"Will?" Jacob carefully opened the door and walked into the room.

He'd expected his brother to be downstairs or otherwise still out and was surprised, to say the least, to find him sitting on the floor, in the unlit room, head buried in his hands.

Wilhelm looked up at his brother and if the latter would have paid more attention, he would have noticed the red-rimmed eyes and the pained expression on Will's face.

But supposing his brother to be still angry with him, Jake didn't venture any further into the chamber, but poured out his nervous sentences right from the threshold.

"I, I went back to the jeweller's, to ask him if he'd take the watch back, but the shop was closed for Christmas, but I'm sure we can regain at least part of the money, I'll go and try again tomorrow and, and I could maybe safe money by not buying any paper for the next months or I don't know, sell something or …"

Jacob trailed off, lost for ideas.

"I'm really sorry." he added meekly.

Wilhelm looked at him in absolute shock, then put his head back in his hands.

"Oh shit. Jake." he mumbled, his voice strangely small and sad.

"Will?" his younger brother tried again timidly, not quite sure what to make of his brother's reaction.

But as he heard sniffing and swallowed sobs, he rushed over and knelt down by Wilhelm's side.

"Will, what is it? Did I do something? I really can't remember much from last night, I …"

He was cut off by Will's shaky voice: "I'm sorry for being such an ass…"

Now it was Jacob's turn to be perplexed. "What? No, it's all right, you were right. You did tell me a hundred times you don't want presents. I know that. I shouldn't have gone and bought you one anyway." he assured and helplessly patted his brother's arm.

Will shook his head with a humourless laugh: "What kind of person breaks into an irascibility-fit for getting a Christmas present? And then you come and apologize that's just so … wrong. You should punch me." he sniffed.

Jacob gave his brother a nervous smile. "Me and punching? Last time I tried I didn't have the use of my fingers for days, remember?"

Will sighed and put his head down on his brother's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry I hurt you … When you're the one person I least want to ever be hurt in this world." he mumbled into the texture of Jake's coat.

"Oh, Will …" the younger man sighed, now completely taken over by helpless emotion. He put his arms around his brother and whispered to him soothingly.

"It's all right, it's fine, it wasn't that bad …"

As Will clang to him wordlessly, still shaken by the occasional sob, Jake sighed again and laid his head down as well, just holding on to his brother.

The sobs gradually died down and the brothers felt their muscles relax in each other's arms.

But the tension sprang up again instantly, when their cheeks met in close contact and instinct guided them slowly around, skin brushing on skin until their noses collided.

Both men shivered when their lips touched, and stopped dead for a moment in that position,

lips touching in the faintest of pressures, and breathing heavily.

Then, none of them sure who really started it, a lower lip slowly rubbed against it's fraternal counterpart, little later the upper lips joined in and soon they took on a greedier pace, tongues plunging in to curl around each other.

As the kiss grew deeper, Jacob felt his pants grow uncomfortably tight and he couldn't suppress a slight moan as his brother's skilled hands started to peel him out of the thick coat he hadn't had the time to take off yet.

In passionate hunger, more clothes were discarded hurriedly and soon the brothers found themselves rolling on the floor, both frantically blinding out the stabbing thoughts that told them, that they were engaging in an unspeakable monstrosity.

There was one moment, when Will saw his brother squeal and whimper under his ministrations where he suddenly felt afraid of going to far and took his head up, inquiring with a panicky tone: "Jake?"

"Don't stop." his brother breathed.

That demand and the needy tone in Jacob's voice were more than enough to break his fragilely forced restraint and he lunged back, leaving all doubts to their own entertainment.

A little later, when they had untangled their bodies and rolled on their backs, each lying heavily panting and watching the ceiling, the nervousness crept back, slowly and treacherously.

'Ok, what now? What can you say now?' Will thought feverishly, as he felt the heavy silence filling the room and bounce down on him.

He swallowed nervously when suddenly he heard his brother sobbing.

Instantaneously and without any more thinking he turned round and seized Jake up in his arms.

"Hey Jake, Jake, what is it?" he inquired softly.

Jacob shook his head in between sobs. "I'm sorry, I'm just confused. I don't even know …"

He murmured holding on to his brother and burying his head in the older one's chest.

Will stroked his brother's hair and rocked him a little in a soothing fashion.

"Shush, it's all right." he whispered to him. "It's all right, it's fine, I love you."

Jacob pulled his head up and looked at his brother with blurred eyes.

"You do?" he asked in an anxious voice.

Will held his brother's gaze and looked at him with a sincere expression.

"Yes, I do." he confirmed. And, swallowing, his voice turning a little nervous he added:

"Like a brother … and more than that."

Of course his exact feelings might have become clear during the last hour, still Wilhelm felt insecure in voicing the confession and feared rejection.

So not getting an immediate response from his younger brother he added a quick "I'm sorry." in a very small voice.

Jake's face grew very soft as he tenderly answered: "Don't be." And then a smirk crawled up, as he added reflectively: "Though I liked the outcome of the last time you were sorry …"

Relieved Will hugged his brother close again.

"Will?" the latter suddenly asked from somewhere next to his ear, "How come I slept in your bed tonight?"

"What? Oh, you went out to be sick I think, and when you came back stumbled into it."

His brother explained.

"Oh, sorry …" Jacob voiced with an embarrassed laugh.

"No problem." Will grinned. "Actually, this floor is getting rather uncomfortable. Could I maybe interest you in sharing my bed again?"

"Mhhhm, …" Jake drew a caressing finger over his brother's belly and up to his chest, feigning thoughtfulness. Then he suddenly looked up with a mischievous grin:

"Sounds good."

As he then snuggled up next to Wilhelm under the blanket he murmured, as if suddenly remembering something: "Oh, and Will?"

"Yes?" his brother replied.

"I love you too."

Ok, you probably noticed, I suck at writing lemons, so I leave to your imagination guys. Hope you enjoyed reading.