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Demon Fox Lord –

Dofsukel hated evenings. While the other women got their gear ready for the morning and kept their troops in line, she had to spend it keeping her immediate superior, Lt. Colonel Zokkul happy. An unpleasant experience was in store, as usual.

A year before, when she was a lieutenant, Dofsukel had lead her platoon into a very well planned ambush and nearly lost her entire command to Elven traps and arrows. She survived, but three quarters of her troops were lost. It was a disaster, but it shocked General Ploknag into finally taking the Elven threat seriously. However, such actions would have called for disciplinary action on Zokkul's part, and Dofsukel was expecting to lose a chevron and be flogged by the arrogant Lt. Colonel but he had other plans in mind.

The trial never happened.

Zokkul spun Ploknag some story about a desperate battle and the numerous Elven casualties that resulted in Dofsukel being promoted to Major. Quite a step for a shaky young female. Had she known what was in store for her, she would have gladly accepted the flogging and demotion.

But here she was, grudgingly heading for Zokkul's tent. Her troops had watched her enter and leave almost every night, but she had never smiled or looked the least bit enthusiastic about it. Zokkul was a wretched pile of troll-shit, and every grunt Ploknag's army knew it, they also knew he was poking a hot, young piece of Orc every evening and saw that as a definite reason to advance in rank.

She arrived in off-duty dress, a sack-cloth tunic and a pair of black leather breeches she'd had made by the head of the Engineer's unit under Ploknag. Her bare feet enjoyed the grass during the walk, even if the rest of her didn't. She never bothered to secure her thick mane of black hair since Zokkul's groping hands never left her hips, the pattern of scars where his nails had dug into her flesh could attest to that.

General Ploknag army had been sent out by their Demon Lord to draw away as much attention away from their Lord's real goal. For years hers and other so called 'evil' races have been hunted and looked down upon by the so called 'good' races.

Then came their leader who united all of the evil races together to stand united against the good races who wouldn't stop until all of their races were gone of the land. He was half human and half demon, part of two worlds but can never be accepted in either. He came out of nowhere killing every last human soldier who were attacking a goblin cave, gaining their following not out of fear like wizards or demon lords usually do. But by doing all he could in protecting them from the humans who hunted them, leading them to into many battles and victories. Other evil races quickly flocked under his banner, of a nine tail fox. He came up with a plan so that they would no longer have to fear attacks from raiding parties or being forced to live in the poor lands, caves or remote mountain tops. They would finally have a place where they could call home.


The next day, the unit received orders to advance on a small Human town. Scouts returned with news of a prepared army lying in wait. Ploknag decided against a simple raid, and decided to face the Humans with his entire army.

Messages were sent under flags of truce, and the two forces would meet on a plain south of the town. The rules of war were agreed to, something only a Ploknag would agree to, being a stickler for details, and felt the Humans needed to see that the Orcs could front as 'civilized' a face as their enemies could.

And so, the two armies massed and prepared to do combat south of the small town of Sutton's Corners, a crossroads that were a vital part of the land routes to Ajax, a mining city in the cold north, Onyx, a city to the west, and Djezzerak, a Dwarven outpost in the Krokmont Mountains. Such a move would cut the Dwarves off from the kingdom's trade caravans, isolate the frigid city of Ajax, and leave Onyx open to attack. Ploknag had to make sure it was a fair, even fight, so the Humans would learn just how organized the Orcs had become.

By the end of the day, the Orc strategy was prepared. Ploknag would assemble his army with his strongest troops on the flanks, weaker troops and archers in the center. He could draw the Human cavalry into the center, then attack their flanks, losing only the weakest part of his army, and then make a full charge at the regular infantry. He didn't like the idea of having to accept casualties.

Zokkul's command sat smack dab in the center of the army. He assumed he'd been placed there because his was the strongest, his arrogance not seeing the wisdom of Ploknag's plan. He didn't like having to put up with a hundred Hobgoblins with crossbows, but that was what he got. The units to his right and left received longbows, but he assumed that was because they were afraid of coming to blows. He re-read the orders to make sure the old goat didn't make any mistakes, and set himself to bed. He'd have a hard day ahead of him and would need to prepare himself for battle.


Dofsukel marched to the front of the unit under her command. Her chain mail was clean, her iron mask had new paint applied, her legs were bare except for the steel-toed boots she looted from a Dwarven caravan a season ago; they also had metal soles, something she found out when her company ran into some caltrops in the grass a moon or two ago. She would receive orders from him, as would Majors Krebble and Thrakodok, and Captains Frezlkil, Bosul, and Yok. Dofsukel was the only female officer with a company, but since it consisted entirely of females, only a female could lead it. And she's going to show what she and her unit are made out of.

The Human army was a neatly organized sight. The armor of the mounted knights gleamed in the sun; entire infantry units wore either chain mail or brigandine that was cleaned and shiny. Archers wore bright red tunics and feathered caps, and even the medical staff in the backfield had a crisp, unformed look. Overall, they were silent, composed, and rather stiff looking.

Dofsukel compared them to the seething mass of Orcs behind her. Her company was the only one that even looked like it was a unified group. The females in chain, facemasks and paired weapons looked out of place amongst ten times their number in males, no two of which looked alike. The entire Orc army chanted in unison, a great chorus of 'Koo-gra', which translated into the Human word for blood. It was overwhelming and even in her angered state she could not help but join in.

The Humans fidgeted across the field, uneasy that ten thousand Orcs were arrayed much in the way the Human army was.

The Humans started by sending wave after wave of arrows across the field. The Orcs tried to respond but the majority of their volleys fell short. Dofsukel guessed that maybe one in twenty Orcs were too wounded to be of value. She'd been fortunate to issue large wooden shields to her troops, and they became invaluable as the arrows rained down on them. She peeked out from her protection to see cavalry moving towards them. She glanced back and did a quick head count, she had maybe four of two hundred out of the fight, while Zokkul's troops tried to take cover under bucklers and small round shields they had for protection. She saw him pulling an arrow from his thigh, a small, meaningless wound, but every ounce of pain he felt made her feel better.

The Hobgoblins seemed able to dodge most of the incoming fire and made it through unscathed while looking up the chain mail at the rumps of Dofsukel's company. They joked in their own language and many made grabbing motions with their hands while standing behind their Orc counterparts.

Soon, the hail of arrows stopped and the cavalry thundered across the field. Ploknag's battle horn could be heard and the entire army surged forward.


Across the field, General Answar Kerkemann watched from horseback, and noted the seemingly reckless actions the Orcs were taking. But then again they were mindless beast after all.

"I say, Richtov," are they charging our cavalry? Are they insane?"

Richtov, an officer who inherited his commission, gave a quick, smug laugh, and shifted his weight on the saddle. "It would appear so, sir. These creatures may try to imitate us, but they'll never pose a serious threat. I can't wait for the day when the last of these foul beasts, along with the rest of their evil races are gone from our land."

Content in his superiority, Kerkemann ordered his army forward. The cavalry would ride the center of their army down, then turn to charge the rear of whichever flank didn't rout. Archers unstrung their bows and sat upon the grass, producing hip flasks of the cheap potato alcohol the locals made with illegal stills, and waited to watch the Orcs die like flies.


The entire Orc line was pressing forward and as the cavalry went into full gallop, Dofsukel remembered the orders she'd given her company. She gave a shrill cry as the first of the horsemen crashed into Zokkul's troops and her entire company stopped, as did the Hobgoblins.

Zokkul's Orcs were trampled by horses and run through with lances, quickly becoming confused. They began to break, Zokkul himself leading the panicked retreat while the Human cavalry swooped down on those at the rear. Dofsukel saw the Lt. Colonel running and stood to bar his path.

"Get out of my way, bitch! Can'tcha see they got heavy horse?!" In his panic, he didn't recognize her.

Dofsukel waited for him to draw near and drove her longsword into his chest. As Zokkul staggered, his men stalled behind him in disbelief.

"Any of you sons of bitches that runs will be cut down by my company!" Her voice boomed over the din of combat, and a burly Captain, Zokkul's second in command stepped forward and demanded to know who she was.

Dofsukel pulled her mask off and showed him.

"You?! Move it, whore, or I'll.."

He never finished his sentence, Dofsukel's mask flew threw the air and collided with his face. In a spray of blood and teeth, the Captain fell to one knee, screaming in pain. Zokkul tried to stay on his feet, and began to level his weapon at Dofsukel. She was faster, whirling about and severing his head in one stroke. As his body hit the ground, she could see her company form up in a solid line with the Hobgoblins ahead of them.

The Captain, with one hand over his bloody face, raised his mace to attack the crazy bitch ahead of him, but was turned into a pincushion of crossbow bolts before he could swing. The remnants of Zokkul's company were stunned. Dofsukel ordered them to disperse to the right and left, and to let the human cavalry through. They ran to their brothers and quickly rallied.

The cavalry noticed that none of the flanks were moving against them, and prepared to charge the line of chain mail clad Orcs. As they picked up speed, the Hobgoblins formed into three ranks: One standing, one kneeling, and one lying down. Too late did the humans realize what was happening as the entire unit of crossbowmen began to fire volleys by rank.

The Hobgoblins were naturally talented with crossbows, trained to use them against Dwarves in the tunnels, but never with such organization. In all, three ranks of thirty each sent a volley every couple of seconds. The cavalry crumbled under withering fire and perhaps fifteen were left galloping across the field in retreat with crossbow bolts being fired at them right behind them.

Ploknag couldn't believe his eyes. Crossbows versus cavalry? The idea was insane to say the least! But it had worked and the human soldiers were still advancing without the benefit of horsemen, and were now outnumbered. His horn sounded and the line broke into a full run, howling and chanting, thirsty for blood.

The battle was over soon after. Most of the humans lay dead on the field, they never received orders to retreat despite being outnumbered, having underestimated the threat Orcs could pose. Hobgoblins looted the bodies of the dead, making neat piles of armor and weapons, keeping coins and jewelry to themselves. The paltry sum of such trinkets was outweighed by the amount of gold his army would save by using looted weapons instead of ordering new supplies from the guild's forges.

Ploknag found Dofsukel having a cut on her leg treated and stood before her, arms crossed. She looked unsure of what was about to happen, she wore no underwear and so her female charms was completely exposed to him. Ploknag wasn't in particularly good shape either, Dofsukel noticed, but damned if his weedy little medic had come through again.

"So, Major, what do you 'have to say for yourself?"

"I.. I 'hope I didn't ruin your strategy, sir," she was slightly scared. Deviating from orders was one thing, but killing two officers was something else.

"Ruin me strategy? Are you kidding? I was worried them horses would kill every Orc in Zokkul's command! That bleeding' moron don't know 'strategy' from a 'ole in the ground!"

"Then, your not mad at me?" she asked, sheepishly.

"MAD!?" He reached down, grabbed her waist and held her high, "I'm frakking' amazed at what yew did! I'm bleeding' ecstatic!"

Dofsukel's spirits soared as Ploknag set her back down. He laughed out loud and hugged her tightly to his great chest.

"I, uh.. I was told 'how Zokkul treated you," he let her go and put his arms on her shoulders, "I really can't blame you for taking' 'his head off. Our Lord doesn't like that happening in his army you know. But, uh, now I got to fill a command spot. Do you know anyone I could, uh, promote to a Lieutenant Colonel?"

Dofsukel's jaw dropped. Ploknag wouldn't mention something like this unless he meant she was up for promotion. She was speechless.

"Report for your ink tomorrow, noon. And I'll put in a word to have 'them, uh, deal with any other problems ye might 'have. But our Lord did say that we should have more female leaders in the army." He nodded and winked at her, chuckled and walked away to deal with the many other issues he had to deal with.

Dofsukel fell back on the grass, raised her arms and let out a great cry of victory. She no longer had Zokkul to deal with, she had a battalion to command, and the old Orc had finally noticed her. Life was great! She could only hope that her Lord's plan was going as well as her life was going now.


Across the land –

In a small farming town of Ash, the local militia hadn't put up much of a fight in the face of Orcish regulars. Almost two hundred peasant levies armed with pitchforks and pikes tried to protect their town against a full company of Orcs with a mixed support squad of Ogres and Trolls, with expected results. The militia broke after the Trolls charged their line and were quickly mopped up by the Ogres. Only forty-three remained whole after the engagement, chained together and allowed to watch as their women were lead away in irons and their children taken in carts.

The only real target in the small town: three granaries, each filled to the brim with a harvest taken in not a week previous. The town's buildings were looted, every piece of coin taken, every scrap of clothing carried off. Now the Orcs had taken up residence, sleeping ten or twenty in a building, happy to have shelter from the cold night air.

Among them walked a small figure, concealed by a long robe; the Men knew it was a female by how it moved its lithe body and by its light steps. It was no Orc, but then why would it be here?

A large Orc barked orders to a subordinate, the prisoners recognized him as the captain of the invaders, and had come to know that his name was Ordak.

Ordak had been personable for an Orc, surprising them by even offering terms of surrender they had foolishly ignored. They could have just walked away, but these families had been here for generations, their roots prevented them from abandoning their lives, and so they simply threw them away by resisting.

He was a large specimen of Orcdom. He stood half a head taller than any other greenskin under his command, and even the Ogres flinched when he was angry. The excesses of command had not yet begun to show about his belly, and he was determined to keep it that way. He rallied his troops early the day after the battle, and had them muster for prayer at dawn. The Men had never even considered that Orcs had any gods, but here they watched from a crude prison as an aged Orc chanted in their rough language, but it seemed even more broken and jagged than the normal conversations the greenskins had.

A cloaked figure emerged from the house Ordak had chosen, and walked, no, slithered, to the side of the large Orc once the mass had concluded. The two made a very mismatched pair; he was nearly twice her height and breadth, towering over her like a giant carved of dull jade, covered in layers of chain mail and armour plating. A conversation began in the Common tongue, the language of Man.

"Touching, Ordak," the female began, a note of sarcasm in her voice, "watching you worship your crude gods makes me wonder how you even found them."

The Orc scowled at her, baring his pointed teeth and tusks.

"Watch your tongue, Black Elf, I never agreed to having' you along."

"You seemed pleased to have me around last night, while you drank yourself to sleep. Fortune favored me in that you had not the ability to carry out your intentions," she spun on one heel to face away from him and the Orc's eyes widened with barely concealed emotions. He made to grab her arm, but she smoothly dodged the large hand with its black-clawed fingers and was quickly a large stride away from him.

"You'll kindly keep those paws away from me, Orc, or I'll castrate you where you stand. Besides you know that our Lord wants our two races to work together for a change." Her words came from clenched teeth and a dagger seemed to appear in her hand as if by magic.

Ordak sneered and turned, walking away in a huff and muttering to himself in his own language. The troops watching were agape at having just seen an Orcish captain stymied by an Elf half his size.

Rhouzanthoun was well verse in the history of her people and the orcs. Her teachers had made certain she knew this, for some day they would wage war on the Humans, the same way they would make war upon the Elves of the forests, and the Dwarves who cowered inside the mountains. Now was that war, this time the forces of darkness would win, even as the good races continue on with their war to cleanse the land of the evil races. It was time to strike back at their attackers. The last attempt to strike back, five centuries ago and well before her time, the Black Elves had planted the seed of full-scale war into Yagut-Kotul-Ehork's mind when he was the leader of the strongest orc Clan. And gathered members from the other evil races to form a massive army and marched off to make war with the good races. The whole thing had been a long series of blunders and treachery, but the Orcs pressed forward. Generals met their end at the end of a rival's sword, but the Orcs pressed forward. Massive resistance on all sides from Human, Elf, and Dwarf met them, and two clans had deserted, but still the Orcs pressed forward. It wasn't until the Twin Axe chieftain of the day deserted did the plan began to crumble. Soon there was bickering, backstabbing, and wholesale chaos amidst the Orcish ranks, and the last remaining army met its end on the plains of Bregna when Yagut himself slew his Black Elf advisor and fled the field. When he learned that the Dark Elves have been using them all of that time.

The Orcs withdrew and licked their wounds, the anger of being defeated by treachery stewed for generations, and all the while they studied the way men made war. They learned of machines and how to quickly produce materiel, of organization based on recognizable ranks, and of the unruly beast a supply chain could be. But they had worked, and worked hard. Females were allowed to fight, and those who proved to be strong were allowed to breed. Weakness was removed from their lines. Inbreeding was halted by having clans interbreed to some extent, the Twin Axe took in all traits while others refused to 'stain' their bloodlines. This new generation of Orcs were stronger and smarter than the previous. Then they unlocked the secrets of magic, and incorporated them into tattoos that could serve any function: speed, strength, intelligence, and any other attribute, as well as creating those sigils that could prevent pregnancy. Morale in the army soared as entire regiments reveled in their lustful desires. The other evil races quickly followed the example that the orcs had set becoming more powerful.

Rhouzanthoun couldn't help but chuckle thinking that all of her people's plans had work but in the long run had turned around on them. Dark Elves had aided the other evil races in the last war. Countless volumes of strategic information on city defenses, army compositions, even trade routes and supplies were revealed in minute detail. And they were, for all intents and purposes, one hundred percent correct. Her people had planned on using the other races to do the dirty work while they ruled in the shadows. But then something happened that none of them had ever planned on. The other evil races had gotten wise after the last war and had stopped listening to them or seek their help. Her people had been outcast from the other evil races. Even as the good races waged wars on the other evil races they wouldn't turn to seek help from the Dark Elves knowing what had happened the last time. So they had no help when the High elves joined by the other elven clans of forest, ice and so on attacked them, joined by the humans and some cases dwarves. There were only a handful of her people left who escape from the slaughter of their villages and underground cities.

What was left of her people gathered together and made their new home in a remote mountain far from any of the races. There they had thought that they would slowly all die out as there were so few of them left. But then their Lord came after hearing what had happen to the feared and hated Dark Elves. He told them he would give them a chance to redeem themselves to the eyes of the other races and all he asked of them is to follow him. He saved her people from dying out and Dark Elves once her people are indebted to someone they would follow that person till they paid it back. Their leader had something plan that only the leaders of their races knew. She's been wondering why they have been raiding town and ports sealing resources from, metal works from the dwarves, to the magic items from her light skin cousins and gold from the humans. But she couldn't help but wonder why her Lord is sending troops to take as much of supplies in food stuff and medical supplies as they could get their hands on. Her people had been sent to steal ancient books from guarded towers, keeps, to magic schools as well as stealing seeds of medical plants from all over the lands. Whatever he was planning it would be big.


Across the land the evil hordes struck –

They had attacked the mountain fort during the small hours of the morning. Twenty dwarves had tried to defend the pallisaded encampment and failed. All of them had died at the hands of the aggressors. They had died fighting. Twenty of King Ironheart's army, a small number, whose loss was a small pinprick in the dwarven Army. The relief had arrived later that day and came upon an empty fortification looted of food, weapons, armor, horses, and nothing was left but the bodies of its stripped, looted defenders.

The moon rose over Sutton's Corners far in the Northern Lands, and shone its pale light onto a field of corpses. Human and Orc alike littered the ground while crews of looters picked the bodies clean of any salvageable gear. Many of the Humans had fled, understandably, but many more had died on the field. Already, orc's warped sense of humor had worked its magic again and the bodies of the Humans were being piled into earthworks made of flesh. The Orcs would pile a few up, pour water on them and let it freeze. Several repetitions made for many five-foot walls of the dead, channeling any attack on the town and severely restricting an army's ability to maneuver in the field. As a bonus, it looked really gruesome and kept the troops in high spirits as they competed to see who could make the weirdest looking structures.

The Elves had put up little resistance. What few guards there were had little chance for survival as a full brigade of Orcs and goblins charged the temple. The ancient structure had not been built for war, and was impossible to defend. The wide halls and bright corridors were spattered with the blood of the hundred ceremonial guards, but they had made the Orcs and goblins pay precious coin, having killed twice their number before they were wiped out to the last. Now, a thickly built Orc passed his eyes over the room, taking in the prizes they had won. Every cleric in the temple was female, and every one of them pure. Unsullied by physical love, they had forsaken such pleasures to be priestesses of Voruiketh, and that made their value much greater than the many pounds of gold, silver, mithiril, or gemstones they'd also found. But their Lord had other plans for them and all of the orcs and goblins knew that. Which was why most of the attacking horde were made up of female soldiers to keep the males in line from soiling the pure elves.


Back in Ash –

Later that day, more Orcs marched into the town. These ones were clad in chain mail with face concealing masks, but their bodies had the curves of women, and the men were puzzled as to why Orcs would let their womenfolk charge into danger.

The leader of the group sat upon a powerful Clydesdale, her legs bare and her hair moving in the light breeze. Muscles could be seen in those legs, strong ones, and the olive-skin that tightly covered them was alive with tattoos of insignia, rank, and other indecipherable patterns. She barked at a soldier who quickly pointed to the building in which the prisoners had been kept, and ordered her cadre over to it. She herself rode the great horse towards Ordak's domicile.

"Well, it's about time that you came for the' prisoners," Ordak's first lieutenant commented, glancing up from a meal of bread and beef.

"You know the rules, Spegot," Ordak replied, setting his empty mug on the heavy oaken table he had come to prize since taking the town. "The girls gets their choice of the males, same way we gets choice of the' females. Only difference is the girls don't treat 'them as rough."

"Them girls want a piece of meat, they can talk to me, Ordak. I'd be 'happy to throw it into any one of them."

Ordak grunted and smiled, he wouldn't mind getting himself deep into Clydesdale either, but rumor was that she preferred the company of other females.

A small voice came from the corner of the room, where the walls hid her from the sun's searing rays.

"You Orcs are all alike," a note of disgust was heard in her voice, "You'll fornicate with anything that has the right parts."

"Shut your trap, Rhouzanthoun," Ordak barked back at her, slamming his mug on the table, "Seems I heard tell that you threw yourself onto our Lord two moons ago. But he just sent you out of his quarters without even looking at you. I guess he has better taste then that."

Something metallic flew past Ordak's ear and stuck into the wall behind him. A sharp pain across his temple drew his hand, and it came back with a trickle of his blood upon it. While her eyes glowed red under her cowl, Rhouzanthoun made no further movement other than to let another blade catch the rays of the sun before it disappeared into her robe again.

Ordak yelled obscenities at her then stormed out of the building, pausing only to knock the door from its hinges with one great kick. But he stopped when he saw who was waiting outside with Rhouzanthoun standing besides him. Von Wulfenburg stood at the next to a black steed, resplendent in full armor. His hair was brushed back from his forehead, so thick and black that it seemed to blend into the wolfskin cloak slung about his shoulders. The leader of the werewolves who said to be able to transform into his beast form even in the daytime, thanks to the power of their Lord.

"What are you doing here?" Ordak ask the wolf lord.

"Our Lord has made his move and needs all forces to withdraw back to Mordor Island as quickly as possible. Once he has struck the good races will start to band together to strike back," Wulfenburg explain. "He sent me and my clan to gather all of the army back before these good races have the chance to strike back."

"Why are we running?" Ordak ask. "We can take them."

"Yeah we haven't been fighting this long just to run back," Clydesdale backed him up.

"The entire horde forces under our Lord's command can be housed on an island compared to the good races who are spread throughout the continent. Our Lord knows we can't win by force of arms alone," Wulfenburg said.

"Our Lord has something else in mind?" Rhouzanthoun ask.

"Yes he does," the wolf Lord said. "We have only have a moon to get back to Mordor. Now release the prisoners they'll just slow us down and get all of the soils on wagons."

"So this is way he wanted us to remain close to the shore," Rhouzanthoun said as she had noticed that all of the hordes units have been all close to the coast or to rivers that lead to the ocean. Their Lord had planned everything so that they could all quickly make it back to the home island as fast as they could.


Elsewhere –

Arrows fell like deadly rain as Owa and nine other orcs hurled themselves and the ram at the gate with the battling-ram. Around them attackers fell left and right as the deadly barbs fired by the desperate defenders found target after target. Centaurs with riders on their backs fired arrows at the archers on the walls as they rode along it. Goblins with their natural climbing ability were already scaling the walls along with the spirderlings, whom larger brethren are ride upon by goblin riders. Giants and trolls hurled rocks at the defenders of the fortress giving Owa and his team the cover needed to break down the main gate.

They reached the Goal with a thunderous crash. The first blow from the ton of iron-shod wood shattered the gates and sent the pieces flying in among the defenders gathered to bolster the gates. Elves, men, and dwarves gathered to give their lives to give their women and children a few more minutes before the attack commenced.

Snarling in fury, Owa smashed left and right with his maul, the heavy steel spikes throwing off a rain of blood crushed from the bodies of his fallen foes. An elf dodged inside his reach using his lighter sword to slightly deflect the almost unstoppable maul. With a triumphant feral grin on his face he drew back his sword to stab the much larger orc from inside his guard. Owa released his maul with one spiked gauntlet and in a wet crunching smack drove a lightning fast punch into the elf that came away with most of the face stuck to the spikes. Four humans attacked him sending him falling onto his back as he was rammed with a shield.

The four humans froze in shock as a nine foot tall, yellow-skinned, green-haired ogre in studded leather armor stepped forward to defend Owa, swinging a studded club. Before the men can even react, the ogre grabbed one by the throat with his left hand and swung his club around to smash the head of another. Owa watched as the ogre, with negligent ease, squeezed his left hand crushing the man's throat as his club caught another in the chest. The last man, finally shaking off his shock, turned to run, but was hit at the base of his skull by the club literally tearing his head off to send it flying into the battle happening all around them.

Reinforcements came down from the wall to try to hold the orcs at the gates. But that weakened the defense on the walls and another wave of orcs ran forward with scaling ladders, with giants climbing right up the walls now that their free of defenders. The rest of the army came charging through the destroyed gate, trolls, minotaurs, and ogres quickly tore through the defenders as they cleared the path for their fellow soldiers with their heavy weapons and sheer sizes. Dark elves using their speed quickly slip past defenses making short work with the defenders who had locked themselves inside buildings. With enemies inside the castle's walls the defenses while more and more breakthroughs from outside making them unable to respond, the defenders were quickly overrun. The remainder of the orcs from the ram charge fought to the door of the castle and held the ground the defenders had planned to retreat through. With no one left to sally from the castle to clear the path and nowhere to go the defenders were doomed and died to the last man in minutes.

Now comes the hard part, thought Owa as he saw the rest of the army realize that all that stood between them and the pleasures and treasures of the inner castle was a door and the commanders that stood guard on it. They all knew the commanders would want to be the first to enter and select loot, but with the fiery lusts of battle and greed in their veins they were sure to charge the door if he didn't come claim his rights very quickly. It was Owa's duty to stop them.

The sound of the war horns outside the gate brought a sigh of relief to Owa. He knew that their Lord would use the horns to make his entrance into the city as impressive as possible. His unit had been kept busy leading the main force of the castle into battle in the field while a separate unit went and attack the castle. An army of orcs and other evil races was dangerous to anyone while still in battle rage but especially to anyone trying to give them commands. Their Lord had worked long and hard to get any semblance of order to his army, and it had paid off in new land for all evil races and eventually in scouring the hills clean of the horrid elves, dwarves, and humans who had hunted them so mercilessly for so long. He had shown himself to be a leader that none of their kinds had ever known as he took part in battle leading attacks in the front lines. And his skills in battle have made him a legend.

With another great cacophony of horns the Demon Fox Lord, commander of the combined forces of all the evil races rode through the fallen gates surrounded by his advisors and bodyguards. The Demon Fox had been Lord for eight years now and it was thought he would be the first Lord of all evil races. He had rammed through many innovations, not just in warfare, that had many of the older leaders who were against him. It was, as well, his overwhelming success had made him almost untouchable politically. And in personal challenge he had defeated twenty-four would be Lords who had disagreed with him strongly enough to make it a deadly matter. But all of them were defeated not killed as the Demon Fox said that killing them wouldn't prove anything and many of them have become his advisors.

His body was covered with a skintight black fabric that showed off all his muscles, reaching from head to toe. He wore a silver chest plate that matched the silver wristbands going up from his wrists to his elbows with the black fabric still covering his hands. The same black fabric went down his legs where it was covered by sliver, knee high, metal boots that curved around his leg muscles. His feet were connected to the armored boots, which formed metal, paw like feet with claws at the end of the toes. His gauntlets on his arms are clawed with three inch claws. The black fabric went up his neck ending at the start of his head, which was a skintight metal helmet. It had no mouthpiece, no holes for breathing. His eyes were covered with silver metal slits that permitted sight. Near the top of the helmet, two curved horns jutted out from the sides of the helmet. All in all, he looked scary as Hell... He was mounted on the back of the great brown-gold stallion that had been ridden by the Khan of the Harderi horse lords when they had come from the southern plains to aid in an attempt to put down the horde army three years ago. Just at the peak of his prime, the evil races could look forward to him leading them through many years in his plan to create a homeland for all their races where they could be free of the hatred and attacks of the other races of the light.

"Orcs of the hill clans," their Lord began quietly. "We have won today, a great victory." In a louder voice full of pent up suffering and regret he continued "No more shall you have to fear the so called 'adventurers' of the other races coming into your homes and killing your people with no provocation." Growing louder still to a stirring shout. "No more shall you'll be at the whim of evil wizards and power hungry lords." Roaring loud enough to be felt through the stones of the ground "No more shall any of you be landless wanderers forced to live hand-to-mouth and own only what we can carry. You all are freed by your hands! Our war is almost over, and I call upon you to." A pause and then in a voice that shook the air like thunder "END IT NOW!"

As the Hundreds of horde members of different races cheered him as he strode up to the door of the castle he pulls out a long metal rod out with a metal weight at one end of it. It made a metallic sliding sound as a long double bladed sword came out of the other end its about the length of the rod it came out of and with one mighty blow of his weapon he cleaved the door in half, bar and all, and the horde set forth into the castle, slaughtering the few old and wounded who had tried to hold the hall inside the door, intent on revenge on their ancient enemies. And Owa led the way with fire and hatred filling his veins from the Warlord's inspiring speech.

But they all stop as a female figure made herself known to them in the main hall. Dress in shiny silver armor that gleamed with a dangerously holy light. In the female knights hand was a long, vicious looking sword. They knew she was a woman as she had her visor of her helmet was lifted up and a remarkably beautiful one at that. A few stray locks of golden hair that hung from her helm framed her finely featured face. She raised her hand and lightning struck the horde soldiers in the front ranks severing wounding all of the ones who were struck.

"You forces of darkness shall not pass," the mage knight shouted at the horde in front of her.

"Really now," the Fox Demon Lord said as he walks through his troops ranks to face her. "I thought they had sent out all of the mage-knights after me when I shown myself in front of the castle. Let me guess you're still in training."

"That maybe but I'm not going to let you win monster!" the mage-knight shouted.

"Is that anyway to talk to an old friend?" he said as he took off his helmet revealing his face to her.

"Naruto?" the woman said as she drops her sword in shock.

"Yes," the spiky blonde said to his old friend. "I live through the attack the elders of the mage-knights set for me when I was here. All because I'm half demon, making me a being who can never be trusted by the defenders of the light."

"I was told you were killed by an orc," the woman said.

"Yes they would have said that," Naruto said. "After that attack I decided to go to the other side as I walked the path of a human too long and gaining nothing but hatred for being what I am."

"You have embraced the darkness?" she asked him.

"You're people no matter what I tried to do to show that I'm good had always looked upon with fear being part demon. So I decided to join the evil races as you and the other good races put it, and defend them from your kind."

"This doesn't need to be Naruto," she said trying to make him see his way back to the side of goodness. "You know that all of the kingdoms are banding together to crush the evil horde."

"I know that and which is why I'm here," Naruto said.

"You mean," she said remembering what had brought him here from the world he was pulled from.

"Yes," he said as he suddenly appeared in front of her casting a powerful sleep spell on her. "You were my only friend here. And why I will spare your life Wendy." He placed her on the ground at a corner of the room. Then he turns back to his troops who had watched the whole time. "Take everything you can carry and kill all those who still fight."

"What about her my Lord?" Oaw ask pointing to the mage-knight.

"Make sure that she's the only one left to tell what has happen here," Naruto said coldly as his eyes glowed red. (1)


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Author's Notes

1 – His time spent in the Warcraft based world learning magic has allowed him to become one with the fox demon.