When the world turns against them, the heroes become the hated, and the only people who believe them is each other…and their old enemies.

Last time they had to save the world.

Now, they have to make the world believe it.


"It's over," she whispered, eyes wide. "Its over…"

The group was lined up against the rail of the Highwind, having just watched the Lifestream spill over the world, after watching Sephiroth fall and Holy come. At some point, they'd linked hands, and silent tears ran down their face. Now they stood dumbfounded as the night shined down upon them, casting the heroes faces into sharp relief. The moonlight slid over each face, lighting tear tracks and wrapping around linked hands.

"Can you believe it?" Yuffie stared forward into the gaping night, tears having run unabashed down her face. "It's over."

Tifa squeezed her hand. After months and months of searching, fighting, battling, complaining, laughing, yelling, talking, jokes and heartbreak, it was over. After life, death, praying, cursing, hell and high water, it was over. Maybe that was why they couldn't let go of each others hands; they held so tightly it was as though the others would disappear if they let go. Yuffie was aware of everything around them, every star that bloomed in the night and every tear that ran down her companion's faces. She was aware of the hand on her right that dwarfed hers, the owner having shocked her by actually accepting to hold a hand, and she was aware of the callused hand, gloved and strong, that held her left. She was aware of the black and brown hair that tickled her cheeks as it blew, and her own short hair being whipped way.

"Everything will be different now," Tifa said quietly.

If only they knew.


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