Isn't Vacation Supposed to Be Fun?

A/N - This story takes place in the future. Seth and Summer are married and have kids as well as Ryan and Taylor.

Chapter 1 -

"Finally, spring break. A whole week off." Said Seth and Summer's daughter, Nicole, as she walked into their house.

"Yeah, it should be awesome." Their son Justin said, following close behind.

Seth and Summer have three kids. Nicole, Justin, and their youngest, Allie. Nicole is basically a fifteen-year-old version of Summer. However, she isn't as wild as Summer was at her age. She is one of the popular girls in highschool, just as Summer was. Justin is nine and is a mix of both, Seth and Summer. He can be quiet at times, but then he can also be very social. Unlike Seth though, he is popular. Finally there is Allie. She is five, and basically worships Summer, and as her siblings put it, she is a major suck-up. Which is true, she does everything Summer says and never does anything wrong.

"Hey, not so fast." Summer said, walking down the stairs, of course with Allie behind her, noticing her children sit on the couch ready to watch t.v.


"You still need to pack."

"Huh?" They were both clueless.

"Hello? Don't you kids ever listen when I talk?"


"I do mommy." Allie then added in.

"Suck up." Justin muttered under his breathe.

"Mommy, Justin's being mean again."

"Justin, stop it. As I was saying, we are going on vacation."

"Oh, cool. Where? Miami? Cancun? Vegas?" Nicole asked, listing off places they went on previous vacations for spring break.

"Wow, you guys really don't listen. We're going camping."

"Ew! Why? Camping is like, well gross! There's bugs everywhere and there's like no electricity. How am I going to blow dry my hair?." She is definitely Summer's daughter.

"I've been mentioning this camping trip for the past month! It's only for two nights with Ryan, Taylor, Josh, and Elizabeth." Summer explained.

"What?!" Both Justin and Nicole exclaimed. They had a problem with Taylor, Josh and Elizabeth. Summer still doesn't understand what they have against the three. They have no problem with Ryan, but for some reason they despise Taylor and the kids.

"Mom, we are not going with Taylor."

"Yeah." Justin then added after his sister.

"Guys, be nice. She's practically your aunt, I really don't see why you have a problem with her."

"I love Aunt Taylor." Allie said with a goofy grin plastered on her face.

"Yeah, good for you." Justin said, not caring at all. Summer then sent him a warning glance as he continued, "Aunt Taylor," He said, emphasizing the word 'aunt', " Is so annoying. She's always perky and can never shut up."

"Yeah, and her kids aren't the best either. They are such losers. Everyone makes fun of them in school."

"Nicole, that is not nice at all! And you better make sure that your father doesn't hear you say that, he won't be too pleased." Summer said referring to how Seth wasn't the "coolest" kid in school either.

"Sorry, that I insulted dad, I was just trying to make a point that they're dorks."

"Sorry," Justin replied laughing, "It is true though."

Summer just shook her head. Her kids were so lucky that they were considered part of the "in crowd". They didn't have to deal with the pain of getting made fun of, as Josh and Elizabeth do, and as Seth did years ago. Even though they knew of Seth's experience being a major geek and being made fun of, they still go on and talk about Ryan and Taylor's kids.

"Whatever," She replied, rolling her eyes, "Just make sure you're packed by tomorrow, we're leaving in two days."


"Aren't you guys so excited about our trip?" Taylor asked in her usual enthusiastic voice.

"Mom, do we have to go?" Josh groaned as Elizabeth nodded in agreement at her brother's comment.

Ryan and Taylor are happily married with two kids, Josh and Elizabeth, twins. They both are in Nicole's class and know that their "cousins" make fun of them. They are possibly the biggest losers in the school. None of them know why they are disliked, but every year it is the same thing, being called "gay losers" by basically everyone, including Nicole.

"Oh, it's going to be so fun! Isn't, Ryan?" She said planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Uh, yeah sure." Ryan didn't even want to go. He knows that Seth and Summer's kids and his kids don't go well together.

"See, dad doesn't even want to go." Elizabeth complained.

"Guys, enough. We're going! And who knows, maybe when this little trip is over, you guys will become best friends with your cousins."

"Yeah sure."


"Let the fun begin." Seth muttered as they were just about to leave the house.

"Tell me about it." Justin mumbled to Seth, hoping Summer wouldn't hear. Unfortunately, she did.

"Look., I don't want you saying another word about this. You are going to go and have fun. Am I understood?"

"Yes mommy."

"Allie, just shut up."

"Mommy, daddy, Nicky told me to shut up." She whined, pouting.

"Well maybe you should listen to her." Justin then said.

"See, Summer, I don't think this a very good idea, ya know taking them out in public like this. Maybe we should just forget about this trip."

"Cohen! You're supposed to be on my side." Summer said, blocking out the fighting that was coming from all three of her kids.

"Shut up!," She then shouted, outraged, then started calming down, "Look, Nick, Justin please stop bothering your sister. And please, can we go, they are waiting outside. And I don't want any fighting this weekend."

"I don't think that is possible." Seth then said.

"Cohen, can you at least try and help me? Ugh, you are just like one of them."

"Sorry," Summer just rolled her eyes, "Let's go. And please do not open your mouth about Taylor or your cousins." Summer then finished picking up her suitcase motioning for the others to follow.


"Hey guys!" Taylor said getting out of her and Ryan's car to give everybody a hug.

"How can she be so perky this early in the morning? She makes me sick." Nicole whispered to her brother and Seth.

Summer heard this and glared at the three.

"Hey Aunt Taylor!" Allie then said giving Taylor a big hug.

"Oh, we better be getting on the road, we told the campsite we'd be getting there around eleven."

"Yeah, oh, Nicole, do you want to ride with us, keep Lizzy and Josh company?"

"Um actually no, that's fine. I actually promised Allie I would teach her how to tie her shoe in the car, ya know, the long drive."

"But, I already know how to ti-" Allie was saying but was cut off when Nicole placed her hand over her mouth.

"Yeah, so, sorry, tell them I said hi." She quickly said before running off into the car where she met up with Justin and Seth.

After what seemed like forever, they all were finally in the car.

"Are we all ready to go?"

"No but do we have a choice?"

"Let's just get this over with."


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