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The night was beautiful, calm and serene at the Alice Academy. The full moon shone high up in the sky along with the twinkling stars and cast a silver etheral glow to the Academy Grounds. Everything was peaceful.

Well everything except for a certain eleven year old girl who was currently seated at the edge of the lake in the Northern Forest.

Her dull coffee brown eyes stared at their reflection in the lake. A soft sigh escaped her pale nude pink lips. Auburn hair fell into her face hiding it from veiw.

Another sigh escaped the girl's lips. Her mind was searing with a lot of thoughts.

Why does this happen to me? What did I do wrong in my life?

Sakura Mikan looked at her reflection in the lake sadly.


"Hotaru!" Mikan greeted her friend smiling. She decided for once she would appease her friend and not hug her.

"Ohay-" she was cut off when the bullet of the BAKA gun hit her.

"Oww what was that for Hotaru?" Mikan asked getting up and storming towards Hotaru.

"For trying to hug me." came the monotonous reply.

"For your information I wasn't going to hug you today." Mikan protested.

"I don't believe you." Hotaru replied.

"Hey Polka-dots stop blocking the path." Natsume said suddenly coming up behind Mikan.

"My name is not polka-dots. It's Mikan." she yelled at him.

"Shut up baka. You're too loud." Natsume said.

"My name is not baka, it's Mikan." Mikan yelled at him annoyed.

"Shut up Mikan. Natsume's right. You are too loud." Hotaru said.

"Hotaru how can you side with him? I thought you were my best friend?" Mikan whined.

The class was laughing.


"One you are loud. Two I'm not siding with Natsume, I'm just agreeing with the correct statement he just made. Three I can do whatever I want to. Four Since when have I ever agreed to beign your best friend, or your friend for that matter?" Hotaru said monotonously ignoring the visibly hurt look Mikan gave her.

Many people around the class had stopped laughing.

"Honestly at times you can be so stupid. Sometimes I think you're too stupid to even be human." Hotaru said, and Natsume not noticing the hurt in Mikan's eyes verbally agreed with the cold genius.

Mikan hung her head low.

Just then Jinno-senei stepped in and began class and he gave Mikan detention for not being able to answer one of his questions.

End Flashback

She hadn't spoken to anyone since by making up an excuse that her stomach felt funny.

Her mind was racing. Of all the insults and mockery she had got since she came to the Academy was that happened earlier that day was by far the worse.

First of all Hotaru had told her that she wasn't ever really her friend. She really could've lived with that, but no Hotaru had told her that she was too stupid to be human. That had truthfully hurt the most.

It isn't my fault the person who created me couldn't find a way to make me intelligent. thought Mikan as her right hand went up to her left arm clutching it tightly.

It isn't my fault that dad created me that way. It isn't my fault I was born in the first place. It's not like I'm supposed to be here. After all I had died in Mom's womb. Dad was the one who used his alchemy to resurect me. As a homunculus. Which Mom gave birth to normally later on. she thought bitterly.

It isn't my fault that I don't fit in, with normal people or my kind, because he was the one that made me with a soul. Thought Mikan.

It isn't my fault that I'm the Ultimate Sin. Mikan thought tears falling freely as she clutched her left arm tightly where her tatto of Ouroboros was loacted.

"It isn't my fault that my father gave me this curse to carry for the rest of my miserable immortal life." she whispered softly.

"Penny for your thought's Mikan?" a soft voice asked from behind her.

She turned around to see a woman wearing complete black, with long black hair and violet yes looking at her serenly.

"Sloth what are you doing here?" Mikan asked confused.

"I decided to pay my younger half-sister a visit." the woman named Sloth replied. Mikan shot her a glare while she laughed softly.

"Technically Mikan I am your half-sister since we were both created by the Elrics. Well you were created by Alphonse to be more precise." Sloth stated sitting down besides Mikan.

Mikan sighed. A lot had happened.

Her mind drifted back to everything that had happened five years ago that led her to finding out what she truly was.

A freak accident causing the Gate to open and drag her to Amestris. Finding out that her father was an Alchemist named Alphonse Elric who had died a year back.

Finding out about the Time Chaos Lapse that had caused the time of the alternate parallel world of Amestris to move forward by more than half a century and finding out that she was in fact the personification of the word "Sin". Finding out she was only half-human, and her other half was a homunculus.

She was a homunculus that was created from her own developing embryo inside her mother's womb, that had a soul, and was born naturally, and could perform Alchemy, and hence techically be a perfectly successful human transmutation. And yet she bore the mark of Ouroboros on her left arm.

A lot had happened since then. She had found out all the Homunculi that were supposed to be dead were still alive inside the Gate and couldn't be killed since they did have souls however those souls rested inside the world of The Gate.

She had learnt Alchemy and had taken the State Alchemy Exam passing it and beating her uncles record of the youngest State Alchemist by five years.

She still laughed at the fact that no one could believe that a girl had become a State Alchemist at the age of six.

She could still perform Alchemy and use her Homunculus ablities on Gaia, this universe of the Earth but she generally refrained from doing so.

"So care to tell me what happened Mikan?" Sloth asked again.

Mikan sighed and told her.

"Well Mikan seems to me that you have to make a decision and quick. Anyway I came here for another reason. Mustang wants you to be on your guard. There was another recent incident of the Fabled Lab 5, and a few chimera's have broken loose now. Except these chimera's are quite complex and as dangerous as we Homuculi are. And word is that they are planning to start a war in Drachma. There's a chance you might be needed later on and hence be summoned back to Amestris." Sloth said.

"What?" Mikan asked wide-eyed. "Tell me everything."

Sloth sighed and begun to recite exactly what had happened.

"So the Furher is giving me a new mission?" Mikan asked after Sloth finished.

"Yes it seems that way. Though I'm not sure that you might be needed in the end. I'll give you the confirmation news tomorrow. But as for you, you need to start making sure that no one ever brings you down again. Remember you not only have to live up to the name of being an Alice, but also being a Homunculus and A State Alchemist. The Demon Alchemist to be more precise." Sloth replied smiling.

Mikan sighed. Sloth was right, she needed to make a decision and make it quick.

And she had decided, she wasn't going to let herself be pushed around anymore. The Demon Alchemist Mikan Sakura Elric was coming back with a vengeance.

"Thanks Sloth!" she said to the motherly homunculus smiling.

"Well then, now that I've given you your message I'd better get back, otherwise Ed and Envy might end up killing each other in one of their usual brotherly spats." Sloth said sighing.

Mikan giggled.

"By the way, Mustang also wanted me to tell you to send him some of those Fluff Puffs. He seems to have got the craze for them as well. And you father will be coming home soon. Oh and Both your uncles sent you their love." Sloth said before smiling and disappearing inside The Gate and to the other side.

Mikan smiled at her and waved goodbye before going back to looking at her reflection in the lake.

Although this time she didn't have a frown on her face.

Then Sloth's word came back into her mind.

Mustang wants you to be on your guard. There was another recent incident of the Fabled Lab 5, and a few chimera's have broken loose now. Except these chimera's are quite complex and as dangerous as we Homuculi are. There's a chance you might be needed later on and hence be summoned back to Amestris.

Mikan frowned in deep thought.

If that's the case then I'd better be prepared. I might have to go back to Amestris immediately. Knowing how Mustang is maybe tomorrow morning. And I'd better tell the rest of the Specal Ability people. After all they deserve to know. Besides they are the only people who know about my little secret. Mikan thought and with that the brunette began to rush towards her favorite senpai's dorm room.

The entire Special Abilities class that had gathered around sleepily in their classroom for an urgent meeting on Tsubasa Andou's call were now wide awake and wide eyed at Mikan's words.

What she was saying had to be impossible.

They had always known that things in the other World where her father came from were tense but this was purely madness.

"There may be a full scale war and if that happens your Furher wants you to go in there as a first defense to defeat about a thousand soldiers? That's just insane Mikan! You'll probably die!" Misaki yelled.

The other Special Ability Students voiced their agreement out loudly as well.

Mikan however was the only one who looked calm in the midst of the entire uproar. A soft sigh esacped her lips.

Her friends had only seen the humane sweet caring side of her, not her more violent, aggressive, darker side.

She looked at them tenderly. They can be so thick at times, they've even forgotten that I'm a half Homunculus. I really do love these idiots. she thought a smirk playing on her face.

Misaki saw the smirk and screamed again, "What the hell are you smirking about?"

"Idiot!" Mikan replied back smiling in her usual cheerful way. "All of you are oure idiots at times."

Misaki tried her best to calm down and then asked, "Why am I an idiot?"

"Because you forgot I'm an soldier. I'm used to war. I'm totally prepared for it." Mikan said.

"Yeah but Mikan, being a soldier, and taking on about a thousand armed soliders unarmed is a very different thing." Misaki said.

"And I'm an Alchemist who can use Alchemy very very well." Mikan said.

"That helps, but not that much." Misaki replied feeling that Mikan was already winning their argument.

"And I'm not human, well at least not completely. I'm a half Homunculus, and we can only be somewhat killed when we come into contact with the remains of the people we were supposed to be. Otherwise we're generally immortal. And since I was created from my own remains there is no possible way someone can kill me. I'll just regenerate." she explained. Though the underlying bitterness in her voice was not missed by Tsubasa.

"You're more humane than many other people I've met, you know. You shouldn't go degrading yourself like that Mikan." he said warmly.

She suddenly felt the bitterness evaporate and smiled cheerily once again.

"So anyway the main reason why I needed you all here is to help me devise something." Mikan said.

The others nodded finally digesting all the information in and getting ready for the important discussion ahead. They had no idea how Mikan was going to approach the situation.

"Well there is a chance I won't be called in, but that is negligible, s to get to more pressing matters. I need you guys to help me plan an excuse to make up if I have to get out of the Academy." Mikan said.

Well that was blunt.

"Oh and I also wanted to know one more thing. Incase I do get called away it'll probably be for a few years or so." Mikan said accommpanied by another enraged outburst.

"And as much as I don't want to say it, I really wanna go there and spend some time in Amestris so dn't give me those looks. Now getting back to the topic, incase I do get called and don't have to show my face around here for any longer I don't have to worry about adhereing to school rules, do I?" Mikan smirked.

Everyone looked at her curiously.

"Anyone wanna help me blow up Jinno's Apartment and make his life a living hell along with all the others who make our lives a living hell?" she asked. "As a going away present from me to you guys."

Everyone cheered.

Just then Mikan noticed somone knock on their classroom door.

Damn! she cursed till she heard a very familiar voice.

"Oi neice of mine! I just thought you should know that Mustang wants you to report to Central HQ in a week. Lust will be coming to pick you up so be ready annoying tangerine weird neice of mine." Envy's voice yelled through their classroom door.

"Yeah whatever you say short effeminate breakdancing palm-tree." Mikan rolled her eyes affectionately.

A low grunt and the voice was gone.

The Special Abilities classroom who had met Sloth, Pinako and Winry before could only roll their eyes and say together, "Mikan your family is weird."

"Tell me about it." Mikan replied. "So how do we go about in letting all hell loose on the campus?" she asked.

The rest of her friend smirked.

This is gonna be a blast! Literally. Mikan thought.

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