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Damn. My first thought in the morning. I had already decided that any new school would be hell; I did not even want to register the fact that my new school was floating miles above any normal school and was there to train super heroes.

I swung around, my hand completely missing the alarm clock and instead hitting the corner of my stupid bedside table. Why the hell did I do that? And then I remembered… I was still basically asleep. I swore under my breath.

"Cassie! Get up!" Ugh, my brother. He thinks he so high-and-mighty just because he's a senior at Sky High. Bastard. Actually, I shouldn't say that, I love my brother. Probably just the sleep talking.

"I'm Up!" I called down the stairs unconvincingly. He probably picked up on this so he came up to find me still lying in bed with the covers on the floor. For some reason, I kick them off in my sleep.

"I said get up! Ron doesn't wait!"

"Ron?" I asked, opening one eye.

My brother, Calvin, was basically a Ken doll with super powers. He's handsome, I give him that, but the fact that all the girls practically drool on his shoes when they talk to him, that is too much. He could fly- that bastard.

"The bus driver," Calvin explained.

I started singing, "Hail to the bus driver" to myself as I got up, overcome my dizziness. Dizziness… hmm… is that even a word? Any way… I was overcome by something, so I fell back down.

"Just be down stairs in half an hour!" Calvin called, already half way down the stairs.

I got up and yawned… pretty. As I looked at myself in the mirror I grimaced. Wow. I looked bad. Messy blonde hair that made me look like I really wanted to be Elvis and bags under my eyes the size of Texas. I smiled- besides that, I was pretty. AM pretty. Okay, so maybe it's the teenage-girl-cockieness but I reckon I am pretty. I have curly blonde hair that's really light and bright blue eyes. I am curvy, because I am blessed with a fast metabolism. Thank god for genetics.

For a fifteen year old, I am average height, but still tall. I smiled and then closed my mouth. Damn these canines. Okay- so maybe I haven't been clear on myself. I have long canines (no, not dogs). I have fangs basically. They aren't that attractive so I prevent myself from elongating them. That's part of my power. I'll tell you later. SO anyway, where was I?

… oh yes. Mirror. After showering and battling with my hair I applied makeup. Not much just enough to give me that smokey-eyed look going on. I got dressed and after looking myself in the mirror and deciding I looked decent, I headed down stairs.

Calvin and I went to the bus stop where, needless to say, he was 1) Hooking up with his Barbie wannabe girlfriend, 2) Doing some strange handshake with some friends and 3) Introducing me to them.

"Hey guys, this is my sister, Cassie."

After receiving some brief nods of acknowledgment (YAY for me) the bus arrived. He smiled and let Calvin and his friends on and then… wait- I can't come on?

"Name and Power!" Ron Wilson- bus driver, declared.

I mumbled, "Cassie Taylor. And why do you care?"

He let me on with a glare.

I sat in the only open seat, a guy sat there in orange with glasses and as I sat down he said, "I'm Ethan, I melt."

"Cassie," I said, smiling. He backed up a bit and then I realised it. God damn it these fucking teeth I could just- "Cool teeth!"

"What?" Did he just say he liked my freakishly huge fangs?

"I said cool teeth. They're awesome," he said.

A guy behind him looked at me and said, "Let me see your teeth!"

I opened my mouth and extended my fangs, "Whoa!"

Zack (as I later found his name was) seemed amused by my fangs and I frowned.

I slumped into my seat, sulking. I mumbled something about hating my teeth and someone assured me that they were cool.

Magenta told me that having fangs was way better that being part-guineapig. I laughed and the glare I received from her made it clear that she wasn't joking.


"I am Coach Boomer. Some of you may know me as Sonic Boom. Some of you may not," this random guy in gym shorts, said from the stage.

Yada! Yada! Yada! He could go on forever couldn't he? I scanned the crowd and my eyes fell upon a tall skinny guy. He seemed… interesting, to say the least. Fine, so I thought he was hot. Sue me.

I am a hormonal teen, I like guys. He was also looking around. Our eyes locked… shit. He smirked at me and I turned away, I was probably redder than a fire engine!

"Miss. Taylor!" I heard Boomer say, but I was too busy looking at the ground and trying to remember what the cute guys eyes looked like. "MISS TAYLOR!" I held my ears and shouted "SHIT!" Oh. Crap. Now I've done it.

"If you are done swearing at your shoes Miss. Taylor would you kindly grace us with your presence!"

I grimaced.


I got on stage and he said, "Power."

I opened my mouth and my fangs elongated, he seemed unfazed. So… he's not scared easily? I shook my hands and they caught on fire. Yes, I am a pyro.

"Ah! Another Hot-Head! HERO!" He exclaimed. ANOTHER hot-head? Damn.