Ok, I know you're not supposed to litter your posts with author's notes, but I just have to mention this, cause I don't want people to wonder if I actually thought this was a good piece of writing. Because I don't.

It's the typical work of someone who likes reading fanfiction, but is not much of a writer: slash – angst – soppy stuff, all crammed in too fast and underdeveloped.

But this is the first time I got addicted to a section with so little writing traffic and I read all the entries and some of them twice or even more often, but still no updates.

By now, Id be happy about anything, even if it was a rather poor story and after thinking that, I figured I should do my share and post something myself.

So, fellow addicts, this is for you.

Oh, and I don't own the characters of course.


„Well, I'm awfully sorry Sir, but I really don't have any other room. One bed is all there is I'm afraid."

Wilhelm looked if possible even more impatient then before.

But there was nothing for it. This lousy little inn was probably the most decent place within miles and he was not going to spend the night on the road.

"I'm sure you'll be quite comfortable. Its not that small and none of you two looks too big."

The innkeeper gave his two late guests a taxing look. Not too posh or they'd be fatter, he thought. But they certainly got some money, fine clothes …

The bigger man with the blond curls gave an irritated sigh:

"Yah, thanks, it's alright, it's just that we had to share one bed nearly all our childhood and I really though we were beyond that."

While the old man showed them to the rather humble room Jacob eyed his brother's discontent. Will always seemed to be, well, angry, at the fact that they grew up poor and tried to rid himself of that memory whenever possible.

The money was important to him and he never held it back when he could acquire good food, clothes or the best lodgings.

This room certainly couldn't meet his demands. Not much more than a bedstead and one chair. The walls were grubby and the whole place reeked of general mustiness.

"Washing place is out in the yard." the innkeeper interrupted his thoughts.

"Yeah, I thought it would be." Will's voice sounded already defeated.

"Wish you a good night then."

"Thanks" came the twofold reply – though not all too heartily.

"Just like home." thought Will grimly as he tucked up the blanket. "Isn't that nice."

But he was tired and already half asleep when Jacob climbed in on the other side of the bed.

Wilhelm woke to a cold drift on his chest. Where had the damn blanket gone?

He fingered around his back without turning, found some fabric and gave a decisive pull.

Startled noises from the other end of the bed and a sudden renewed absence of blanket made him turn around, thus finding himself suddenly face to face with his younger brother.

"What the …" he started, but found his voice die away.

They were so close, their noses nearly touching.

He couldn't remember when he had last been this close to Jacob.

Well, Wilhelm was a ladies man to perfection and he handled situations like this as a matter of routine.

There was stunned silence, heavy breathing, a nice (and strangely familiar) smell and there was a perfectly delicious pair of lips …

Wilhelm acted on an impulse, crushing his mouth on the very same without thinking.

The following moment was an explosion of emotion. For one thing there was the absolutely amazing feeling that nothing in the world could ever be as good as this.

And then, rushing in from behind and screaming, one big hell of a thought:

'Holy Gods, I'm kissing my brother! My brother, as in "male, close relative". Holy shit!'

He hastily drew back and met Jacob's eyes, wide open in shock.

"What …" the younger one started but his words too, evaporated, leaving only more puzzled embarrassment.

Jake looked frightened and confused, but not actually angry or repulsed.

And just when Wilhelm thought that, his brother chose exactly this moment to unconsciously wet his lips.

Thing about these lips was, once you'd tasted them you wanted more, more, more …

Wilhelm swallowed hard and just lunged back to meet the newly moisturized flesh, this time not letting go.

After a moments hesitation he felt Jake timidly respond to the kiss.

Shy little Jake, how much experience did he have in erotic matters? Wilhelm wondered.

Close to none as far as he knew. Well, was about time to change that.

Their kiss grew more passionate, hands started to wander and much, much, much too much cloth was gotten rid of.

This was mostly Will's doing as Jacob stayed rather passive throughout the whole thing.

But that was alright. Wilhelm was already highly aroused and when he finally felt his brother reaching the climax, digging desperate fingers into his skin, that was enough to send him over the edge as well.

For a moment they both lay panting, sweaty and silent.

The heat of passion withdrawing, Wilhelm felt some icy cold thoughts coming back.

What on earth had he done? He'd 'done it' with his own brother. Gods. How could he?

He turned to look at Jacob who looked back at him with questioning and again partly frightened eyes.

"Will…?" he ventured.

To his horror Wilhelm felt the desire rise in him yet again. With a sharp intake of breath he grabbed the blanket and harshly turned his back on his brother – to mutely stare into the void of the grubby room.

He didn't realize that this left Jacob completely uncovered and the latter didn't wager any attempt to take the bedding back.

Sleep was not to be thought of. Both brothers experienced the longest night of their life, one weighted down under the heaviest conscience he had ever felt and one laying silent, trying, without much success, to fight the sobs that incessantly tried to climb up his throat.