The Dancing Queen

Note: Once again I felt the need to make fun of Bri's love life, and so that I did. It's filled with inside jokes and littered with words of wisdom…(well maybe not 'wisdom' exactly) 'Njoy.

Disclaimer: I put this under Sarah Dessen because it reminds me of one of her stories. Sorta like "that summer" which I don't own.

I knew that I had a chance

One shot to choose what I wanted

What I could do; what I could have

If I was brave enough

Brave enough to chase it

And strong enough to catch it

But just like that beautiful moment

Up on a stage that flares with all that hope

All that I can draw from the confines of myself

Ask that question; the question that I want to know

Like I little child, so simple in its words

So deep in it's meaning

"Do You Like Me?"

But I didn't ask

I couldn't

He let go of me for a moment

Spinning out of reach

I was stranded in a wilderness

Floating down a river that was filled with rapids

My boat broken and gone

I'm without a paddle

And as I whirl across the floor to return to him

He's gone without a goodbye

And just like that I'm stomping home

Returning to my safe harbor

Where the wild nautical world

Won't crash me up against the tide

And I'll dance alone this time

My musings and ramblings

Unlike what I would have used as a child

"Stupid Jerk! Stupid Jerk! Stupid Jerk!"

But over time my words have gotten darker

Their meanings more destructive

Maybe because I understand more

And maybe because I don't understand at all

Maybe I just don't want to live this anymore

I don't want to be your dancing queen

I don't want to dance alone

So don't make me