Isn't Vacation Supposed to Be Fun?

Chapter 3 -


"Mom, Dad ...," Nicole said while walking into the room where Seth and Summer were and found them kissing, "Oh my god, ew, ew, ew!," She exclaimed shielding her eyes with her newly manicured fingers. "I'm gonna, um go." She said quickly.

"No, wait. It's safe now." Summer said, as she watched Nicole take her hands away, scared.

"Okay, please no more PDA."

"Well, I can't promise anything" Seth said jokingly just to annoy his daughter.


"He's joking sweetie," Summer said, "So, what did you want?" She then asked.

"Well, I just wanted to say this place sucks, so thanks to Taylor and you guys for ruining my spring break." She said in an attitude and started walking away. Seth and Summer usually put up with her annoying bitchy attitude, but not this time.

"Nick, wait. Your father and I need to talk to you and your brother. So can you get him?"

"Um sure." She said slightly confused.


"So, what did u want to talk to us about? Because if you aren't going to say something, I need to go and call Chris." She said referring to her "boyfriend" of the week.

"I thought we told you that we didn't want you seeing him." Seth said.

"Chris is cool." Justin cut in.

"Thanks for your opinion Just, but we didn't ask." Summer replied.

"I'm just saying."

"And I'm just telling you. Anyway, we'll talk about this Chris thing later," Summer said looking at Nicole, "In the meantime me and your father need to discuss something with you guys."

"Why is it that whenever we have these talks with you guys, Allie is never here?" Justin pointed out.

"That's because they like her the best, moron. She's the baby of the family."

"Nicole, don't call your brother names. And yes, that must be it, Allie is our favorite, we ignore you two and pamper Allie with special treatment."

"Hey, it's true."

"Sure it is," Seth replied, "Anyway, your mother and I need to talk to you guys about something serious. You two need to stop with the attitudes."

"What attitudes are you talking about?" Nicole asked, pretending to be innocent. Summer just glared at her as Seth continued.

"We think it's very rude the way you treat your cousins, and sometimes you are disrespectful to us as well."

"And your point is..."

"Our point is," Summer said starting to get strict, "During the next two days, and after this vacation as well, you two both will learn to drop the attitudes. You will be nice to your cousins. And anything and everything you do, you will do with Joshua and Elizabeth. Am I understood?"

"But mom..." Justin started.

"Life's not fair," Summer said, knowing Justin was going to say 'but it's not fair', "Am I understood?" She asked once more.

"Dad, mom is being like totally unreasonable." Nicole said.

"Yeah." Justin added.

"No, she is not. I agree with her. Now, are we understood?"

"Ugh, yes." Justin said.

"Nicole?" Seth asked.

"Fine." She finally said, "Justin, let's go. We need to hang out with our 'cool' cousins." She replied sarcastically.

"Ugh, now they really hate me." Summer said once the kids left.

"No, they don't! And besides, it had to be done, otherwise they would never learn."

"Mommy, Daddy!" Allie came in, interrupting Seth and Summer's conversation.

"Hey baby." Summer said picking up her five- year old.

"Where have you been sweetie?" Seth asked.

"With Uncle Ryan and Aunt Taylor."

"Oh, that's cool, are you having fun?"

"Mhmmm, tons." She said with a smile on her face.

"Well that's good."

"Aunt Taylor wants to speak to you guys."

"Did she say what about?"


"All right, well let's go." Summer said putting Allie on the floor and grabbing her hand.


"Hey Atwood, Taylor," Summer said while walking up to Ryan and Taylor, "Allie said you wanted to talk to us."

"Oh yeah, nothing serious, just how are Justin and Nicole doing?"

"Huh?" Seth asked.

"Well, Josh and Lizzy told me they hurt themselves so they asked them to build the tent."

"They hurt themselves, huh?"


"Well, they're doing fine. Just a little bruise." Summer lies.

"Oh, well that's good, nothing serious."

"Mommy," Allie said bored, "Can I go hang out with Nicky and Justin."

"Sure, lemme know if anything happens." Summer really didn't have to say that. She knew that Allie is possibly the biggest tattletale ever.

"Bye." She said giving Seth and Summer a hug then scattered off.

"So," Ryan started, "How is everything going for you guys?"

"Um, I guess fine. You?"

"Oh it's wonderful, isn't it Ryan?" Taylor said enthusiastic as usual.

"Yeah it's pretty good."

"I guess it is, though it would be better without the kids. We should plan a vacation for just the four of us, leave the kids alone for a day or two. The twins and Nick could watch Justin and Allie."

"Are you kidding? Please, if we left them all home for an hour, the house would be a wreck. I can't speak for Josh and Elizabeth, but I know for a fact that Nicole isn't ready for that."

"Seth, that's not a nice way to talk about her," Summer said, "She's not that bad, she wouldn't do anything horrible."


"Okay, so here's the deal," Nicole said talking to Josh, Elizabeth, and Justin, not really paying attention to Allie, "My parents say that Justin and I need to hang out with you dorks, so we will I guess. But, under one condition. Whatever we want to do, you must follow. I really don't care how you feel about it."

"Nicky that's not nice!" Allie said in her whiney voice.

"Shut up and mind your own business! Anyway, as I was saying, you must follow everything I do. So right now, I want to take my dad's car and get the hell out of this dump."

"Um, Nicole, I don't think that's such a good idea. I mean you're only fifteen, you can't drive." Josh stated.

"Please, I sneak out all of the time at night."

Allie gasped at the comment her sister made, boy was she going to have fun tattling on her sister.

"Where are you gonna get the keys?" Justin asked his sister.

"Justin, Justin, did I teach you anything being your older sister? Always plan ahead when you have an idea in the works" She said reaching into her pocket pulling out keys for the range rover.

"So, who's in?" She asked walking towards the car.

"Um, I'm not sure." Justin said.

"Justin! Are you kidding?!"

"I don't wanna get into trouble."

"I guess I'm going myself then. Have fun with the 'rents, all of you."

"Wait, I'm in." Justin said running to catch up with his sister.

"Um guys," Nicole said, talking to her 'cousins', "If my parents say why we aren't with you, just tell them that you two were too chicken to come with us." She replied sarcastically as Justin laughed.

Josh and Elizabeth both looked at each other, then Elizabeth spoke, "You say you've driven before."


"Fine." They both walked towards Justin and Nicole. Perhaps they all forgot that Allie was standing there taking all of this in.

"Maybe you two aren't as nerdy as people think you are." Nicole added as they all got into the range rover.

It wasn't long before Allie ran back to her parents.

"Mommy, daddy!" She exclaimed breathless as she ran up to them.

"What is it baby?"

"Nicole, Justin, Elizabeth and Josh, they drove away." She rambled quickly so that neither understood.

"What? Baby, you need to speak clearer."

"Nicole, Justin, Josh and Elizabeth, they drove away, Nicole drove the car away."



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