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"I…um… never really had any sure things in my life, nothing really meant anything to me, I mean. I'd blow money like there was no tomorrow, spend time with girls whose names were unknown to me, and of course drinking was a big part of my life. But, when I met you Rory, life just seemed to fall into place, you know? I didn't depend as much on my inheritance, because you didn't care. All my time was spent with you or thinking about you, no one else. My friends and I don't drink nearly as much as we used to," a quite loud whimper echoed in the church at Logan's last statement. He tuned his head away from Rory for one second, to see Finn standing next to Colin, the best man, with tears streaming down his face, uncontrollably.

"Finn!" Colin whispered harshly, elbowing him in the ribs.

"Ow!" Finn chocked out, "What was that…," which earned him a glare from both the bride and the groom, "…oh, right, beautiful, continue."

"Thanks. I never really knew why I was put on this Earth, until you gave me a reason to really live. Rory, when I'm near you, nothing can bring me down, and when I'm not around you, all I think about is you. I can't imagine any one thing I would want more than I want you. I love you Rory, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

The entire church reacted in a group 'awwww'. Logan rubbed the back of his neck furiously in response.

"Rory..," the Priest said, after the crowd quieted down.

"I guess it's my turn," Rory started. "Well Logan, there is not doubt in my mind, that I love you, and that's the funny thing. I've never, ever had this feeling in my entire life. I've told others… those three words, but, the truth id, I don't think I ever really meant it until I said it to you. You gave me confidence in myself that no one could ever take away. I was this uptight bookworm, who would have never, ever jumped off a however-many-story building, unless you were there with me, holding my hand. You gave me courage, and are part of the reason I am who I am. Also, at first, I have to admit, I thought you were a rich jerk, but you showed me a side of you, that I don't think very many people have seen. Not only do I want to thank you for that, but I want to thank you for giving me a real reason to really live. Like you, I wandered most of my life not knowing why I was put on this Earth, but then I met you, and everything just seemed to fit." Rory looked at the Priest, signaling she had finished.

After they exchanged the rings, they lovingly exchanged their 'I do's'.

"I now pronounce you man and wife…you may kiss the bride."

They newly married couple enveloped each other in a passionate kiss, and then walked back down the aisle, as the Priest presented them as Mr. and Mrs. Huntzberger. Bells chimed and people clapped as Rory and Logan made their way out the door. Outside, there stood Mario, leaning against a light post, hair blowing in the wind, showing no sign of a gel or grease like substance. Rory smiled at him and he simply waved, his mother nowhere in sight.

After shaking a few hands, Rory and Logan made their way to the limo that would take them to where they were having the after party. Standing at the door, were Lorelai, Christopher, and Luke.

Rory let go of Logan's hand and ran over to her mother, who face was tear stained face and started a conversation, while Logan talked to her father and soon to be step-father.

Soon, Rory and Logan were back at each other's sides, and looking forward to staying that way for the rest of their lives.


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