Five Things Spike Did That Eventually Got Him Barred From CBGBs
Late 70s

Kept bugging Debbie Harry for bleaching tips. Apologized by co-writing "Rip Her To Shreds", but too late.

Tried to eat Richard Hell, who had just shot up and managed to fight off a suddenly very drowsy Spike at the cost of his shirt. Spike still claims the punk look is his doing.

Wouldn't stop ranting about the Dead Boys being fucking poseurs.

Vamped Iggy Pop. Got upset when nobody noticed. Including Iggy.

People kept asking rookie DJs to play some Barry Manilow, just to see the expression on Spike's face. He didn't kill them, but sometimes the crowd almost did.

Go West, Old Man
Summer before season 7

He had something. What was it? Big, growly, two wheels. Carried him for a while. Ran out of... Can't remember. Wasn't invented when he was... Gone now. Walks on his own now. Thirsts.

Sometimes forgets the sun. Rises behind him in the East, punishes, chars his skin. Unworthy. Hides. Dreams darkness in the daylight, 122 years compressed into hours. Voices in his head, hundreds, one, screaming, whimpering. "Please Spike please don't..." Laughing. Crying.

Sun sets in the West. Chases the spark, the disappearing glow every night, voices getting louder, world getting darker. Sunbeams like golden hair, just out of reach.

Author's note: Well, that's it! It just occurred to me that with the intro, I ended up with 32 chapters... which looks weird, but what the heck. At least I got through the month without cheating, had some fun and got a couple of plot bunnies out of it. Huge thanks to all who read and reviewed, I really appreciate the support and feedback!