Author's Notes: This is my first Scott/Jean fic, but I really do appreciate this couple, and I wanted to explore them a bit. Enjoy.

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Five Friday Minutes

By Nessie

Scott Summers wakes to see locks of luscious hair sweeping across his pillow, and he knows it to be truly red – not merely tinted by the ruby quartz he wears constantly in front of his eyes. His is not the only life steeped in blood, but the mutant called Cyclops is singularly reminded of it every day by the color through which he sees the world. Endless shades of crimson and scarlet.

But even the color of blood cannot dim the beauty of the smile Jean gives him first thing every morning. She angles an amused, curious expression at him now. "Up early?" she questions, voice low with sleep. He feels a brief burning with the utter longing to be able to see the deep-sea green of her eyes.

"We've got five minutes." He grips the covers, pulls them up around them and revels in the rhythm of her heartbeat as she presses against his chest. She closes her eyes but does not sleep, and though she cannot see his gaze from behind his tinted glasses she knows that he is watching her. Jean hums softly as she gives his shoulder a gentle wake-up rub, and it is as meaningful to him as any whispered goodbye and a kiss.

He remembers meeting her for the first time, Charles Xavier's lovely, bright young ward. He was the one with the unique eyes, but it was Jean who had the ability to truly see into other people. It had daunted him at first, as much as the fear of hurting her had. But they had both overcome their reservations toward one another. And here they are now, lying in bed on an early Friday with sun trying to get in through the curtain – stealing precious moments before that morning's team meeting takes them away.

Scott takes it for granted sometimes, how much she means to him. It's a human flaw; she goes away and comes back, his love for her is renewed, only to once again take the backseat when mankind or their dreams for peace are threatened. But she understands, has always understood. And that, above all, is who Jean Grey is to Scott. Beyond Marvel Girl, beyond Phoenix.

She is someone that he can trust.

His eyes have closed in the end, and it's her voice that rouses him. "Let's move, Scott. If we hurry, maybe Gambit will have saved some coffee for us. You know that Cajun likes his caffeine hit before meetings."

"Yeah." He gets to his feet, watches as she crosses the room, hair flowing with each body movement as if she were some unconquerable fire goddess. Again he remembers who she is; a Grey, a Summers, a mutant, a survivor, the love of his life, and several of hers. And who she has made him; a true hero. He will never forget how extremely fortunate he is to have her again – and again.

It makes no difference how many or how few minutes he has with Jean. Scott will treasure every one; and not just on Fridays.

The End