ami had her had clamped over the girl's mouth. Usagi was holding her stomach because she was laughing to hard. "You just had to go and piss her off didn't you?" she said when she had finally stopped laughing. "You better watch you back for the next couple days…" she said a little more seriously, "… otherwise she can- and will- kill you."

Usagi turned to the struggling girl. "Rei," she said in a commanding tone, "if you are going to fight, save it for the gym or a battle, but right now we are eating lunch. Calm down and control you anger." The other girls released Rei and sat down. Rei went over to her seat and she too sat down, glaring at Wufei.

The five boys were pondering to themselves something that Usagi had said. "save it for the gym or a battle" What had she meant by battle? However they said nothing about their suspicions out loud.

The girls heard a slight rumbling sound coming from above. None of the other students seemed to notice it. "What is that rumbling noise? I sounds like thunder!" said Mina.

"But I don't feel any rain coming!" said Ami. (AN you know how she deals with water and ice.)

All of a sudden everyone but Mako's eyes went wide. Mako sat obliviously eating her sandwich as the four other girls began to stare at her questioningly. She looked up as if sensing their gazes. Her eyes went wide too. She dropped her sandwich and held up her hands as if defending herself. The five boys watched, the girls seemed to have forgotten about their presence, and they had no idea as to what was going on. Mako looked at her friends. "Don't look at me like that!" she said. "If you think I'm doing that you are waaaaay off. And trust me, that is NOT thunder, I should know."

"Well if it is not thunder," Rei said, "what is… it…????" The noise was becoming louder. The girls looked up. Then they saw it…

"What in the name of the moon is THAT!" Serena whispered. She quickly collected her wits. Still staring at the thing in sky she spoke. "Ami," she said, "scan that thing. Find out what it is." The boys looked over to see Ami staring avidly into the screen of a mini-computer that they had noticed her carrying earlier. (I wonder why? Subspace pocket to the rescue!)


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