Hello to all. I usually write Charmed fanfics but I have recently fell in love with Scrubs so I decided to write one for them.

Disclaimer: I do not own Scrubs but if I did, Zachery would so be my man

Summary: J.D is in a horrible accident and no one knows if he is going to live or die. Not even J.D himself. With the help from someone from J.D's past, will J.D finally see that people care about him more than he thought, or will it be to late.

Chapter 1-My Bad Day.


As I walked into Sacred Heart hospital, I had a feeling that my bad day was about to get worse. Elliot and Keith had be fighting again and this time it kept me up half the night. Turk seemed like he was avoiding me for some unknown reason, and as usual the Janitor seemed out to get me. I thought that Dr. Cox would be able to pull me out of my mood but by the look on his face, I knew differently.

"Where the hell have you been Charlotte, do you know what time it is?" Dr. Cox yelled.

"It's eight thirty", I answer back. "What's wrong with you, I'm thirty minutes early."

"I know that Kimberly but today has been pretty busy if you hadn't noticed. With the outbreak of the E coli virus everybody and their mother is here for a check up and do you know what that means."

"I don't know" I try to say but am quickly hushed by Perry with a swift hand motion.

"And you call yourself a doctor, listen Debbie it means that everyone who has the slightest stomach ache or back pain even if they have no clue whatsoever the symptoms of the virus will be here worrying the hell out of me. In addition, even though I am the best damn doctor in this dump it is impossible for me to treat them all so that is where wusses like you come in. I need you to treat these pathetic losers and see if any of them really have E. coli."

"What about my other patients."

"Listen here Stacey, as a doctor you should have learned how to handle multiple patients at the same time or they didn't teach you the place you went to med school or what I like to call clown college. Get to work" he yelled as he walked off down the corridor. As I walked in the opposite careful to avoid the Janitor who seemed to always have it out for me, I waved down Turk. Since Carla was pregnant, our J.D. and Turk time had been cut down tremendously. It had been ages since we had hung out and I thought I could change that tonight.

"What's up my Chocolate bear I was wondering if you could help me?" I smile as Turk high fives me and begins to walk by my side.

"Hey J.D. what do you need help with."

"Well I was wondering that since it has been ages since we both hung out so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight."


"Yeah and you will never guess what I just got. I just got the complete first season of Good Times on DVD."

"Really cool but I don't think I will be able to make it."

"Come on man, you bring the pizza come over tonight, and everything will be dynamite." I say excitedly doing exactly what J.J. does on the show. I would have to say that my J.J. expression was definitely getting better.

"Your expression of J.J sounds really good" Turk laughs as he gives me a high five.

"Thanks, I have been working on it for a while now."

"Though as much as that sounds like fun, I don't think I will be able to come over."

"Why not."

"No offense J.D. but between pulling the fourteen hours shifts and having a cranky hormonal wife at home, I think that I need some Turk time." he replied as he patted me on my back. "You understand that right."

"Yeah, it's totally cool" I answer back smiling even though one the inside I feel just the slight bit disappointed. This may surprise many people but I really do not have too many friends. I really do not know why but with my charming looks and witty personality, I should have people lining up to be friends with me


J.D and Turk are standing in the lobby of the hospital with a long line of people in front of them. J.D is wearing a pimp outfit and Turk is holding a clipboard

"Hey J.D wanna hand out tonight."

"I'm sorry but you know the rules, you have to stand in line just like the rest of them if you want time with the dudestur"

"But, I'm his mentor" screams Dr. Cox

"That maybe true Perry but a lot of people want to be my friend. You have to wait for your turn just like everybody else" J.D. smiles.


"No buts now to the back of the line with you."

Two big black bodyguards grab Dr. Cox by the arms and drag him to the back of the line

End Daydream

"See you later Coxster" I mumble to myself and walk over to the nurse's station. There I see another one of my good friends Carla, Turk's wife.

"Hey Bambi" Carla greeted me. I never know why she calls me that but it makes me feel pretty special knowing that I am the only one that she calls that. Not even Turk has his own cute nickname from her, unless you count superman. In which case I do not.

"Hey Carla, what's up."

"Nothing much except I am fat, horny, and pregnant."

"I'm so sorry that there is nothing I can do to fix it. Hey wanna hang out tonight and watch Good Times on DVD."

"So you assume that since I am Hispanic and came from a poor neighborhood that I like Good Times."

"Carla there were no Hispanics on Good Times" I laugh at her flashing her my award-winning smile. "But I was only asking because I have no plans tonight. I asked Turk but."

"And let me guess, he said yes right."

"No actually he didn't" I try to say but Carla cut me off.

"That is so typical of him. He flakes on me to hang out with you. When is he going to realize that it is time for him to start acting like a father and husband? J.D. he can't always hang out with you because now I am first in his life got it." Carla hissed at me as she slammed the chart in my chest.

I watched her as she stormed off trying to figure out what the hell just happened. I tried not to let it get to me seeing as Carla was now an emotional rollercoaster who will be coming back to apologize to me in any minute now. Two minutes later glancing at my watch I realized that it might be a while before she came back so I decided to check up on my patients. Three hours later and still no apology from Carla, I left to a patient room who I just had to tell was dying and there was nothing the doctors could do about it. It was always hard to tell patients that their life was over but as a doctor, you get accustomed to saying things like that, even though you did not want too. Making my way down the hall, I noticed that Turk was coming my way and he looked madder than a scary pimp did whose woman didn't have all of his money. I ran to walk into an empty room but before I could Turk was already in front of me.

"What did you say to Carla?" Turk snapped at me

"Nothing, I just said that I asked you to hang out with me tonight."

"Why didn't you tell her that I said no? It's bad enough J.D that I have to deal with this at home but at work is too much. She already gets on me that we hang out too much together now and by saying that we were going to hang out just made her worse. Which by the way if you hadn't noticed if it is worse for her then it is worser for me?"

"You are aware that worser is not a word." I smiled trying to lighten his mood. Unfortunately it didn't work.

"J.D not now." he replied. As a watched the third person get angry at me and walk away I began to wonder if everyone rallied together to make today "We Hate J.D Day."


Carla, Turk, Dr. Cox, Elliot, Janitor and the rest of the hospital staff are sitting around in the cafeteria in what looks like a staff meeting.

"So due to budget cuts one of you will be fired before the day is over with, but I'm not telling you who. Last time they took a baseball bat and broke all the glass in my windows, won't make that mistake again. Now is there any order of business that we would like to address."

"Well I was wondering if we could declare next Thursday, We Hate J.D. day."

"Splendid idea, all you agree raise your hands."

Everyone in the room raises their hands.

"Do we get to make T-shirts with J.D's face on the front" Elliot asked with excitement.

"Whatever you want is fine, if there isn't anything else meeting adjourned" Kelso said waving his gavel down on the podium.

End of Daydream

"I hate secret staff meetings" I say to myself as I walk to the cafeteria. If I knew that by speaking to Elliot that my day would go from bad to worse I would have zoomed on Sasha to the closest deli but being as I am not Ms. Cleo who had very in tune psychic abilities, I could not foresee what would happen next.

"J.D I really need your help"

"Listen Elliot if it is about what happened between you and Keith last night, I don't want to talk about it."

"But J.D. I'm really serious about this."

"Elliot you are serious about every argument that you two have. He's too much of a wimp, he thinks you are too controlling, you never have time for each other, and enough is enough. If your relationship is having with Keith is causing so many problems then maybe you should call it quits." I replied as I waited for my pat on the back and my thank-you for hitting the problem right on the head

"Oh I get it"


"You are jealous"

"Of what"

"Of my relationship. You can't be happy that I have someone in my life because you have no one. Not even Turk wants to hang out with you anymore so you take your loneliness out on me."

"Elliot you know that is not true."

"It is but I don't care anymore about what you think so you know what just back off."


"Whatever J.D" Elliot snapped as she stormed away from me.

"It's official" I said to myself. "It is we hate J.D day.

I decided to take the rest of my break and go to the local deli to get my lunch. I figured that nobody there would be mad at me, not unless you count Tiffany the cashier. She has the worst attitude ever not very good cashier etiquette. I make my way to the parking lot and see the Janitor standing over my beloved Sasha.

"What the hell do you think you are doing" I yell

"Why do you assume that I'm doing something?"

"Oh I don't know maybe because you are always torturing me and you are standing over my scooter with power tools in your hand."

"I'm a janitor; I have to have powers tools."

"No your job consist of moping floors and taking out the trash not doing handyman work. Now what are you doing to Sasha."

"I'm not doing anything" he exclaimed again and that is when I saw it. The janitor had taken my motor out of by bike.

"Is that my engine, did you remove my engine from my scooter."

"Can you prove it." he asked smugly.


"Any witnesses."

"No" I screamed.

"Then I didn't do it" he said as he walked away.

"Damn it, stupid Janitor" I muttered to myself as I begin to walk to the deli. Every since I started at Sacred Heart that damn Janitor was always doing things to me. Just once I wish he find some other idiot to pick on, not saying that I am an idiot or anything but still. Anyways, it is a good thing that the deli was only a couple of blocks away. Walking to the deli I begin to realize what Elliot said had some truth to it. Maybe I was jealous that my friends had partners and I didn't. No one to hang out with or talk to when I get depressed. I guess she had a point and maybe it was time for me to make some more friends, single friends. Then they wouldn't have to worry about me being around so much. As I turned the corner in front of the deli, I watched a small boy run into the middle of the street to catch his ball. It would have been okay, if there weren't a speeding car headed directly for him. I knew that the impact of the car would kill the boy so I did the one thing I knew how to do. I ran towards the boy in what seemed like slow motion in a movie and pushed him out of the way. I saw his body end back up on the sidewalk while my own body received the full impact of the car. After a minute of feeling woozy, I was finally able to stand up when I noticed a figure standing beside me looking at the accident that was just caused.

"Did you see what happened" I asked him

"Oh yeah I saw it, it was a brave thing that you did. You saved the life of that kid."

"I only did what I knew was right. I hope he is okay."

"Yeah he is okay, you got him out of the way just in time, and you're a hero."

"Thanks, I'm glad that he is alright."

"J.D there is something you should know."

"How do you know my name?"

"The boy you saved is okay but J.D you're not."

"What are you talking about?"

"Look down."

Therefore, I took his advice, I did, and what I saw was not pretty. I saw my body slumped on the ground blood pouring everywhere out of my head, mouth, and nose. My face was covered with bruises and cuts. My left was bent to where my foot was almost touching my back. I was lying in a pool of blood and my clothes were ripped and torn I didn't appear to be breathing and people were crowded around me whispering and talking. I then I remembered what happened.


"Look out" J.D screamed as a pushed the kid out of the way. As soon as the kid was on the sidewalk J.D felt, his body slam into the hood of the car. He hit the windshield and rolled onto the hood of the car. The car kept going as J.D hit the hood and his body fell to the ground. A couple of seconds later, the boy's mother ran out of the shop worried about her son.

"Someone call 911" he heard a voice scream as he world turned completely black.

End of Flashback.

"It is so hard to get blood out of scrubs" I mumble to myself as I look back at the figure. "So how is this possible, how can I be there and here at the same time?"

"Because that is your body, what is standing right here is your spirit."

"So where am I?"

"This place has no name but it is the void between life and death."

"Wow so supernatural, just liked that show Charmed. I miss that show." I smirked as I watch the paramedics place me on a stretcher and close the doors. "So am I dead."

"No not yet, but that is up to you J.D"


"I said that it is up to you whether you live or not. It's your call."

"Back to my question, how do you know who I am?"

The figured turned around and the first time I couldn't believe who it was. It was somebody who I thought I hadn't see in a long time and someone I thought I would never see again for an even longer time. Looks like I was fooled; again.

"Why wouldn't I know your name Johnathon after all you are my son?"


"The one and only and now back to what I was saying. You determine whether you live or die so I suggest that you hurry up and make up your mind, before."

"Before what"

"Before it's too late" my dad whispered as the doors on the ambulance close and roll off to the place I call work. To Sacred Heart Hospital.