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A girl who was just a little over 15 stepped through the gates of Ouran Academy.

She was wearing the girl's uniform which she fingered with distaste and a high and tight ponytail. It was plain compared to the other girl's hairstyles, but she thought it just fine. Her father was the owner of many famous and successful law firms so her family was pretty darn rich.

She disliked spending too much even though she had a lot, she didn't like to be seen as the type of girls who would spend hours shopping just for fun and ones that needed to be constantly waited on hand and foot. As she neared her homeroom, she breathed in slowly then exhaled.

It had been a while since their family had moved and she had forgotten what it felt like to be the new student. She lightly knocked on the grand door of the second year classroom. The teacher answered the door with a smile, "You must be the new student. Welcome to my homeroom." The girl smiled back, politely uttered a word of thanks and stepped into the classroom.

"Class, this is Maya Tateishi. From now on, she will be in this class until further notice. You should all make Tateishi-san feel welcome. Tateishi-san, would you like to introduce yourself?" Mrs. Natsume asked with a thoughtful smile.

"Sure. Well my name is Maya Tateishi as you all know. My father owns many well-known law firms such as Tateishi firm. Excuse me if this is unappropriate but I do not take to bothersome people. Well, treat me kindly please!" Maya concluded with a bright smile.

Most of the class shuddered and regretted ever thinking of speaking to her. Suoh Tamaki smiled and wondered when he should introduce himself to her, he was completely oblivious to what she meant before. Ootori Kyouya showed no expressions but on the inside, he was quite interested in the girl. He knew her father's law firms very well and knew it would really impress his father if he could please her enough to merge companies. Maya had received the seat next to Tamaki with Kyouya behind her.

She wore thick glasses that made a bad impression on her, her father had repeatedly asked her to get thinner more feminine ones but she refused. As soon as she sat down, Tamaki went into host mode and introduced himself to her including compliments to her that weren't very true but not necessarily false.

Maya nodded with a forced smile on and thanked him though inside she was sick to her stomach, his lines were bad, well basically, they sucked. She knew right from the start that he was going to be one annoying guy. When Tamaki was done introducing himself, he pointed to Kyouya and introduced him to her as well. Kyouya heard his name mentioned and said "Welcome to our class Tateishi-san, we're very happy to have you." He concluded that statement with his host club smile. Unfortunately, Maya saw right through it.

"If you're that happy to have me, why didn't you throw a party?" Maya asked.

"Well surely that would be unnecessary, wouldn't it? It would be a waste of money for just one student and we don't even know you that well." Kyouya replied with a fake smile momentarily forgetting his objection was to get on her good graces. Tamaki of course was smiling his charming smile and thinking that his best friend and the newcomer were just having a polite conversation.

"Then when you smile at me, you should at least put in a little more effort to make it look more real." Maya said clearly proud of her response. She hated those type of guys who looked down on girls and faked emotions towards them if they clearly didn't like them at all. Kyouya was one of those guys of course, and Maya spotted those characteristics quickly. She was very smart and clever and could see through many things because she was born into that kind of family. Even though her father loved her dearly, he barely spent any time with her at all and her mother had passed away when she was younger.

Kyouya, obviously offended at her reply, grew silent as he pondered on how she saw through his smile. No girl had ever done that before and although he wouldn't admit it for the life of him, he was impressed. Tamaki leaned over to Maya and asked her if she would like to meet some of his friends with a genuine smile on his face. Maya smiled right back and replied with a 'that would be wonderful, seeing as I'm new'. Although Maya didn't like Tamaki that much, she heard that he was the chairman's son and at least he was kind of nice.

After class, Maya strolled around campus wondering where her classroom was. The school was ridiculously large and she had no idea where it was. She went up two flights of carpeted stairs and saw the Third Music Classroom. Her next class was a free period so she cautiously opened the door to see what was inside. She loved music with all her heart, it was one of the only things she could ever enjoy as a child.

She opened the door and a breeze, rose petals and all, blew her way.


Maya peered inside as she thought she heard a familiar voice. Sure enough, there was Tamaki sitting in his chair like throne looking almost like a king with Hani, Mori, the twins and Kyouya clustered around him.

"Ahh! Maya! Welcome to our host club! I'm very honored you decided to came!" Tamaki smiled and pulled her inside. As she stumbled in, she looked around, the room was very large but she didn't see any musical contraption of any sort. She was also surprised he had already went on to her first name.

"Eh? What is this? I thought this was a music classroom.." Maya said.

"Well this classroom is used much anymore so our club is hosted here." Tamaki replied, "So, what type would you like? Wild? Loli-shota? Incest? Cool? Or me?" Tamaki asked as he shoved his face closer to hers.

"What are you doing Tamaki? I don't believe this club is for me. And also when do I get the privilege of meeting your friends?" Maya asked dumbfounded and trying to get away from Tamaki.

"Eh, tono, who's this girl? You know her?" The twins asked as they moved closer to inspect her. "Your body isn't half bad, you should try modeling for my mom's clothes." Hikaru said as he grabbed her arm. "Yeah, and you don't look that ugly too." Kaoru said as he grabbed the other arm.

"Huuh? No it's okay, I don't like modeling, I was just looking for instruments or something of the sort." Maya said with a slight blush on her cheeks as she tried to inch away from the twins with no luck.

"Yes Hikaru, Kaoru, this is Maya Tateishi. So Maya this is Hitachiin Kaoru and Hikaru, they are one year younger than us and are very mischievous so you shouldn't go near them alone. And this is Haninozuka Mitsukini and this is Morinozuka Takashi and they are one year our senior. These are the friends I was talking about. Oh and you met Kyouya." Tamaki said as he pointed each and every one of them out.

"Ah I see, well hello! I'm Maya, it's a pleasure to meet everyone. So what kind of club is this Tamaki? Tamaki? What are you staring at?" Maya asked perplexed to Tamaki's constant stare at Maya's face.

"Can I remove your glasses for a sec..?" But before Maya could reply he reached out and took off her glasses, completely happy with the result.

"Mori-senpai, could you please ask the nurse for some contacts?" Tamaki asked as he held Maya's glasses protectively obviously not intending to give them back. Mori replied with a yes and went his way.

"Tamaki…say Tamaki, can you give them back now, it's hard to see.." Maya said reaching out for her glasses. Soon, Mori was back and handed Maya the lenses while giving her a small smile. He was surprised as to how pretty she was without her glasses.

"Hey, tono, what did you d-…" The twins asked without finishing their sentence. They were looking at Maya. Hani and Kyouya got curious so stepped in as well. They looked at her and Hani was the only one to talk.

"Wow! Maya-chan is sooo pretty!" He said with a sugary smile. Maya was confused, she slipped on the contacts because Tamaki wasn't giving back her glasses.

"Umm, uh, thank you?" Maya replied slightly embarrassed because everyone was staring at her.

"You shouldn't wear those glasses when they block out your pretty eyes Maya." Tamaki said with a wink and a smile. Kyouya couldn't stop looking at her, she had beautiful big olive colored eyes and without those hideous frames, he could clearly see her features better. Though she had appeared rather plain, he knew she had something about her that attracted him but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"Maya, would you like to join the host club?" Kyouya asked holding his clipboard while scribbling something on it.

"Well we would get a much higher profit region if the host club is for both male and female and because you have nothing better to do." Kyouya concluded.

Tamaki looked at Kyouya and smiled "Please Maya, you're so pretty and you'd be a big help!" He said using those eyes of his. Maya was very uncertain and confused, she didn't really want to be with him (as in Kyouya) because she didn't really like him and well this was the first time Tamaki used his puppy dog eyes on her and unfortunately for her, it worked.

"Sure, I'm pretty bored anyways and this sounds interesting. I'd like to see how far my looks can go." Maya said with a hasty grin. Tamaki was very happy, a new female companion.

He had to admit, he was pretty surprised himself when he saw those eyes of hers, they were very alluring and attractive. Not like any he's seen before and he felt it unnecessary to go into host mode with her.

Kyouya nodded muttering good although inside he was wondering about what she said. Hani shouted "Yay!!! A new host member!! Maya-chan, would you like to eat some cake with me?" Hani-senpai asked with joy as he squeezed his Usa-chan. Mori just smiled warmly at her. The twins smiled devilishly "This means, we get a new toy…" they said in unison.

Maya was completely oblivious and just went 'huh'. Maya was then dragged behind the curtain and the twins shoved a new creation by their mother at her. Maya looked at it with a questioningly.

"Just put it on." They said. Maya just shrugged and did as told. It was a pretty and slim beige dress that reached her ankles. They also gave her some high heels that matched the dress perfectly. She looked at herself and asked herself 'Is that really me?'

She took off her hair-tie because it was getting loose and while she was trying to tie her hair back again, it broke.

Maya cursed under her breath and muttered something about cheap. She sighed and decided to go back out without her hair tied. She had thin hair but it was very beautiful, she rarely let it down because it always got in her eyes while she was doing things. Her hair was very sleek and straight(her old best friend had told her that many times as well) and it always smelled of different fruits, something she personally liked. She stepped out and waited for their ridicules, but none came, in fact, the whole room went silent as soon as everybody saw her.

The twins were the ones to break it.

"Our greatest creation yet, eh Kaoru?"

"Indeed Hikaru."

"I look okay right?" Maya asked as she went over to Tamaki.

"Wow. You look…great." Tamaki replied blushing faintly. He was absolutely entranced.

Maya without those glasses of hers and her hair tied up looked pretty and graceful. Her with her hair down was an entirely different story, she looked well… enticing especially because the dress she had on really made her eyes stand out even more and it complimented her figure even better. She couldn't easily hide her figure with normal clothes but with that dress on, it seemed to emphasize each and every curve and she definitely was not flat-chested.

Kyouya also stunned about her appearance, kept staring at her body and abruptly looked away when he noticed. He mentally kicked himself when he did. He couldn't help the slight blush on his cheeks from embarrassment, she didn't look like any girl he ever met. She seemed like a goddess compared to them. This meant a lot coming from him because Kyouya Ootori wasn't one to fall for a girl so easily just because of her appearance.

"Thanks. I barely ever wear anything like this. I hope it would look all right." She said with a embarrassed smile. She fingered her dress slowly tracing the hem of the material. The twins grinned. They knew Tamaki was going to act like that but The Shadow King too! It was very amusing and though they didn't expect the dress to look so good on Maya, they were very pleased with the outcome.

"Wow! Takashi, look at Maya-chan! She's so pretty right?" Hani-senpai said. Mori grunted in approval.

"Say, what are you guys looking at?" Maya asked Tamaki and Kyouya. Tamaki managed to stutter a word first saying something about her being so beautiful that he was stunned silent. A bright, bubbly laugh slipped out of Maya's throat that seemed to brighten the room and said "Thanks but you don't need to pretend. I know I'm not that pretty." Maya said.

Tamaki kept insisting she did while Maya kept saying something modest in reply. Kyouya snapped out of his trance and smiled while saying to his club members "We're going to get a lot of extra funds."

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